5 Winter Wedding Myths

Busting Winter Wedding Myths

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Admittedly winter season has started to become a more popular wedding season. And how could it not? All those white mountain tops set the scenery to a spectacular backdrop to hold your wedding ceremony. There is something that is dreamy about saying your vows while it slowly starts snowing. But despite all of this, winter dates are still surrounded by a cloud of untruths. Here, Colorado Party Rentals debunks some of the top winter wedding myths and why you should consider having or attending a winter wedding.

Myth 1: You can’t have an outdoor ceremony.

Sure, it can be trickier to have an outdoor wedding during the wintertime, but you can solve it by renting out heating lamps and tents to be set up on your dreamy ceremony mountaintop, or woodland ceremony surrounded by pine trees. Be mindful of your guests and keep the service short, also let them know so they can dress accordingly for the outdoor weather. Bonus! Provide guests with blankets or wraps and hot drinks during the ceremony.

Myth 2: All of your pictures must be inside.

Snow and the cold weather can limit the amount of time you will spend outside taking pictures; but you can arrange to have a very stylish coat, gloves, and boots to show off during your couples photo shoot staged in the winter land of snow.

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Myth 3: My guests won’t like going to a winter wedding.

It may be the opposite since most weddings take place during the summertime heat, it may be quite enjoyable to attend a winter wedding because it will also stand out as being particularly original.

Myth 4: You have to stick to a winter palette or winter wonderland theme.

So maybe, you don’t want to choose a winter wonderland color scheme. Indeed, there isn’t a rule that says you have to stick to that. While candlelight and a color palette of white and silver set an enchanting scene for weddings, you can get creative with your color choices and décor of preferred choice.

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Myth 5: You can’t wear a sleeveless dress.

That goes for the bride, obviously. Winter weddings do not mean that you are bound to wear a long-sleeved dress. To keep warm, you can get an elegant and structured cashmere blazer or wool shawl over the dress paired with gloves. Fashion is getting more and more creative, even for the winter brides!

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