Avoid These Floral Decoration Mistakes at Your Wedding

Weddings are unique to every couple, but there is a constant that unites every wedding, and that’s the use of flowers. Flowers are a wedding essential. The arrangements and how you incorporate floral elements may change, but you’ll be hard-pressed to find a wedding that doesn’t feature any live flowers. Since you are dealing with something alive and organic, there are a few things to consider, from picking the right floral designer to choosing the right type of flowers for your wedding.

Choosing flowers for wedding

Choose flowers that won’t trigger allergies.

Choosing a Floral Designer

Make sure you work with a floral designer who understands your vision. There should be an easy flow of communication between you and your floral designer. Use them for their expertise, but make sure that they are in line with what you like and how you always imagined the floral decorations. The designer should also be able to make it work within your budget and be able to supply the types of flowers that you love.


No matter the season, every flower could potentially trigger allergies in you, your partner, and your guests. Look for flowers that have a low-pollen count to make the flowers less allergy triggering. There are plenty of low pollen fall flowers to choose from that may reduce allergy attacks like lilies, tulips, and hydrangeas, to name a few. You don’t want to be red-eyed, red-nosed, and mid-sneeze in every photo because you chose flowers that set off your allergies.



Although the scent of flowers can add a nice ambiance, you want to make sure that the flowers you choose all work together. Be careful not overwhelm your guests by having uber fragrant centerpieces. Choose flowers that have a clean and straightforward scent or minimal scent.

Wedding flower tips

Choose low-pollen flowers with a light fragrance.

Delicate Flowers

Choose flowers that have a bit of staying power. Flowers that are too delicate may not last the entire wedding, even if placed in water. Avoid sad and droopy floral decorations by choosing more hardy flowers and flora, especially for bouquets.


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