Renting The Right Linen for Your Special Occasion

Any type of gathering is special. The materials you use to decorate will help complete your vision. Renting the right linens is a vital aspect, as linens are going to cover a large portion of your party. Linens are going to create a nice backdrop for your party, but they can also make a statement.

Why Rent Linens?

Linens come in any color, pattern, and fabric. They can be fun, flirty, playful, elegant, ornate, whimsical, classic, nostalgic, royal, rustic, and sophisticated. Renting linens gives you options. When you rent, you can choose the right linen for every special occasion, instead of having to pick something that is universal for any party.

Rent linens in Colorado

Choose fun, bright, and bold linens from our Dupioni Collection.


Fun and Whimsical Linen

If you’re trying to create an atmosphere that’s bright, fun, and whimsical try our Dupioni collection. It’s full of bright and bold colors. A colorful collection of linens is just the burst of energy you need for a party that is full of life and good energy.

Classic Elegant Linen

If you’re going for classic elegance, we have some great collections of linens for rent. Our satin collection, poly collection, and the imperial collection will make any special occasion, like a wedding, feel elegant and sleek. The satin collection is clean and simple in design, using deep, rich colors. The imperial collection has a subtle stripe, adding a bit of texture without losing the glamor. Finally, the poly collection has the same beautiful color selection but is less shiny and more understated than the satin collection.

The right linen for every occasion

Add a little glitz to your formal party with our Crush Collection of linens.

Ornate and Rich Linen

For events where you want to create an atmosphere that is rich and ornate, where people feel like royalty, check out our crush, krinkle, damask, and pintuck collections. These linens have bold texture and a bit more sparkle and pizzazz than other linens. These collections are perfect for big formal galas, corporate parties, and other formal and festive occasions.

Classic, Playful, and Rustic Linen

Linens can put the final touch on a themed party. We have all the classic linen patterns in our specialty linen collection. We have stripes and chevron in various colors. You can also get the checkered picnic linens in the classic red and white, blue and white nautical stripes, or rustic bistro type linens in natural and neutral colors.

Rent linens for events

Who doesn’t want a little sparkle at their next event? Get all the glitz and glamour you need from our sequined collection.

Sparkling Linen

Our sequin collection is the answer to making your party sparkle. If you think that it will be too much for every table to be sparkling, there are ways to tone it down. One of the hottest table decoration trends for parties, weddings, and events is to have a sparkly runner down the center of the table. Use soft and subtle tones to make it more elegant. You can also give your decoration a punch of sparkly personality with a bold color. The sequin collection can create the right amount of glitz and glamour to make your next event unforgettable.

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