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Denver Burger Battle: Who Will Win the Smackdown?

It’s no secret that America loves burgers. But what about Denver? What’s the burger scene like here in the Mile High City? Luckily, every year we get to find out who really has the best burger in town at the Denver Burger Battle. This year, the battle takes place on August 4 at the Auraria […]

Make a Splash this Summer with Party Rentals

Planning your next summer party? Whether you’re planning a large picnic or pool party, or simply an intimate gathering of family and friends, you’ll need to make sure that you have everything you need to make it as enjoyable as possible. If you’re not ready to commit to renting an entire venue, try hosting your […]

3 Wedding Décor Categories You Might Be Overlooking

When it comes to planning your wedding, you want to make sure that you’re taking care of every last detail to ensure that the big day goes off without a hitch. From the food to the music to the venue and more, you want your wedding day to be perfect in every way. But what […]

The Benefits of Renting Furniture for Your Outdoor Event

Are you thinking about throwing a party? Your outdoor area can be the perfect space to host a gathering. Rental outdoor furniture and decor provide the perfect stage. Whether you are hosting a cozy dinner or an outdoor birthday party, there are plenty of furniture options to suit your occasion. The Benefits of Renting Furniture […]

The Advantages of Hiring a Party Planner

Parties are meant to be fun, but they can also be very stressful if you’re responsible for the planning and execution of everything that goes into them. Whether you’re trying to put together a birthday bash or throwing a big holiday get-together, chances are you have many details to juggle and decisions to make before […]

Create Your Own Extraordinary Outdoor Ceremony Experience

There are a lot of reasons why people choose to get married outdoors instead of in a traditional location like a church or wedding venue. Maybe you both love the outdoors and want your ceremony to reflect that, or maybe you’re looking to avoid the stress and hassle of planning an indoor ceremony. Whatever your […]

Satellite and Specialty Bar and Beverage Wedding Trends

We’re sure you’ve heard about satellite bars, also known as specialty bars. These bars are unique and separate from regular bars. As the bride and groom are the stars of the day, your unique beverage can be too. In this wedding trend, couples can serve their signature drink, a variety of juices, sodas, or a […]

All Eyes On the Wedding Reception Tablescapes

The wedding doesn’t end when the couples say, “I do.” It has only just begun. A lot goes into planning the perfect reception, from the food to the decorations; everything needs to follow a theme. And now that we are finally away from the gloom and chill of winter, a spring wedding sounds like the […]

Wedding Trends to Inspire Your Wedding Plans

Wedding trends are getting more extensive and elaborate, and we couldn’t be more excited. While bigger isn’t always better, when you’re in the party rental and planning industry, bigger is always funner! So, let’s take a look at the big blowout wedding plans in store for the upcoming wedding season. 2022 Wedding Trends Couples are […]

Open-Air Wedding Tents Are Perfect For Spring and Summer

If you’re like the rest of us, you’re ready to throw away the mask and plan a big blowout wedding celebration with 200 of your closest friends and family. And, if you’re like us, you’re still not entirely comfortable gathering that many people in an indoor location. We have a solution: Open-air wedding tents! Open-Air […]

Summer Party Planning & Inspiration for Weddings and Events

We know it’s not yet spring, but let the summer party planning season begin! Our new inventory look book offers lovely inspiration for weddings, events, and special occasions. The sooner you start planning, the better your chances of getting exactly what you want, from party tents to dessert spoons and everything in between.  Summer Party […]

Creating A Beautiful Palentine’s Day Brunch Tablescape

Valentine’s day is still reserved for couples, but celebrating friendships the day before has grown in popularity in recent years. You know what that means! We get to talk about how to create a beautiful Palentine’s Day brunch tablescape. Nothing is more crucial to a brunch than an Instagram-worthy table setting.  The Art Of The […]

Essential Tradeshow Rentals From Tent to Flooring

Present your brand in the best light possible with essential tradeshow rentals. We’ve got everything from tradeshow tent rentals to flooring and everything in between to make your tradeshow booth professional and inviting.  Tradeshow Rentals for Booth and Stage Whether you have a booth or are presenting on a stage (or both), you want to […]

New Year, New Event Rentals: Tabletop Decor and Seating

A beautifully presented table will set the tone for the entire event. Decorating a table that captures the spirit of the occasion is an art. We’ve got exciting new event rentals to inspire your tabletop décor and seating for your next formal, corporate or intimate event. New Event Rentals At most events, most of the […]

Get A Head Start on 2022 Event Rentals for Corporate Events

If you are in charge of planning corporate events, you know how many things you have to juggle all year round. Having a head start is essential to not getting overwhelmed or missing important details. You want the event to be professional, memorable, and beneficial to your business. This can happen through improving morale or […]

Last Minute New Year’s Eve Rentals and Table Decor

Who doesn’t love an extravagant New Year’s Eve party and ringing in the new year with friends and loved ones! As the end of the year rapidly approaches, time is of the essence when planning a New Year’s Eve bash! Let’s work together on last-minute New Years Eve party rentals and release some of that […]

A Special “Thank You” to Our Party and Event Planning Partners

Last Thanksgiving, it was hard to imagine if we’d ever gather in large groups to celebrate. Of all industries, the party planning and party rental industry was particularly hard hit. While we did our best with Zoom parties, concerts, weddings, anniversaries, and celebrations, it just wasn’t the same. However, we are excited to see invitations […]

Planning a Holiday Party or Event In Post-Pandemic Times

Holiday party planning is in full swing and we’re here to make this holiday season more spectacular than ever. Many lost an entire year without any holiday parties, picnics, and events, so this season needs to make up for lost time. No pressure! We’ve got some great tips for planning a holiday party or event […]

Fall Party Planning Tips and Inspiration: Tap Into the Season

A few weeks ago, we suggested a few ways to plan your party around shorter fall days. Now it’s time to give fall party planning tips and talk about incorporating the season into your party themes and decorations. While you may need to deal with fluctuating temperatures and unpredictable weather patterns, fall parties in Colorado […]

4 Fall Party Ideas and Essential Party Rentals

Shorter fall days don’t need to restrict your party planning and social events calendar. All you have to do is get a little creative and find reasons to start your parties earlier to maximize the daylight hours. We’ve got a few fall party ideas as the days start to get shorter, and a few tips […]

The Unsung Hero of Every Party: Climate Control

Whenever we plan parties, we put a lot of time and effort into creating and realizing a theme and finding the right food and signature cocktails to match. But, you know what party element doesn’t get enough attention, temperature and climate control! Overlooked party essentials As we’re getting used to our new normal, many people […]

Renting Catering Equipment for Your Next Venture

One not-so-terrible thing that came out of the global pandemic is a rise in start-ups. While many businesses have figured out that employees are just as productive from home as in the office, home-based businesses are becoming more attractive to entrepreneurs. One such business is a home-based catering company. While you may be a great […]

Throwing a Dinner Party Outdoors

As is always the case, summer is all too quickly coming to an end. With just over a month to take advantage of the extra free time and warm weather, people are scrambling to book last-minute vacations and trips. While this is certainly a great way to enjoy the end of summer, it’s still a […]

Essential Party Rentals For an End-of-Summer Party

After a year and a half of social distancing and quarantine, we’ve finally started to enjoy ourselves with friends and loved ones again. It’s been a jam packed summer with events of all sizes, and it’s flown by, not without its challenges. In this unprecedented season of postponed celebrations combined with planned events, 2021 has […]

Rent Lounge Furniture for Events and Weddings

Equally as important as the actual wedding itself is making sure that your reception has all the furniture and seating options to ensure that the reception is as memorable as possible. Whether you need to rent lounge furniture for guests to comfortably interact or just want to make the atmosphere more relaxing and inviting, remembering to […]

Rental Wedding Reception Table Settings & Decor

When that special day finally arrives, and you or a loved one is ready to commit for a lifetime, everything must be in place. These precious moments last forever in our memory, and even the littlest details can make a huge impact. At Colorado Party Rentals, we’ve been providing our clients with quality wedding reception décor for […]

