Three More Wedding Blogs You’ll Love

Are you looking for wedding inspiration, even after reading our list of favorite wedding blogs? Have no fear, because we’ve compiled another quick list of some of the best wedding blogs out there to give you the inspiration you need for your big day. These three blogs will give you all the information you need to know about beautiful themes, dress designs, and sticking to your budget.

Big Fake Wedding event in Denver, ColoradoChrisman Studios

This blog is a wedding photography blog situated in San Fransisco and Charleston. The Crisman studios videography/photography team captures and posts beautiful imagery of some of the most beautiful weddings in the world. This blog features photos of weddings from destinations like Spain, Mexico, Thailand, Costa Rica, and cities all over the US.

Elegant Wedding

Elegant Wedding is a Canadian blog that can bring ideas — even if you’re on our side of the border, in Colorado. This website brings fresh ideas for virtually any wedding component you could think of, from floral arrangements to placeholders. Every year, Elegant Wedding hosts a bridal showcase in Montreal. What more reason do you need to take a long weekend trip? 

Bride Chic

If you’re stumped on what to do about a wedding dress, this is the perfect site to head to. Bride Chic updates daily, giving you tons of inspirational bridal looks to base your dress off of. The site owner, Amy Jo, is a California-based dress designer who actually specializes in making custom-made wedding gowns! If you’re interested in seeing what she has to offer, give her Etsy shop a look!

These websites are a guaranteed way to give you inspiration for your wedding ceremony and reception. Inspiration is one thing, but following through and executing your day successfully is another! That’s where Colorado Party Rentals comes in. We have all the wedding rentals, wedding planning experience, and talent necessary to make your wedding dream a reality. 

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