5 Ideas for a Small Wedding

Not every couple wants to have a large, extravagant wedding to celebrate their union. Sometimes, a small group of beloved friends and family is more than enough. Are you looking for ways to make your wedding celebration in Colorado more intimate? We have a few ways to make your small wedding one to remember.

Cut The Wedding Party

If you’re looking to make your wedding smaller, start by shrinking down your wedding party. You don’t need a whole posse of people to have showers and stag nights with. Consider bringing on a friend or two to help you out. 

Get Creative with Your Seating Arrangement

The best part about having a small guest count is that you can give everyone an amazing view of the ceremony! That, and you can rent way fewer chairs from your Denver wedding rentals service. Consider encircling your altar with the seats, so everyone can get a good look at you when you choke through your vows.

Family Dining

Wedding Party
Family style seating is an ideal choice for small weddings.

With a small party, all you need in terms of seating is a family-style table set up, which can be accomplished in your backyard, with the right setup. Though making seating arrangements is still necessary, at least you don’t have to plan out 20 different tables.

Keep the Speeches Casual

People tend to be a little more relaxed when the crowd is smaller and the venue is more intimate. After the major speeches are complete, consider keeping the mic on for any guests who aren’t in the immediate wedding party. 

Skip the Bartender

You probably won’t need a bartender if you’re planning to host a small wedding. Instead, make a liquor store trip the day before! Better yet, tell guests they have an open invitation to bring the alcohol of their choice.

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