Outdoor Wedding Ceremony Rentals

An outdoor wedding is ideal for people who don’t want to get married in a church setting, and for those who want to take advantage of the beautiful Colorado scenery. There are many styles of outdoor wedding ceremonies, from rustic to elegant, and all points in between. When deciding on a theme for your wedding, […]

Summer Picnic Party Essentials

Summer’s here, and that means it’s time for picnics, barbecues, and outdoor parties. Whether you’re planning a small intimate get-together or a large party, there are some things every outdoor gathering needs. Plan for the Unpredictable Colorado Weather When it comes to the weather, planning for everything is the safest bet. Whether it’s protection from […]

Get Ready for Post Pandemic Extravaganzas

Planning Your Post-Pandemic Events There’s nothing like looking at the light at the end of the tunnel to help endure challenging times. One thing that’s nice to appreciate about these times for those with postponed events or waiting for their next opportunity when they can have a safe party again is having more time to […]

Comfortable Lounge Furniture for Outdoor Parties

Amplify Your Outdoor Party – Rent Lounge Furniture Outdoor parties have been a hot trend for events before the pandemic and way more since the COVID-19 outbreak. With outdoor parties, you can enjoy the scenic natural landscape around you while having a safe event for everyone to celebrate you. However, if you plan to host […]

Planning an Over-the-Top Post Pandemic Wedding

Tips for Planning a Large Wedding While the conditions of the pandemic have caused couples to need to limit their guest lists to keep their special days more intimate, the time for planning a large wedding is approaching. With some sense of hope around the end of the pandemic, you can make up for lost […]

Making a Big Statement at Your Micro Wedding

Helpful Micro Wedding Tips for Your Special Day Due to pandemic conditions where social gathering numbers are limited, micro weddings have been a rising trend. These small, intimate weddings involve inviting your closest friends and family and keeping the event minimalistic. While your guest list may be smaller, you can still go big with your […]

Your Wedding Décor Essentials

How Do You Choose Your Wedding Décor? When it comes to your wedding, you want your event to reflect your relationship with your partner. You may find that certain décor features and aesthetics suit your personal style. Whether you have a more traditional style or enjoy modern, punchy effects, there are some wedding décor essentials you need […]

Hiring Party Planning Specialist in Colorado

How a Party Planning Specialist Can Help With Your Event Planning a special event requires considering a range of factors so you can properly host a handful of people. You want your special event to go off without a hitch, which requires being highly detail-oriented. This can be overwhelming if you are at the center […]

The Right Lighting Can Make Your Entire Event

The Power of Lighting Lighting is a major feature that will set the tone of your special event. If you are planning a daytime celebration, you may want to choose to rely heavily on the natural brightness of the Sun. Or, if your event is intended for the evening, you will need powerful lighting, so […]

Essential Reception and Ceremony Rentals for a Romantic Outdoor Wedding

Why Have an Outdoor Wedding? The outdoors makes an excellent setting for your wedding celebration. A beautiful, natural surrounding landscape will set the tone for your ceremony as it forms the background for your ceremony. Choosing the outdoors for your celebration also requires much less decoration fuss, with natural plant life and wildlife as your […]

Everything You Need for a Small and Intimate Wedding Ceremony

Why Have a Small Wedding? A small, intimate wedding in Colorado is an excellent opportunity for you to focus on the couple’s union and not become distracted by the chaos of large wedding details. There are fewer moving parts with a small wedding, so they’re easier to organize, which can be a great relief to […]

Planning the Perfect Celebratory Event is All in the Details

Using All the Right Tools for Your Event Planning Looking to host the perfect party in Colorado? Or do you have an event like a wedding that you are planning? Whatever your event will be, you’ll want all the right resources available. It’s not worth buying so many chairs, massive tents, tables, so why not […]

Easy And Affordable Tips For Your Wedding Decor

When it comes to planning your dream wedding, many couples are full of big ideas, but are unsure of how to make them happen in a way that’s practical and affordable, as well as stunning. Here are a few helpful wedding decoration ideas that will keep your budget on track and make your venue look […]

Biggest Mistakes Selecting Wedding Decor

Many couples dream about their wedding day for years, so understandably they want to make the big day as special as possible. However, sometimes the excitement of planning a wedding can lead to some rookie mistakes when it comes to wedding decor rentals. Here are a few common mistakes you’ll want to avoid during the planning […]

Linen Selection Tips for Every Event

There are a number of things that take priority when planning a themed event, including color, orientation, activities, seating, and seating arrangements. However, one thing that often gets neglected is linen selection. While you may not think linens to be important in the grand scheme of your event, the fact of the matter is that […]

The Perfect Dishware Selection for Your Wedding

You’ve waited your entire life for your wedding day, so it’s natural to want to have everything absolutely perfect come the day. You’ve likely picked out the perfect dress, brainstormed wedding reception ideas, and chosen the decor, but have you picked out the dishware as well? Wedding plate rentals can ensure that everything down to […]

Most Popular Tablecloths For Weddings

Do you have an upcoming event and you need to get the perfect decorations. Wedding tablecloths are often one of the most critical aspects of every planner’s dinner arrangement. They are the foundation for the rest of the place settings, and as there are so many various options to choose from, it can be a […]

Tips To Provide Enough Chairs For Your Guests

When you are planning a large event like a party or wedding, you will want to make sure that all your guests are happy and feeling good the entire time. To ensure you have the proper amount of seating, choose table and chair rentals for your event, as the companies who do this often can […]

The 3 Most Popular Table Decorations Among Wedding Planners

When it comes to wedding table decorations, you want to make sure that you choose on-trend options. While you may have some ideas of what is going to be best, often professionals know better. Over time, what’s trendy changes, and if you are not staying up to date, you will most likely not know how […]

Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing Wedding Chairs

When it comes to planning a wedding, there are a lot of things to think about. While the cake, dress, and venue tend to take the front stage, there are plenty of other considerations that can be almost just as important. For example, the wedding chairs that you pick are going to have a big […]

Most Common Wedding Chair Selection Mistakes

Whether you realize it or not, chairs play an important role in the look and feel of your wedding. You want to ensure that your wedding chairs suit the other party items and décor, while also providing comfortable seating to your guests of all ages, so they can fully enjoy the festivities. That is why […]

Avoid These Mistakes When Selecting Your Wedding Tent

Are you planning on renting a tent for your outdoor wedding in Colorado? Wedding tent rentals aren’t as simple as you might think — just like a conventional venue, they require pre-planning. Take a look at these tent rental mistakes and how to avoid them. Common Mistakes Last-Minute Bookings Don’t wait until the last minute to book […]

Essential Equipment Every Successful Party Should Have

Planning your next big event in Colorado? There’s a lot to consider, and sometimes it can be confusing to decide which rentals are essential and which ones you can skip. If you’re having trouble figuring out what you need to make your guests happy, take a look at this quick guide on what to rent for parties. Popular […]

Popular Rentals for Perfect Wedding Receptions

Unsure about whether or not your rental list includes the true essentials? You’re not alone — staying on budget while planning a wedding is a challenge that most spouses-to-be need help with. If you’re looking for reassurance on which items you need to rent, check out this list of essential wedding reception ideas. Reception Requirements […]

How to Determine Your Party Tent Requirements

Renting a tent is a great way to add an exciting change of scenery for guests during your next big event. However, if you don’t have any experience in party tent rentals, planning can get confusing quickly. Finding the right tent for your party doesn’t have to be too complicated — all you need to do […]

Ensure the Success of Your Wedding by Selecting the Correct Tent

Nothing ruins an outdoor wedding like renting the wrong sized wedding tent. Are you planning an outdoor wedding in Colorado? You owe it to yourself and your guests to get the right tent for your big day! Here are a few tips on how to select the correct tent. Proper Planification When considering a tent for your wedding, […]

Tips for the Best Linens at Your Wedding

Wedding linens make a wonderful decorative addition to any wedding. Functionally, linens are extremely useful for any kind of dinner event. Table linens catch food crumbs and absorb any accidental spills. When you’re done using them, all you need to do is fold them up and bring them back to your party rental service for cleaning. […]

