5 Creative Winter Centerpieces

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Winter calls for some extra creativity when designing tablescapes. When you need a little inspiration for your next party or gathering, look no further. We have your reference for quick and easy winter centerpieces.

5 Creative Winter Centerpieces

winter centerpieces, Fall flowers, Barn Wedding Decor, Plan a party to prep your freezer1. Glass Jar Illumination: Choose five clear jars or vases of varying heights. Into the bottom of the jar, place several cuttings of greenery. The length of the cuttings should be no more than the circumference of the bottom of the Mason jar. Bend the cuttings around into a circular shape inside the bottom of the jar.  Anything seasonal will work for this purpose. Fill each one half full with water. Add some fresh berries like cranberries, and a floating candle. Accent around the jars with a piece of fabric slightly twisted and intertwined between the jars. Light the floating tea lights just before your event begins.

2. Silver Bells: With a silver tray as your base, arrange 6-10 clear glass votive holders of varying height and shape in the center of the tray. Around the outer edges, sprinkle a selection of artificial crafting pearls in differing sizes and of different iridescent colors. Pearl, gray, or mint green, for example, would be a great pastel accent to a silver and white base.

winter table centerpieces,3. Old school winter charm:  Using a selection of farmhouse-style ceramic milk pitchers, fill each with solid white blooms and icicle accents.

4. Elegant bakery delight: Using a cake stand with a top. Fill the cake plate with pine cones spraypainted silver and white.  Next, with teal or purple colored ball ornaments, arrange the collection of pine cones, adding the balls for a pop of color here and there. Finally, around the base of the cake stand on the table top, place small tea lights.

5. Music for the Season: Using silver vases, create an arrangement of  opened red roses. Keep the arrangement simple and classy with silver vases of varying shapes and heights but with smaller mouths. Choose 5-6 wide open roses to arrange in each keeping the bud just above the rim of the vase. Three vases would make a nice collection for the centerpiece. Purchase a book of seasonal music printed on quality paper. Taking a page of music, cut a few pages in half, then fold the sheet back and forth in a fan-like form and glue the last edge to the first edge forming a circle. In the center, attach an accent using a jewel, pearl, or adornment of your choice. With pages of sheet music folded into flower shapes, arrange the flowers at the base of the silver vases.

event decor, winter centerpiecesWinter white doesn’t have to be “blah.” This holiday season, kick up your winter party decorating with some ideas on creating unique centerpieces.

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