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It’s one of the happiest moments of your life so far! He has popped the question and the journey down the aisle is about to begin. The first step is to announce your happy moment… your engagement! Many modern couples have chosen to send an engagement photo with a save the date card for their upcoming nuptials. The one thing every bride has in common is that they want their photos to be gorgeous! Brides want to tell a story, and they want it to be unique and personal. You will want to look back years later and know that your engagement photos really show your personality as a couple.

3 tips on how to work with your photographer to achieve a natural look in your engagement photos:

Plan for Fall engagement photos,Tips for photographing events1. Venture away from standard poses. You may be tempted to do the traditional and expected pose, but the best way to bring originality to your photos is to be who you are! Bring in your own personal belongings as props to add character to your photos. Display something that means something to you as a couple or is a part of your history as a couple. Can it be at a place that you’ve met, perhaps? Interact with the props – hold the prop, let it be part of the scene where appropriate. Play with spontaneous poses, some looking and some not looking directly at the camera. In other words, forget for a moment that you are in front of a camera.

2. Show the fun-loving nature of your relationship by sharing an activity together. Ask your photographer to capture that! It may be biking down a trail, fishing from a dock, tossing a baseball in a park, or any other activity you enjoy together. Be sure to choose a location where you will have enough room to enjoy your activity, and the location should be photogenic.

engagement photo tips3. Choose a wardrobe that will allow you to be you! Show your style, your personality. Choosing clothing that’s too fancy for the occasion or outfits that don’t allow you to move can hinder your expression. You can have the perfect lighting and the perfect scenery, but if you don’t have the freedom to move, you will be more focused on keeping your clothing in place than on enjoying the moment!

Let your personalities shine through in your engagement photo shoot. Have fun and be yourselves with these three tips on how to keep your engagement photos natural!

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