Tips on how to organize an unforgettable event

Organizing an unforgettable event is not something easy. You must get involved in various ways and focused on the proper decision making to ensure that everything goes along well and works out smoothly as a whole. It is possible to make a perfect event happen if you take seriously the details implied in a professionally organized event.

Cocktail business party#1 Budget

Before any planning you must have a realistic budget. This means that if you don’t know exactly how much you will spend you must have a realistic range before you start any planning. Having a clear budget will help you make the first decision you are probably going to make, and it will answer the very first question: Where am I having the event?

#2 Start planning ASAP

Once you have the budget clearly set its time to start planning. The more time you have the best it is to create an event that everyone will remember. Planning is the most important part of any great event and is the silent reason why some events are some unforgettable and some you wish didn’t happen.

#3 Create separate categories

The second step is to create at least four different types of files to keep things under control: Guests, Food, Activities and Ambiance.

Guests fileEvent catering services Denver

This file may include the list of all your guests organized by type. In other words, you can organize it by relatives, close friends, collaborators, special guests and so on. Don’t limit yourself to just add names to a sheet. Be as specific as you can.

This file will also contain the detailed information of each guest including contact info and physical addresses. Having this written will also help you decide many other small details.

Food file

This file should contemplate all the different types of options your menu will have. The more the better because it will help you get a wider range of possibilities before making the final decision.

Try to keep this file strictly for food matters not decoration (that’s goes in a separate file).

Entertainment file

Regardless of the event you’re organizing or helping organize, you should know that every single one needs entertainment. So make sure to have a separate category or file for all that has to do with the activities and entertainment that will characterize your event. By the way, try to have at least one fun or relaxing activity!

Ambiance file

This is absolutely crucial. The look and feel of the event will set the tone of everything else so make sure you include things as elemental as the theme of the event and the colors you will be using. Of course, you need to have all that has to do with the rentals on this file. Including the staging and table décor.

Corporate employees

#4 Hire Specialists

For every area of your event hire specialists to handle the details the best possible way. Don’t limit yourself thinking that you can do it all, or that you need a professional planner. And if a planner is not included in the budget –which it should-, then look for the best rental company because they can help you with much of the important decisions.

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