Enhance Your Table With the Right Linen

In order to have a perfect wedding day, you’ll need to take care of every last detail from where your venue will be, to the linens you use. That’s right, your linen rentals can contribute loads toward the overall aesthetic of your wedding. Though it may seem like an easy task, there’s more to selecting […]

How to Use Table Centerpieces

Never underestimate the power of great decor. When you’re creating a wedding or a themed event, the work you put into decorating is crucial for captivating the imagination of your guests. Nothing ties a space together quite like beautiful table centerpieces. To help you bring your party to life, we’ve come up with a list […]

The Benefits of Renting Tables and Chairs for Your Event

  You’re probably well aware that table and chair rentals for weddings are a thing. But did you know that renting furniture is also a great choice for hosting other events in Colorado, like birthdays, anniversaries and corporate parties? You can even rent furniture to seat people at your outdoor event! If you’re in the […]

The best party your kid can imagine

“I had the worst birthday party ever when I was a child because my parents hired a pony to give rides. And these ponies are never in good health. But this one dropped dead. It just wasn’t much fun after that.” – Rita Rudner Are you looking to give your child an unforgettable birthday party […]

Tips to Host a Great Colorado Wedding

Couples often tend to overthink every last detail of their Colorado wedding in an attempt to make things perfect. Eventually, planning becomes so complicated it can have your head spinning in circles. But getting married doesn’t have to be so tough — hosting a great wedding is a lot easier than you might think. When […]

The Latest Centerpiece Trends of 2020

It’s decoration time! After finalizing a venue and securing all of your vendors, you finally get to do something fun — transforming that venue into the magical wedding of your dreams. After you’ve gotten your hands on the right party furniture rentals, the first step is creating the perfect centerpiece for all of your tables.  There […]

Wedding Center Pieces: Professional Secrets

Picking wedding centerpieces is no picnic. Even with an airtight, incredibly specific theme, there are endless possibilities in terms of what you can put together and place on your guest tables. Flower options, colors, vase height, candles, tealights, lanterns… it can be dizzying if you’re not an experienced decorator. Don’t worry — even as a […]

6 Perfect Wine and Cheese Pairings to Impress the Pickiest Guest

There is no bad season for savoring some fine wine and cheese. Whether hosting or attending, you need to know the best wine-and-cheese pairings to bring to the hostess or to impress your guests. Colorado Party Rentals in Denver provides the best wine and cheese matches. The sommelier and cheese experts advise is ‘if it […]

Tips for a Memorable Barn Wedding

A barn wedding is the perfect way to bring rustic glamor to your special day. Barn weddings are best known for their simple elegance and warm, friendly atmosphere. People also love barn weddings because they are cozy, and provide both the couple and guests with a sense of relaxed enjoyment. Are you looking for ways […]

How to Organize a Successful Backyard Wedding

Backyard weddings have become a cost-effective alternative to conventional weddings in which people celebrate in large venues and party rooms. Are you thinking about hosting your reception in your backyard in Denver? Here are a few tricks to help you make your day truly special. Be Smart with Your Space Unless you’re lucky enough to […]

How to Create The Rustic Barn Wedding Without an Actual Barn?

The most significant wedding trend is to get as far away from the traditional wedding venue as possible. We’re no longer getting married in hotels and banquet halls. Couples are going back to basics, breaking with years of tradition, and starting their lives together in the rustic, romantic setting of a barn. Make no mistake […]

Look for These Essentials When Choosing a Wedding Venue

The wedding venue is one of the first things that you need to find, and one of the hardest to choose. Before you can start planning your wedding, you need to know what the wedding venue has to offer. Regardless of the style of your wedding, be sure to look for these wedding venue essentials. […]

Lighting For Your Event: What you need to know

Perfect Mood Begins With Proper Lighting Lighting is the most powerful tool available to create and transform the event mood you imagine. There are so many aspects to take into consideration, from general lighting to stage lighting, string lighting to table light, but also setting the right mood or adding a certain level of drama. Choosing […]

Want to Get Married Outside?

Outdoor Weddings in Colorado Everyone is getting more excited now that warmer days are ahead of us. And that means more outdoor time! Your wedding will become one of the most memorable days of your life, and you can make it even more special with an unforgettable style!  Take advantage of all the beauty Colorado has to offer and plan an outdoor wedding! You, the love […]

Small Details to Make Your Wedding Feel Extravagant

Between choosing a venue, selecting a cake, and getting Wedding rentals in Colorado, it’s easy to overlook all the smaller things. Of course, not everything is necessary — but a few sweet touches will definitely bring joy to you and all of your guests! Looking for some great additions to add to your wedding? Try […]

13 Commonly Forgotten Things You’ll Want to Remember for Your Wedding

It’s nearly here! Your wedding is only a few days away. Though it’s easy to get swept away with excitement, it’s also important to make sure everything is running smoothly. Your Colorado wedding rentals provider has everything covered when it comes to making your event look spectacular. But might you be forgetting something? Check this […]

The Wedding Planner: Essential Wedding Ceremony Decorations

Once you’ve scheduled your dream wedding venue, it’s time to start decorating every element. When you plan your wedding, you have complete creative control. However, some features are universal in almost every wedding. Let’s start at the beginning and look at the essential wedding ceremony decorations. Getting Ready for the wedding ceremony We typically divide weddings […]

6 Wedding Games for Your Guests

All great weddings have amazing food, wonderful decorations, an awesome DJ, and comfortable party furniture rentals. But if you really want to put the cherry on top of your wedding reception, you’ll need a few fun party games. Wedding games are a good way to help guests break the ice with each other, and provide […]

3 Tips to Plan an Awesome Bachelorette Party

Planning a bachelorette party can be (and should be) fun, but it is also a big responsibility. Your friend has chosen you to throw her the last party she will ever go to as a single woman. It should be an unforgettable night. There are many things to consider – where, when, who should you […]

5 Great Ideas for an Awesome Photo Backdrop

Are you planning on creating a photo backdrop for your guests at your next event in Colorado? Backdrops are what you make them — it’s easy to throw up a blank tarp, but for a truly Instagram-worthy experience, you’ll want to go the extra mile. Setting up a well-made backdrop in front of your event […]

Choosing the Right Person to MC Your Wedding

In the name of saving money, many people choose to plan their wedding. And, if you work with professional party rental companies, you’ll often find that the staff is extremely knowledgeable and can be a big help in planning and decoration. But, even if you plan everything down to the last detail, you’re still going […]

Tips on Getting Married in the Rain

Anyone planning an indoor wedding cringes at the idea of stormy weather. If the forecast calls for rain, there’s not much you can usually do, unless you’ve made an airtight contingency plan. Don’t worry: rain doesn’t have to be as bad as we all think it is. There are plenty of ways to embrace the […]

China Pattern Perfection

Whether for a wedding big or small, we perfectly know that real finesse is right down to every single detail. As part of the table setting and the linens, the choice of patterns and materials of the tableware are the critical elements of the wedding theme. A Delicate Art: Picking the Right China Pattern You don’t need to […]

How to Handle Unruly Guests at Your Wedding

Don’t let your special day get ruined by an awful attendant! It’s not always easy to predict whether all the people you invite will behave at your wedding. However, there’s nothing stopping you from doing everything in your power to keep the peace before the festivities begin. Here are a few useful tips on how […]

Party Expert Voice: Branding Event Tips

Branding events are all about creating a customer experience both before and after the event itself. Consistency, focus, and networking are essential to draw new clients and keep older ones coming back. 1. Plan Properly Have clear goals and devise effective ways to measure results. Do your research carefully, as you need to understand very well […]

5 Ideas for a Small Wedding

Not every couple wants to have a large, extravagant wedding to celebrate their union. Sometimes, a small group of beloved friends and family is more than enough. Are you looking for ways to make your wedding celebration in Colorado more intimate? We have a few ways to make your small wedding one to remember. Cut […]

Navigating the Wedding Rental Process

“A goal without a plan is just a wish” – Antoine de Saint-Exupery Planning Your Wedding Can Be A Success The wedding planning process can be a daunting task. What to plan first, where to begin, what to discuss with the event planner? These four helpful tips can help take away a bit of the […]

Wedding Bouquet Trends to Watch for in 2020

Each and every year, new ideas for beautiful bouquets are created and showcased for the world to see. If you’re getting married in Colorado this year and are looking for inspiration for your wedding bouquet, check out a few of these great trends that are sure to make headway in 2020. Bleached Flowers This washed-out […]

3 Tips to Manage the Unexpected

When planning an event, many things can go differently than expected. The flowers can come in a different color. The wedding planner can get caught up in traffic. A guest forgot to confirm his plus one, and you end up with an extra person to accommodate. Don’t panic; it happens to everyone. However, there are three […]

Here’s What You Need to Consider When Choosing a Party Venue

Are you planning your next big event with Colorado Party Rentals? If you are, at least you have great furniture and linen rentals crossed off your list. However, there’s much more to do when it comes to planning your bash. Most importantly, you need to make sure you have the right venue!  Here are a […]

Do We Really Need a Wedding Planner?

