Party Expert Voice: Branding Event Tips

Branding events are all about creating a customer experience both before and after the event itself. Consistency, focus, and networking are essential to draw new clients and keep older ones coming back.

1. Plan Properly

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Have clear goals and devise effective ways to measure results. Do your research carefully, as you need to understand very well the what, why, and whom of your marketing world. Give the event a style, voice, and tone, so all channels pointing to your event speak the same language. The great advantage of branding events is that they provide the opportunity to have face-to-face campaigns.

2. Invest in a Pre-Event Campaign

Clearly and consistently reflect your brand by organizing well-thought press releases, event adverts, news articles, and social media posts. Also, keep in mind that pre-event SEO is a vital ingredient you can’t forget. Make it a goal to include as many relevant links as possible, with “relevant” being the operative word.  Don’t be shy about links! The speaker’s websites, social channels, blogs, and sponsor’s sites; they all come in handy. Finally, aim to get as many external links as possible to link back to your event page.

3. Offer Previous Registration

Registration sites help people engage with the event before it even starts. It encourages them to add the date to their calendar and makes them feel that they are going to participate in something worth their time.

Another advantage of previous registration is that it helps plan for the number of people confirmed, and allows you to build a database for upcoming promotions.

top rentals for denver corporate events4. Choose the Right Vendors for Your Event

When it comes to branding events, every detail counts. You need to pick wisely the vendors you will work with, as they will be vital for choosing the right location, rentals, food, decorations, and more.

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5. Give It a Personal or Custom Touch

Create captivating biographies of speakers and company members. Use videos and pictures to create a sense of excitement and encourage attendance. Use social media to do some good story-telling.

Another good strategy is to send a pre-event email based on your customer registration. That serves two purposes: it reminds people to attend and produces a sense of personal value.

6. Work on First impressions

Create banners, promotional materials, and stands with your logo. Free gifts make your guests feel special and also helps them remember you after the event. Make sure that everything from start to finish shows off your brand and helps customers keep you near their hearts.

7. Include Social Media

Your event attendees should be able to communicate their experience at your event through social media easily. Set up hashtags that attendees can use when tweeting or posting about your event on Facebook, Instagram, etc. That helps you stay longer on the news feed with no effort on your part.

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