Party Expert Voice: Adult B-Day Event Tips

Grown-Ups Also Deserve (and Love!) Fabulous Birthday Parties

When thinking about an adult birthday party, a lot of people think plain and simple. However, there are many cool ways to celebrate your loved ones and make the party stand out. We have some fun tips for your next party planning adventure.

Choose a Cool Theme

Think about their personality, their favorite colors, and find a trendy theme that suits their personality. Some great options are:

metallic animal print party theme

  1. Neon Meets Neutral: choose bright fluorescent colors, buy neon bracelets and accessories, and put on some black lighting so everything stands out. This theme is not only cool, but it provides a great scenario for pictures.
  2. Metallic: Classy and glamorous. You can never go wrong with this theme.
  3. Picture Perfect: Get some nice pictures of the celebrated one with friend and families, and print them in black and white. Use them for decoration and set up a vintage look around it. This way, your decoration serves a double purpose, as it also becomes a keepsake photo album.
  4. Number-Oriented: This theme serves better on round decades, and by that, we mean the 30s, 40s, 50s, and so on. Make the number itself the main object of the celebration and bring out good things about that age. Wisdom, independence, family – think about what makes this age special.
  5. Monogram: The first letter of the celebrated one’s name. This is also a timeless cool and simple theme.

Go the Extra Mile on the Food

As we grow up, food and drinks take on a very important role. Kids parties can be filled with hot dogs and sodas, but when you are planning a party for grown-ups, food needs to say something different. It may be pizza and buffalo wings, sushi and sake, fancy appetizers, or just an amazing dessert table. Whatever the choice, think about what the birthday guy or gal likes the most and focus on that. A welcome cocktail is also a nice detail to have.

birthday party food



Prepare the Music Playlist

Music sets the tone for the party. Make sure to have different playlists to create diverse moods throughout the event. party music playlistIt can be romantic pop, electric house, instrumental, indie fusion, or dancing music; just make sure that it goes well with the place and the people invited.

Make sure to have a good sound system, so your well-planned playlist gets the chance to be heard well.

Make Lasting Memories

A special card to write a nice word. A fun photo booth with props. A charades contest. Even a karaoke station can sometimes be a great option if guests fit that profile. You may be surprised how much people like to participate in these things, no matter how old they are. It tends to bring out a part of them that wants to have fun and build beautiful memories for the years to come.

Party Photo Booth for adults

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