Most people have a particular vision for their wedding that they’ve been scrapbooking and planning since they were young. That, however, does not mean that they should forego the wedding planner. There’s a big difference between envisioning the perfect wedding and executing the perfect wedding. Before you start planning, ask yourself one question, do we […]

Picking the Perfect Chairs for Your Event

The type of chairs that you choose for your event has a big impact on whether it is successful or not. After all, if someone is not comfortable sitting on your chair or the style of the chairs directly clashes with the rest of the venue, then someone will be far less likely to give […]

Keeping the Flow for a Great Party

The right layout is the driving force behind making sure your party keeps running smoothly from start to finish. So that your guests do not get bunched up in one area of the venue, make sure to create a continuous flow, keeping the party running smoothly, and taking full advantage of the entire site. A great layout […]

How to Make the Perfect Event Drink Station

One of the many great services that are often included in Denver event rentals is the handling of food and drink service. However, if you are not using this beneficial service, then the responsibility of providing drinks to your event attendees falls on you. An easy way to  solve this is to create a drink […]

How To Choose an Event Venue for Your Wedding

What should you look for when choosing a venue for your special event? The choice of the venue for any event, especially a wedding, is by far one of the most important decisions you will make in your event planning journey. The venue can set the tone for your big day, helping bring to life all […]

Decorating Tips for Fundraising Events

Hosting a fundraiser event can be a fun and charitable thing to do. However, it also requires a lot of work and several trips to companies that offer Denver event rentals. For someone who has never planned a successful fundraiser event before, it can be quite stressful. Luckily, this article is here to help guide […]

Rent Tables and Chairs for Corporate Events

When you’re planning a big corporate conference, the chairs and tables are one of the most important aspects. For an all-day event, like a conference, there are many uses for chairs and tables, and you’ll need to think about finding the right tables and chairs. Once you know the purpose and the goals for your […]

Table Decorations That Will Instantly Improve Your Wedding

The tables at Colorado weddings are by far one of the most stressful parts of decorating because they are such an important part of the venue. If you fail to incorporate all of the essential wedding table decorations, then it will inevitably result in the venue only looking a fraction as good as it could […]

Finding Inspiration for Your Wedding Color Palette

While white is still the predominant color of choice for most weddings, we are, however, getting more and more adventurous in our wedding themes and styles. Choosing the perfect accent color for your wedding is one of the most important steps in planning a wedding. The color palette you choose is going to help with […]

How to Decorate for a Minimalist Wedding

Not everyone loves the thought of having one of those weddings where the couple clearly went to a company that offers Colorado wedding rentals and got everything they had. There are many brides and grooms out there who would rather go simple with their wedding and make it more about the people they spend it […]

The Planning Checklist Behind Every Successful Event

Planning an event is all about the details. Step one is making an event planning checklist. There is nothing worse than waking up on the day of your event and realize that you’ve forgotten important details. And, if you’re planning the event for a client, forgetting small details is going to cost you money, business, […]

How to Make Your Small Wedding as Intimate as Possible

Not everyone wants one of those big fancy Colorado weddings. In fact, many people are looking for the exact opposite and are interested in having a very small ceremony with only their closest friends and family. If this is something that you are interested in, then you are going to need to learn how to […]

Renting the Perfect Tent “Extras”

You may have imagined the big reception at your wedding or event with charming white lights strung around a classic white tent with swooping layers of white fabric accenting the look! Or, maybe you only imagined a rustic and natural outdoor wedding with nothing obstructing the view of you and your husband-to-be but blue sky […]

Truly Unique Seating Options for Weddings

With all of the details that go into planning Colorado weddings, couples can often overlook very important details such as the seats that they are going to use. The chairs that are used during a wedding have a big impact on the event because they are where guests are going to be seated for upwards […]

Warming Up Your Colorado Winter Events

We may be on the other side of the holiday season, but winter has just begun. Don’t let that stop you from throwing an outdoor party. Just add a few heating essentials to your party rentals list, and keep your guests warm on cold winter days and nights. Keeping Your Guests Warm and Cozy Outdoor parties are […]

How to Make Your Backyard Wedding Amazing

There are many reasons why someone may want to have their wedding in their own backyard. A lot of it has to do with the fact that they want their venue to mirror the intimacy of their small wedding ceremony. To help with this process, you will need to know how to take Colorado weddings […]

Choosing the Right Wedding Rentals and Accessories

When we talk about a wedding,  we cannot help by thinking about a celebration! Marriage is a significant part of our lives, and it all begins with a decision to stay with one person for the rest of your life. And THAT calls for a party. You have much to consider – food, wine, and […]

Easy Ways to Improve Your Wedding Tent

During the middle of the wedding season, a lot of businesses that offer Denver tent rentals become extremely busy because so many couples want the perfect wedding tent for their big day. However, if you really want your wedding tent to impress your guests, then you are going to need to take some additional steps. […]

Unique Outdoor Wedding Arch Designs

A key part Colorado weddings are the arches behind the bride and groom. This beautiful element of the wedding may not seem incredibly important at first but it serves as the backdrop for some of the most important moments of the entire wedding. This is especially true for outdoor weddings, which is why you want to be […]

Big Party? Corporate Event? Wedding Reception? Leave it to the Colorado Party Experts!

Colorado Party Rentals has your event covered in planning, decorating, and rental equipment Who doesn’t love a big, good old party with friends or family to celebrate an extraordinary event? Even companies – big or small – are entitled to have some fun too. Wedding receptions are the most joyous celebration of the loving union […]

Choosing The Ideal Site For Your Reception

Reception sites are one of the largest decisions to make when putting together a wedding. There are a lot of options to choose from, but the hard part is narrowing things down based on your needs and budget. So, along with plenty of rental equipment options, here’s what you want to look for in your ideal […]

Party Rentals for January Parties and Celebrations

Happy and Eventful New Year! For many of us, January marks a quiet time in the social calendar. In January, everyone is busy going for a run, making healthy food choices, taking some quiet time for self-care, or whatever resolution they have set for the coming year. But, there are people with birthdays in January, […]

Outdoor Lighting Options

Denver wedding rentals cover a lot of ground when it comes to items that you need for the big event. These include practical items like tables and other gear, but also cosmetic items such as lighting. So, with this in mind, here are some of the lighting options that can accompany your outdoor wedding. Lighting Options […]

White is Not Your Only Option in Party Linens!

Colorado Party Rentals has hundreds of choices in colors, patterns, and combinations. You can create almost any decor theme you want! Bring your ideas, your magazine clippings, and your internet searches, and let us get to work! You can also make an appointment to see our showroom and take your time looking through our gallery of […]

What Goes Into Choosing A Wedding Venue

Whether you are looking to try and add some elegance or a simpler feel for your wedding, the venue you choose sets the tone for the whole event. This means taking your time when it comes to your final decisions. Here are the basics of finding the best match for you, Colorado wedding rentals included. The Location […]

Perfect Centerpieces Should Blend Style and Function

The centerpieces for your wedding table are going to be one of the main focal points in your wedding decor. So, be sure to choose wisely, because there’s a good chance that they’ll show up in every photo and, good or bad, will be a big talking point throughout the reception. Take care of choosing a wedding […]

Creating A Contingency Plan For Your Next Event

When your start to stage an event, from a wedding to a corporate event, it’s natural that you’re dreaming of the ideal version. However, some people get so hung up on that that they forget to actually account for if things go wrong. Here’s how to use Colorado party rentals and other assets to help […]

Best Cocktails To Warm You For Your Wedding Table!

