4 Family Friendly New Years Eve Party Ideas!

Tips for a Family Fun New Years Eve with Colorado Party Rentals!

Due to the late hours, New Years Eve parties have typically been reserved as adult only events.  Make yours a family friendly one, creating a family memory for the children!  Colorado Party Rentals gives 4 ways you can incorporate kids into your New Years Eve party plans, without skimping on the adults!

Start Early

If you are celebrating with kids, you know that staying up till 1am is probably not the best scenario.  This doesn’t mean they have to miss the big event and miss out on family memories either!  Ring in the new years with another country a few hours ahead.  Luckily, with television and internet, you can choose from many options!

Sparkly Drinks??????????????????

Have a glass of bubbly, and serve sparkling cider or Shirley Temples for the kids. Have a toast and let the kids participate.  Go around and toast the past year and the year to come, reminiscing and looking forward to the future together!

Balloon Drop

Imagine you are at a New Years Eve bash and recreate the same, family style!  Keep the excitement alive all evening with a balloon drop when you celebrate the strike of midnight. Buy a kit, or make your own by placing balloons on a plastic tablecloth attached to the ceiling.  Attach a string to one side for a quick release or connect two for a bigger effect.

Dance Party

Have a dance party with the kids!  Wear your cocktail dress and put on the sparkliest outfits for the kids.  Give everyone a party hat and horn and dance the night away- family style!

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