Tented Event Tips: Get Matched With the Perfect Wedding Tent

When you plan a wedding, it’s great to find inspiration from magazines, Pinterest, and all the weddings you’ve attended. But don’t get so caught up in someone else’s vision that you forget about your own needs and style. The wedding tent is the first visual that your guests will have of your wedding. Make sure that you get matched with the perfect wedding tent that reflects your style and your personality.

Finding the Perfect Wedding Tent

A tent isn’t just a tent. When you envision a big white wedding tent, we all picture something different. You may even come to Colorado Party Rentals with a specific vision for your wedding tent, only to find out there are many other choices that you didn’t even know about. See what type of tent best matches your style.

What Type of Tent Suits Your Wedding Style?

Royal WeddingCentury Pole Tent

For the couple that is majestic and elegant and loves to be a bit extravagant, the characteristics of the Century Pole Tent is going to fit your style perfectly. The high peaks and dramatic, swooping curves will give you the elegance you desire, as well as the space you need for all of your royal subjects.

Upscale and Sophisticated Wedding

Sailcloth wedding tentIf your style is upscale and sophisticated and you are drawn to things that are grandiose and extravagant, then the Sailcloth wedding tent checks all boxes. The draped sailcloth will only complement and elevate the glamor and luxurious characteristics of your wedding. It is not just a white canvas to frame your wedding; it is a piece of art that will impress your guests from the moment they arrive.

Classic Wedding

Classic frame tentFor timeless elegance and romance, look to the Classic Frame Tent. This tent is for the couple that isn’t looking for a lot of pop and circumstance but would prefer a more minimalistic and modern tent style to frame the wedding. The classic tent is free-standing with no center poles, maximizing the space underneath and leaving plenty of room for the couple to add their own unique and personal decorative touches.

Practical and Luxurious Wedding

NaviTrac Wedding TentNo one wants to think of their wedding tent as being practical, but if you’re the type of couple that likes to combine practical elements with high-end fashion, then the Navitrac Tent is the perfect solution for your wedding. The Navitrac looks luxurious, sophisticated, and fabulous but also features practical elements that you need for an outdoor wedding in Colorado. The Navitrac wedding tent comes with optional tent liners that will make it completely weatherproof while maintaining great indoor climate.

Casual Garden Wedding

Pop up tent rentalsIf you’re looking for comfortable and clean tents to cover certain sections of your outdoor wedding, look at getting a few pop-up tents. The white fabric will make them blend in with any wedding style, and act as a functional element to provide a bit of shade. If your style is a casual, garden-style wedding and you want to leave as much of the space open and free, then you can use pop-up tents to provide a bit of shade where necessary, like the bar area, or any area that has food.

Festival Style Wedding

Rent frame style festival tentIf you want your wedding to be a big event with spectacle and multiple elements, the Festival Style Tent will meet all your needs in a big stunning package. The high peak adds elegance and a stunning visual from the outside, while the design and structure of the tent give you the most space underneath to create your festival style wedding. The Festival Tent has room for a staging area, dance floor, bar, casual seating and hangout areas, as well as your beautifully decorated wedding tables for the reception. This tent is perfect for the couple who wants it all and isn’t afraid to go all out.

Optionally Fitted Tent Liners and Drapery

Tent accessories

Classic frame tent decorated with dramatic and romantic drapery.

Whatever your style, every tent has options to be configured to match your needs and to be decorated to match your wedding style. Many tents come with optionally fitted tent liners that are both practical and beautiful. Walls and windows can add the necessary coverage you need to keep your guests comfortable and safe, but the type of accessories you choose can elevate the character of your wedding tent. Decorate your tent with drapery to hide the frame, or add a clear top or walls to view the sky and the scenery.

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