Cold winter days are already rolling, so prepare to warm yourself with a few classic cocktails to get you through the snow and ice. Colorado Party Rentals has the quintessential winter cocktails for your next event, or to enjoy at home! Don’t worry; they require just a few key ingredients that will also wrap the room […]

Material Options For Waterproof Tents

A lot of people find waterproof tent fabric ideal for several reasons. As versatile as they can be, though, what material works best? So, when you’re ready for a tent rental, let’s talk about the options on hand from Denver event rental companies. Framework Let’s start the conversation with one of the most popular options, the […]

Take the Hassle Out of Planning Your Next Special Event

The best parties take a lot of planning. Coordinating vendors and deliveries, cook times, servers, guest lists, decorations, seating charts, and entertainment can be a hassle. Working with a party rental company will take the hassle out of planning your next event. Planning a Special Event? Whether it’s a wedding, birthday, fundraising galas, holiday parties, […]

Keeping Your Tent Safe

Tents are a great multipurpose asset when it comes to your major events, outdoors or indoors. However, there’s a lot of background things to keep in mind, including making sure your tent is safe, secure, and compliant with all existing regulations. Here’s how to manage the safety questions when it comes to Denver event tents. Staying In […]

Colorado Party Rentals is the Winter Outdoor Event Specialist!

Are you planning to be a winter bride? Have you dreamed of an outdoor affair, but worry your guests will be too cold? Colorado Party Rentals has everything you need to keep your guests comfortable. You may still be able to plan your beloved outdoor ceremony, even with a chill in the air. Plan your […]

Wedding Venue Planning Mistakes

Over the course of wedding prep, the venue and date are some of the first decisions that get made, with good reason. A lot of the decisions that go into a wedding and reception don’t happen until the final venue is chosen. The last thing you want to do is make a decision you regret […]

Keeping Your Outdoor Winter Wedding Warm

Warm and Comfortable Outdoor Winter Wedding Just because it is winter outside doesn’t mean it should prevent you from being able to have an outdoor wedding or event celebration. For us at Colorado Party Rentals, there is never a wrong time for a wedding celebration! Regardless of what the weather might be doing outside, some things can […]

Rental Advice For The Holiday Season

Any form of holiday hosting can be a lot to manage, which means the more work you do ahead of time, the less you have to ultimately worry about. Let us help you simplify the process with these Denver holiday rental tips. Serving As a start, let’s talk about the end, namely, cleaning up after […]

Tackling Winter Weddings

When it comes to winter weddings, there are tons of different visual options to pull from, from blown glass to evergreen tones to firelight. All of these combine for a wedding that you and your guests won’t forget. Part of this is due to that comforting feeling so many of us associate with the holidays […]

Making Your Wedding Guest List: The Stress-Free Way

As experts in the wedding and party events industry, we understand more than anyone how planning a wedding can be a stressful ride for the future newlyweds. So many details to take care of, from choosing a venue, the dress, the menu, the flowers, the music, the photographer, the cake, and then, of course, a […]

Setting Up Your Perfect Corporate Event

Being a success in business means forging relationships with clients and your team, and a corporate event is a great way to accomplish this. For your team, you get to promote bonding and show you care. For potential clients, you can meet people you otherwise wouldn’t and develop the business that way. Here are some things […]

Raise Your Glass! Get the Perfect Glassware for Any Occasion

With a heartwarming toast, the sound of clinking of the crystal glasses marks the beginning of a new moment in your life—a moment to celebrate. Red wine, white wine, champagne, whiskey, or simply a non-alcoholic cocktail can be served for that purpose. Of course, for that, you will need the perfect matching glassware. No problem! […]

All You Need to Know About Theme Weddings

A themed wedding is a perfect way to make your wedding ceremony a unique and memorable experience. Themed weddings are a chance for you and your loved one to show off your personalities and add some fun for you and your guests. Picking a theme and preparing your wedding accordingly takes a lot of time […]

Achieve a Natural Look in Your Engagement Photos

It’s one of the happiest moments of your life so far! He has popped the question, and the journey down the aisle is about to begin. The first step is to announce your happy moment – your engagement! Many modern couples have chosen to send an engagement photo with a save the date card for their […]

Utilizing Lounge Furniture For Your Event

Lounge Furniture rentals are an effective way to add an air of luxury and timelessness to any event in Denver, CO. lounge furniture can be used for many events, including birthdays, themed parties, trade events, and weddings. No matter what event you’re hosting, lounge pieces will add a stylish flair, and provide your guests with […]

Holiday Party Rentals Help Reduce Holiday Waste

Every year, for all the joy the holidays may bring, the added amount of waste that we all produce is making the planet cry. Fortunately, there are simple ways that you can help put a stop to this sad practice and help reduce excess holiday waste. We all know to reuse, reduce, and recycle, but […]

Planning the Perfect Holiday Bash

Winter is on its way and the holidays are just around the corner! For many of us, this means it’s time to start planning out a big holiday party. Whether you’re a Colorado business looking to show your staff appreciation or someone hoping to wow your friends and family, Colorado Party Rentals has the perfect […]

How to Set the Perfect Ambiance for Your Party

Whether it’s a casual backyard barbeque or a refined sit-down five-course meal, see how you can set the ambiance for your next event!  Knowing what kind of vibe or mood you want to prevail on your event is as important as the event itself. Not only for the sake of visual, the mood also alters […]

3 Outdoor Wedding Rental Items You Won’t Want to Forget

Wedding planning can get very complicated, very quickly. There are a lot of logistics to consider while you and your fiancee are getting ready for your big day, and it’s more than easy to lose sight of a few of them. The at Colorado Party Rentals, we understand. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of […]

Host a French-Inspired Dinner Party

The French have all the excellent touches when it comes to entertaining and food. Their sophistication and nonchalance, at the same time, make the perfect recipe for a pleasant evening. What better way than to combine the best of French entertaining with their quality of food for a French-inspired dinner party? Colorado Party Rentals tells you […]

Tent Rentals for Any Occasion

Hosting an event outdoors is a great way to ensure a ton of party room while subjecting your partygoers to the beautiful surrounding scenery. Outdoor parties are fun at any time of year but if you want to ensure that your guests stay comfortable for the duration of your event, it’s probably best that you […]

Let Your Chairs Take the Front Seat at Your Event!

Colorado Party Rentals in Denver has everything you need to help plan and execute your event. Whether a corporate event, family reunion, wedding or bar mitzvah, we have it all, including chairs! Chairs can either make or break your event. Chairs can be used for so much more than just utility purposes. Today, they have […]

Why Patio Heaters are Essential for Any Evening Event

Even in the summertime, nights in Colorado can get a little chilly. If you’re hosting an event outdoors or even have a patio area for guests to walk out to, you’ll want to ensure that they feel just as comfortable as they would indoors. Don’t make your guests walk back to their tables or coat […]

Creative Ways to Make Your Backyard Feel Cozy for a Fall or Winter Party!

