Tents for Every Occasion

Our climate in Colorado offers many beautiful days. However, along with the good comes the bad. Rain, and even sun, can put quite the damper on any open air event. Tents and canopies can save the day. Colorado Party Rentals offers many sizes of tents with a variety of applications. Include your 300 closest friends and family under the big top to celebrate your wedding, cover your vendors for street festivals, or protect your favorite band’s equipment from weather damage. We have many sizes of tents to help protect you and your guests from the elements. Optional additions such as sidewalls, lights, heat, liners, and flooring can help to make your rental tent feel more like home. There are many options when considering a tented event. Tents are in high demand for the summer months, so it’s never too early to start choosing which tent fits your event best. Please contact one of our knowledgeable and experienced Tent Specialists to walk you through the process. View our tent options.

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navi clear night
Clear Top Tent w/ clear sidewalls
Minimize humidity inside wedding tent
Avon Walk
Sail Cloth tents - available in 2017!
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wedding outside
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CSU tents