All You Need to Know About Theme Weddings

A themed wedding is a perfect way to make your wedding ceremony a unique and memorable experience. Themed weddings are a chance for you and your loved one to show off your personalities and add some fun for you and your guests. Picking a theme and preparing your wedding accordingly takes a lot of time and planning but when it all comes together, it’s well worth the effort.

Fall wedding decorationShould You Have a Themed Wedding?

The better question to ask would be, “do you want a themed wedding?” Whether you’d like your wedding to have an overlying theme is up to you and your fiancée. Couples who opt for theme weddings generally want to make a specific statement about who they are and what their relationship means to them. If you’re known for being the sweetest couple in all the land, why not have a woodland fairytale wedding? Or, if you’re both avid fans of musical theatre, a broadway themed wedding could make for a fantastic experience. If you got engaged in the fall, a fall harvest theme could be great!

Whatever you decide to do, you need to keep all the components of your wedding consistent with the theme. Being specific with your theme idea will help your wedding planning company assist you in selecting the most appropriate event rentals. 

Pulling Off a Theme

So you want to add a theme to your wedding. Picking out a theme can be tricky, but by working together, you’ll be able to choose something that speaks to both of you. First, make a list of things that you both like and enjoy. Then make another list of personality traits that you share as a couple. Write down or look up a third list of possible themes. Go down your list of themes and circle the ones that capture your interest, and give an accurate representation of who you both are. 

Once you’ve decided on a theme, get your DenverWedding Rentals service in the loop! Whether you’ve chosen a beach theme or a fall theme, Colorado Party Rentals can recommend all the most suitable items for your big event. 

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