With so many reasons to celebrate all year long, you can’t stop entertaining in fall and winter’s chilly temperatures! With a few creative ideas, you can even entertain all season outdoors. Try these six easy tips for adding warmth to your backyard party this fall or winter. 6 Easy Ways to Make Your Backyard Entertaining […]

These Monochromatic Party Themes Will Wow Any Crowd

Are you looking for a little inspiration for your next major event in Denver, CO? Whether it’s a wedding, a birthday bash or an important anniversary, we all want to make our events something to be remembered by all who attend. So why not kick it up a notch? Leave your party guests in awe […]

The Right Way to Choose Your Wedding Music

Creating the perfect playlist to accompany one of the biggest days of your life is no small feat. There are many things to consider before you even begin to create your ideal list of wedding tunes. You’ve got to find songs that are inspiring to you, songs that you and your fiancee will like, and […]

Narrowing Your Choices in Hiring the Right Wedding Planner

He popped the question and got down on one knee, or perhaps proposed in another way! It doesn’t matter; ever since then, your mind has been racing with ideas on what your “Big Day” will look like! Just a few conversations about the details have probably sent your fiancé to the Internet yellow pages looking […]

Keeping Your Dream Wedding Eco-Friendly

Your wedding dress may be white, but it would be nice if everything else is green. Being environment-conscious is not just a passing trend, but an increasing need for the good of all of the living creatures on our planet. If you’re looking to make your wedding eco-friendly, we’ve got a few suggestions. Here is […]

Setting Up a Trade Show Exhibition Booth to Draw a Crowd

Trade shows can be incredibly useful for networking, reaching new customers, finding new partners, and raising the profile of your business. There is a lot of work leading up to a trade show. You need to research other attendees, check out the layout of the venue, and scope out other trade shows to see how […]

Three More Wedding Blogs You’ll Love

Are you looking for wedding inspiration, even after reading our list of favorite wedding blogs? Have no fear, because we’ve compiled another quick list of some of the best wedding blogs out there to give you the inspiration you need for your big day. These three blogs will give you all the information you need […]

Using Lighting to Enhance Your Corporate Event

Good lighting production is an effective way to entertain your guests and keep them engaged. If you’re planning on using a service in Denver for event rentals, you’ll want to consider using lighting rentals to add some extra flair to your conference, holiday party, or company dinner. Lighting Sets the Mood Different colors have an effect […]

Five Essential Party Rentals for All Outdoor Fall Events

There are five items that most outdoor fall parties and events have in common. These items make up the foundation for a great party and are essential rentals for every occasion. The style and the theme of these items are what’s going to give your party personality. But for now, we’re just going to focus […]

Lights on! Enhance your special event with the proper lighting

Lighting is one of the most powerful tools available to create and transform the mood of any event. Its versatility and wide range of different lighting system choices provide endless possibilities of shadows, surfaces, and angles to use. Lighting can easily create the unique ambiance you are looking for to set the mood and make […]

Design a Layout to Make Your Party Pop

Whether it’s a full-scale event or an intimate gathering for a special occasion, you always want to make your party pop. The design will guide your guest’s experience, evoking emotion and creating memories. Designing a stunning event doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. Here are a few simple ideas that can easily wow […]

Cold-weather outdoor party tenting tips

The fall and cold weather transition provides a fantastic time and opportunity to host amazing outdoor parties or special events. An outdoor wedding during Colorado’s fall season can be a magical and memorable one. Nevertheless, it is vital to take into consideration that it can get frigid out there. Also, Colorado’s weather tends to change […]

Simple Design Ideas to Maximize Your Budget

Not every party has to cost a lot of money. When you don’t have a lot of cash to play around with, your creativity becomes even more critical. Here’s how to create a million-dollar event on a budget. Don’t Limit Your Creativity Your budget may be limited, but your creativity is not. There’s a lot […]

Bringing Warmth to Your Fall Event with Unexpected Color Choices

You don’t have to be sad that summer is gone. We know, you probably miss the pool parties and backyard barbecues now that they are replaced with indoor entertaining. While the blazing sun won’t be around for much longer to warm your event, your color choices for fall will undoubtedly add warmth. As the temperatures […]

Using The Senses to Create the Ideal Ambiance For Every Event

To create the right ambiance, you have to try to stimulate the senses. Using sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch to create the perfect atmosphere at your next event will create a full experience for your guests. Here are three ways to trigger the senses that will make the event more memorable and enjoyable. Don’t […]

How Many Plates and Glasses Do You Need for Your Wedding?

One thing that surprises many people regarding planning a wedding is how much math is involved. You wouldn’t think it; after all, math isn’t exactly one of the romance languages. There is simple math, like deciding on a budget and then adding up all the costs of the wedding. However, when it comes to renting wedding plates […]

Practical Elements to Create the Perfect Atmosphere at Your Next Event

Regardless of the location, the season, or the reason, creating the right atmosphere is essential to producing a successful event. Creating the perfect atmosphere requires multiple elements, so your planning and organization have to be meticulous and well thought out. Here’s how to create a strategy to create the right atmosphere for your next event. […]

Using linens’ magic on your special event tables

Linens are one of the greatest and most useful assets for decorating parties, weddings, and special events while creating the perfect ambiance. And many party hosts often overlook this. Table linens can easily set the tone of your event, drawing together multiple elements in a specific room or venue. Therefore, it is vital to choose […]

Three Things to Consider Before Booking a Wedding Site in a Colorado Park

There’s no shortage of scenic and romantic outdoor wedding venues in one of Colorado’s many parks. Some sites and event facilities in public parks will have different capabilities, so make sure you understand before you reserve, what you are getting. Make sure that the site has everything you need, or you fully understand what you […]

Catering and menu tips for the perfect event

When hosting an event, it is crucial to be on top of everything to ensure its success. That includes the food and beverages you plan to offer. Even though the simple fact of providing free food will draw a crowd anywhere, knowing what to serve and how to serve it will make the difference. It […]

How To Choose A Denver Park Wedding Event Facility

Finding the perfect venue for your wedding is one of the most critical decisions. Getting married at one of the beautiful event facilities available through Denver’s Parks and Recreation, there are a few things you need to consider before making a decision. There’s more to a venue besides picture-perfect scenery. Here are three things to […]

Tips to avoid a cold fall wedding party

During the fall, Colorado provides a romantic, beautiful scenery. The natural backdrop of golden, red, and orange colors makes it a perfect option to host a wedding or a special event outdoors. However, to be able to take advantage of Colorado’s fantastic fall nuances, it is crucial to take into consideration your guests. No matter […]

Wedding Color Mistakes: Forcing the Theme Color

Wedding colors should be subtle and soft, but a pop of bright, bold color can heighten the mood and add a bit of energy. However, when it comes to the dominant color at the wedding, you need to make sure that you don’t overuse it and overwhelm the wedding design. Here’s how to use a […]

The Perfect Reception Table for the Perfect Wedding

Wedding receptions are one of the most challenging and feared events between planners and event hosts. Designing, setting and hosting the big day is a demanding task that requires a lot of attention to every little detail. The happy couple is expecting nothing, but perfection. At Colorado Party Rentals, we have surprisingly noticed how wedding […]

Wedding Color Mistakes: Being Too Predictable

Although many weddings have a similar color scheme, the biggest mistake that couples make is to be too predictable. When you are too predictable, you lose some of your personality. The design becomes flat, and there’s no wow factor. You want your wedding to be a total “wow,” filled with your style. Avoid Predictability The […]

Fail-safe Fall Decorations for your Special Event

Fall is a beautiful and great season of the year to host events in Colorado. However, to take advantage of the season’s nuances, it is crucial to know how to decorate your venue. Trends come and go making it easy to fail in selecting the best decorating options for your special event. So, when you […]

Wedding Color Mistakes: Neglecting to Give Visual Examples of Theme Colors

Your color palette should be personal and unique to your style. Colors aren’t always easy to describe, and there can easily be miscommunication regarding the right color and the right shade. One of the significant mistakes that couples make when they choose a wedding color is not providing proper visual examples of the colors they […]

Tips For a Dream Fall Afternoon Wedding

Taking advantage of Colorado’s Fall Colors on your afternoon wedding can be a memorable dream to cherish forever. However, planning a successful wedding is not easy at all. It is vital to be on top of every single detail to avoid disasters. Planning with enough time your wedding event can help overcome the unexpected. From […]

Wedding Color Mistakes: Too Many and Too Trendy

Choosing the right color scheme for your wedding can set the perfect mood, but there are a few mistakes you want to avoid. The colors you choose should evoke emotion, set the right tone, and satisfy your vision for the wedding. There are many wrong turns that a couple can take when choosing wedding colors, […]

