How To Throw A New Years Eve Bash

Start your new year off right with a New Years Eve gala!  Colorado Party Rentals has everything you need to ring in the new year with style and an over the top party.  With one month left, we tell you what you need to do now to begin planning your unforgettable New Years Eve bash!  These are a few things you will need in order to begin planning the event of the year to ring in 2015.


Pick your theme for ringing in the new year!  This will guide your choices for all the decisions, from invitations and décor to food!  Your theme can be formal and elaborate such as ‘Old Hollywood Glamour Cocktails’ or a masquerade ball or something more simple and casual such as a themed party on the year’s best movies or destination, ‘Miami Beach style’ or ‘New York New Years Eve’.

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Deciding how many guests you want to invite will determine the space and what type of event you will host.  If you have 8 to 16 guests, you could plan an intimate, full course dinner party.  For 25 to 50 people, you could host an elaborate or casual cocktail party.  Inviting more than 50 people is an opportunity for a full out New Years Eve bash.


Timing IS everything when it comes to New Years Eve.  The entire evening revolves around the clock striking midnight.  The beauty of this, as a host, is you must plan the entire evening around this.  If hosting a sit down dinner, begin the party at 8pm, with drinks and appetizers, serving dinner around 9pm.  For a cocktail party, begin around 9pm and serve heavy appetizers throughout the evening.


Champagne is a must on New Years Eve.  Be sure to also include non-alchoholic beverages for non-drinkers as well.  For an added touch of glitz and glam, spray your champagne bottle with adhesive glue and dip the bottle into gold glitter for extra glitz. Since the toast is the most important aspect of the evening, don’t forget the stemware!  Rent if you need to.  Colorado Party Rentals has a variety to choose from!  Renting stemware, also keeps things stress free for the hostess without worrying about purchasing or borrowing more.

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