Winners are made in the OFF season

In professional sports when the season is over, when the MVP has been selected, when the press has asked their last question – That is when the real work begins. Players hit the weights, they watch game films, and they work on drills and agility.

The best teams get after it during the “slower” months. 

The best coaches effectively engage their athletes and motivate them to put in the work that helps them improve.

Here at CPR we could all go on vacation, sit back and relax…

But no! We have major plans and we are going to take you along for the ride.

What are you going to see over the next 5 months? 

  • Massive improvements to our warehouse, inventory management and quality control processes 
  • Training sessions for our team  – from how to set up our latest stage, to how to provide the best showroom appointment experience. 
  • Inventory upgrades – be the first to see our new items as they become available for rent 

Welcome to our “Off” Season – or as we are now calling it….Training Season!

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