Renting Tents, Tables, and Chairs for Your Kid’s Birthday Party

Throwing a kids birthday party should be fun and easy. If you have adopted the “no kids left uninvited” policy, that means that you’re about to have every kid in the neighborhood or the entire class at your house. Whether you decide to keep it casual or have special entertainment, there are three things that you’ll […]

How to Use Table Runners to Enhance Your Wedding Theme and Decor

Table runners are a fantastic way to accentuate your wedding reception tables. Use table runners to highlight your theme, make your tables more elegant, and add an extra decorative element to your wedding. Here’s how you can make a table runner an integral part of the wedding reception table setup. Table Runners to Match Your […]

Achieving Your Perfect Event

Decision making is, if not the most important, one of the most important things in life. However, deciding can be hard for us when we want everything to be perfect.  This reality becomes even more evident when the decision making has to do with something as important as a wedding or your next big corporate event. […]

Avoid These Floral Decoration Mistakes at Your Wedding

Weddings are unique to every couple, but there is a constant that unites every wedding, and that’s the use of flowers. Flowers are a wedding essential. The arrangements and how you incorporate floral elements may change, but you’ll be hard-pressed to find a wedding that doesn’t feature any live flowers. Since you are dealing with […]

Fall is the Perfect Time for a Barn Wedding!

There is no better time to try your rustic flare with a barn wedding than fall. Nature in the autumn season is already picturesque. Add a quaint barn to the backdrop and maybe even a lake off in the distance and you’ve got a scene from a Hollywood movie. All you need to throw the […]

Why It’s Best to Provide Ceremony Seating for Your Guests

Comfort is one of the most overlooked features of a wedding ceremony. The scenery and staging are essential, but having seating for your guests will allow you to perform the service you want, without having fidgety or uncomfortable guests. Ceremony seating will make your guests comfortable while you say your vows, which is the most […]

Choosing The Best Music To Make Your Event Epic!

Music is a powerful medium by which you can directly affect another person’s emotions and behavior. It is a crucial party tool and should be addressed as such. Music can change your entire party for better or worse. Apart from lighting, it is the music that sets the tone and ambiance for your entire event. […]

Tips to Setting a Formal Wedding Reception Table

Your wedding table is one of the primary focal points at your reception. You will need to arrange it so that it is functional, but also beautiful. The wedding table is going to be featured in many photos, and you want it to look good by itself, but also create a stunning and romantic visual […]

Welcome Baskets for Your Fall Wedding Guests

How can you say thank you to guests who have traveled far to be a part of your special day? Give a welcome and thank you basket filled with a few special touches and local delights. When your guests are making an effort to travel to be a part of your special day, show your gratitude […]

How to Minimize Wind Noise in a Wedding Tent

The upside to a wedding tent is that you can seclude yourself from the elements, while still feeling like you are out in nature. The downside is that the tent can sometimes amplify the sounds of wind and rain as it beats on the material. There are steps you can take to insulate yourself against […]

3 Ways to Avoid Common Wedding Planning Mistakes

Your wedding doesn’t have to start your future in a financial crunch! Your wedding day is not something that happens often, and you want it to be memorable in a good way. However, we understand that it can be a stretch for your budget and cause more stress than joy. So, here are a few ideas for […]

Keeping Cool and Comfortable in Your Wedding Tent

Weddings are times when you want to look your best at all times. Everywhere you turn, there is a chance to be photographed or videotaped. If there’s one thing that can ruin a good wedding album, it’s a bunch of photos with shiny foreheads, damp upper lips, and sweaty clothes, especially if you are the […]

3 Ways to Add Warmth to Your Outdoor Entertaining in Fall!

The seasons are changing, and summer has come to an end. But this doesn’t mean your entertaining has to take a break. We know there is always something to celebrate! When fall begins to turn towards winter, and the temperatures are steadily dropping, you may be tempted to forgo any outdoor entertaining at all. While […]

Wedding Lighting Design: How to Enhance the Romance

Designing a wedding is all about creating an ambiance and atmosphere. Lighting evokes emotion and can help tell a story, as well as set the mood. To get the right light, you have to think objectively. Wedding Lighting Design Thinking objectively about lighting means that you have to consider the goal and purpose of each […]

How to Host a Dinner Party Successfully

Have you ever wanted to hold a dinner party that would impress your guests? Shock and awe them by following these tips and setting one epic dinner table and host a conversation-worthy party. Display Your Finest Pieces This is the best time to bring out that fine china and vintage champagne flutes your grandmother passed down […]

Tips to Outdoor Weddings in the Fall

Gorgeous scenery and natural decorations are part of the benefits of having an outdoor wedding. Unpredictable weather and menu planning are a few of the considerations you should make before you set your sights on an outdoor venue. Of course, when it comes to your wedding, you can have it both ways. Sometimes compromise is […]

How to Throw a Fall Harvest Themed Party!

Featured Photo credit: Rachael Grace Photography Fall’s around the corner, and It’s New Season Party Time with Colorado Party Rentals! It’s almost September, and that means fall harvest time is around the corner!  Time to begin planning your best fall harvest party. In this three-part series on the best fall-themed parties, Colorado Party Rentals gives tips and […]

Considerations for a Circular Wedding Ceremony Layout

The setup and layout of your outdoor wedding ceremony will have an impact on the guest experience, as well as your own. Couples want a wedding that is personal and special, and the way you set up your wedding ceremony can make your wedding stand out. Simply using an alternative or out-of-the-box layout can make a […]

Choosing the Right Type of Table for Your Special Event

All the elements matter! Match them well! When organizing any event, the tables and chairs play a vital role in the event setting, socializing, and achieving the desired tone and ambiance of the event. At Colorado Party Rentals, our staff will help you choose the appropriate ones needed for the occasion. Tables for every occasion You […]

Setting Up Seating for an Outdoor Wedding Ceremony

The layout of your outdoor wedding ceremony needs to consider three things. The first is the most picturesque placement for the altar and the couple to take their vows. The second is giving your guests easy access to their seats and enough room. And the third is making sure the whole thing runs as smoothly […]

Must-Have Party Rentals for Outdoor Fall Parties

Outdoor Fall Party Planning Summer is still here, but not for too long. Come September, and we all notice the cooler nights and shorter days. You can still have outdoor parties in the fall even though the temperature is dropping. The changing colors of the fall landscape will give your party an incredibly decorative backdrop. […]

Avoiding Common Mood Board Mistakes

Mood boards are an excellent guide for any event, especially a wedding. However, a poster board packed with images from Pinterest isn’t going to help you get your ideas sorted. A mood board should be productive and inspiring. Here’s how to edit and curate a mood board. Mood Board Mistakes: Editing One mistake people make […]

Light Up Your Party!

They say, “If food is the prose of a party, then lights are its poetry.” Colorado Party Rentals gives ideas for creating poetry at your party. Lighting is one of the simplest ways to transform the ambiance of an event. With it, you can cast an enchanting spell, kick up the romance, or create an […]

Don’t Make This Outdoor Wedding Mistake

Colorado is full of gorgeous outdoor locations that create jawdropping and photo-worthy backdrops to an outdoor wedding. But, beautiful scenery aside, there is one problem that many outdoor weddings face, and that’s being able to hear the bride and groom exchange their vows. Making sure every guest can hear the vows You’re only going to […]

Reasons Why You Should Always Choose Colorado Party Rentals

Plan and execute an awesome party Who doesn’t love a great party? While parties should be a time to kick back and enjoy moments with your friends and loved ones, they can often become stressful for those hosting the event. For that reason, the team at Colorado Party Rentals are here to assist you in […]

Using a Mood Board to Guide Your Wedding Vendors and Designers

Planning a wedding means coordinating with several vendors and making sure everyone is on the same page. The more organized you are, the easier it will be to stay on track. A mood board is not only a fantastic and creative tool to help you develop a concept for the wedding, but it can also […]

Wedding Seating Arrangement Guide

Our Wedding Seating Arrangement Guide for a Hassle-Free Plan Seating arrangements don’t need to be difficult, although they often become one of the most stressful activities in wedding preparation. Setting a seating chart shows guests you thought about them and it cuts down the confusion of where to sit. Colorado Party Rentals has a thoughtful guide […]

