The Table Shape Will Set the Tone at Your Next Event

How you set up your tables at the next event will have a lot to do with the overall ambiance. Set up tables to make the best use of the space available, but also keep critical elements in mind. Your guests, servers, and workers should have room to move around. Each table will say something different, so get the right tables and set them up in the right way for a successful event.

Types of tables

Rent round tables for wedding reception

Round tables are formal but intimate.

Your event space should have a nice flow. You can keep it casual, formal, or practical. A mixture of tables usually fits every event. Use cocktail tables, round tables, and rectangular tables to create the right tone for your event.

Cocktail Tables

You want to direct your guests, and using tables can help you set up your venue to create a functional and open flow. Cocktail tables are great for the area where you want guests to be more casual. Before you sit down to a formal dinner, create an area where you can welcome your guests, mingle, and socialize. Having cocktail tables set up is both practical, and invites your guests to move about freely to talk to other guests. Tall round cocktail tables are also an intimate table that will bring guests closer to have conversations. They’re even practical so that there are places for guest to put down their drinks.

Round Tables


Rent rectangular tables

Rectangular tables are great for banquets, birthdays, and anniversaries.

For a more formal dinner setting, round tables are the most common option. Round tables allow for good conversation, as the shape allows for all guests to be facing each other. Round tables will enable everyone at the table to be a part of the conversation. You can get tables in all sizes depending on the number of guests, and the venue. Find a table that is proportionally fitting to the venue for the most cohesive design. Make sure there is plenty of space between the tables for guests to move, as well as your servers.


Rectangular Tables

Long rectangular tables have also become popular at all types of special event. A long table setting is a bit more casual, but the table decorations can dress it up or dress it down, depending on how formal you want your event to be. The rectangular tables allow for a family style service and can be more intimate than round tables. They are great for banquets, reunions, anniversaries, picnics, and birthday parties.

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