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Current trend: Create a modern look

We’re seeing a lot of unusual colors enter the market because tabletop and textile design now closely follow the fashion industry. Clients today want to create unique color themes. Who ever heard of purple for a wedding? Now it’s being mixed with gold and silver on the table. Having gold and silver together on the table is a trend in itself.Wedding tent lighting

The way food is being served is changing. More of the clients today want to do a casual, family-style dinner, so the demand for tables and serving pieces that suit that style is growing. Some clients mix services: We’ve seen a family-style first course combined with a plated main. There’s also more willingness to use different-shaped tables. The key is to bring in different styles that work together to create a mix of classic items and more modern pieces.

Changes in the rental industry

For decades it used to be that you took a cup and matched it to a saucer and plate, and that was it. Now there’s so much to choose from. I mean, we have a vast range of different kinds of cups, and every different shape of plate. The planning can be overwhelming for the clients, but that’s why we’re here to help them put it all together.

Rectangular tableRenting options

What you can rent is not the question any more, the real question is, what can’t you rent? Basically, you can rent anything and everything outside of the food and the wait staff. And there are unusual items, too, like popcorn makers and cotton-candy machines, but those may be harder to find in more remote areas.

Don’t rent from multiple rental companies

We don’t recommend it, because it makes everyone’s work more complicated. The last thing you need is to try to figure out which things belong to which company at one o’clock in the morning. If something is delivered to the wrong company, you’ll probably be charged a late fee; then you’ll have to figure out how to get it back to them.

Important items people often forget to order

wedding-reception-table-name-tags-ion-creek-clubPartners forget things like coat-check items (hangers, tags), screens to section off the kitchen area, table numbers and stands, even dance floors. Your caterer will remind you to order them, but clients may forget to factor these items into their budget, and that’s something to think about. It all adds up.





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