Styled Photoshoot Tips: Design with Purpose

Becoming a designer, you need to have a look book for clients, to show off your work. Whether you are designing a wedding or a home, being able to show your aesthetic and your qualities is essential. However, there’s a catch 22. To have photos of your work, you need to get work. You can’t […]

Perfect Bar Set-Up for Every Event

Many small details go into setting up an event, but as any guest will tell you, one of the most important and most visited areas of a party is the bar. How to set up the bar at an event can become a bit of a puzzle. The chances are that you also have other […]

Benefits of a Styled Photoshoot

The benefits of a styled photoshoot are to show off your creativity, reach new clients, and create a portfolio. A styled shoot often requires you to work with a variety of vendors to come up with a shoot. But if you’re starting, you can design and create your own styled shoot by renting all the […]

Rent Catering Equipment and Serving Trays for Your Party

Are you thinking about taking your dinner party to the next level, and showing off your culinary skills in front of a much bigger crowd? Great food becomes even better when you share it, and if you love to cook and people love your cooking, why hire an outside caterer when you know your food […]

Styled Photo Shoot: Tips to Getting Started

A styled wedding shoot is your chance to paint a picture and tell a story. When your clients come to check out your portfolio, they want to be transported, both physically and emotionally. It’s not enough to choose the latest fashion colors or decorative trends; you want to create a dynamic experience. A styled wedding […]

Rent Tenting and Decorations for an Outdoor Wedding

Everything You Need for an Outdoor Wedding When you choose a location for an outdoor wedding, you want to pick a place where the natural scenery will add to the ambiance of your wedding. However, a Colorado wedding, even in the height of summer, has the chance of a little rain or some windy weather. […]

Renew Vows and Reaffirm Your Love in a Vow Renewal Ceremony

Re-Affirm Your Love in a Vow Renewal from Colorado Party Rentals! Vow renewals are the chance to redo your wedding and enjoy it. Most common are the five-year, ten-year, and every decade following anniversary celebration. Vow renewals are mementos in time to celebrate and reaffirm your love and commitment to each other, whether privately or […]

Creating the Perfect Outdoor Tent Party Environment!

Now that you’ve decided on the size and style of the tent you need for your venue, it’s time to decide on the aesthetic elements that will make your tent venue feel like the fairy tale you imagined. Even if you only plan to have the tent for a backup plan, you will need to […]

Helping You Pick Your China Set

There’s no need to make the selection process of your china too serious, but you should choose your pattern and style with care. Here, we will give you advice on two of the most frequently asked questions from clients. We hope this information will help make the process go smoothly. Choose the Set as a Couple […]

4 Tips on Hiring the Right Party Rental Company for Your Event!

Are you planning something special for your wedding day? Is it your Big Day, and you want to see the wedding of your dreams become a reality? Maybe it’s a corporate event or a festival. Whatever event you are planning, you will need a party and event rental company that can service all of your […]

Everything You Need for the Perfect Wedding Day

Even a casual small wedding is going to require more equipment than you think. To help couples-to-be, our wedding specialists can help you find all the products that you need to make your day perfect. Renting wedding equipment will also help you save money and time, and reduce the stress level significantly. Keeping Up With […]

Enjoy the BBQ Party Season

BBQ Parties with Friends and Family There is no time like the present to gear up for an outdoor gathering with friends, family, and your BBQ grill. Summertime is the perfect season for such gatherings while enjoying yummy homemade bbq specialties. Use some of the following tips to make your event a hit this summer. […]

Three Things Couples Overlook When Planning a Wedding

Planning a wedding is one of the most wonderful, but stressful events a person can go through. Unlike a birthday or anniversary where you can learn from your party planning mistakes from year to year, a wedding is a one-time-only event. Therefore, you want it to be perfect from start to finish. All you can […]

Look for Customer Service Excellence on Your Summer Event

FOR ANY EVENT BIG OR SMALL At Colorado Party Rentals, we believe customer service excellence gives us a competitive advantage. Why? Because in today’s customer-oriented business environment, our “people skills” are critical for personal and organizational events success. We know that how we treat our clients directly affects their ultimate goal for the event: a […]

Benefits of Using a Party Rental Service

Renting party supplies takes the stress out of planning a party Planning parties are fun, but at some point, you’re going to realize that the party you envisioned inside your head is going to be harder to accomplish, and more expensive than you anticipated. However, when you work with a party rental service, you can […]

How to Choose Tables for Your Next Event

Every event needs a chair, and every chair needs a matching table. Whether it’s a small coffee table, a tall cocktail table, a rectangular table or round table you have to choose wisely. The shape, size, and style of the table should match your theme and make your creative vision come to life. And, they […]

How to Choose a Chair for Your Next Event

Chairs are a staple at any event, but a chair is never just a chair. If you’re trying to develop a vision for your event, the style of the chair becomes even more important. For every event, there is a perfect chair; you just have to find it. Requirements for the perfect chair When you […]

7 Great Ideas for Keeping Your Guests Happy at Your Summer Event

Summertime and living’s easy! Even with a party coming on? Sure! These seven tips will help you deal with probably one of the most critical parts of any summer event – your guests. We know you are extra careful with the details, so we bring you the following tips on how to keep your guests happy. 1. Rent […]

Creative Wedding Reception Ideas

Unique Wedding Receptions with Colorado Party Rentals! Forget the stuffy, overused, basic wedding reception. Let loose and let your wedding reception portray your unique nature. Let Colorado Party Rentals help you make sure your wedding is the event of the year! A few tips below to be sure your guests won’t be bored to tears! […]

Tips for a Successful Fundraiser Event!

A bank of fundraising event ideas is hard to come by, which is why Colorado Party Rentals is here to give you a few good ideas. Colorado Party Rentals has everything you need to throw a successful event. Whether it’s a wedding, anniversary, or fundraiser, we are your one-stop shop! Fundraisers don’t have to be […]

How to Survive Outdoor Summer Weddings as a Guest

Tips for Attending an Outdoor Summer Wedding If you have been invited to an outdoor wedding that will take place during the full heat of the summer, don’t panic. In this blog, we will tell you how to survive the heat while still looking good and staying comfy. Wear the Right Clothing and Shoes Clothing […]

Summer Wedding Settings: A Perfect Match for Your Big Day

    MAKE YOUR SUMMER WEDDING ELEGANT WITH  EXQUISITE DECOR What’s more romantic than a summertime wedding? You and your beloved exchange vows while the suns rays shine gently on your back, the warm breeze blows your hair (but not too much), and the lush trees whisper their congratulations. At Colorado Party Rentals, we help you make […]

Organizing Birthday Parties for Kids

Organizing children’s birthday parties can seem scary, especially if it is the first time you are doing it. Should you do it at home, in some fast food restaurant, or in a particular venue that caters for this kind of event, or even just in a park? How much you want to spend will play […]

Setting the Stage for an Outdoor Wedding Ceremony

When we’re talking about weddings, we often end up talking about all the rental equipment you need for the reception and the party. Our selection of wedding rentals goes far beyond the wedding reception. Our wedding specialists can also help you set the stage for the wedding ceremony, making sure your wedding vision comes true […]

Exciting Wedding Favor Ideas

Not Your Usual Wedding Favor When it comes to wedding party favor ideas, we’ve all been there, and it seems one is going in circles, with the same ones always coming back. It is time to be creative, and here are a few nice ideas. Mini Olive Oil Bottles Your guests will love cute little […]

Tips for Your Evening Wedding in Colorado

Unlike morning weddings, evening weddings start at five in the afternoon or later and typically require semi-formal to formal attire. Receptions are elegantly extravagant, with more extensive guest lists and wedding parties to match. The later start time also implies no children, as the event may go long past a little one’s bedtime. Taking a few cues […]

How to Tie the Knot in a Hurry

You and your other half want to get married, but there is a problem, time. How will you manage everything when you are so short of it. Is it possible to plan a wedding in less than three months? Rest assured that not only is it possible, but with the help of Colorado Party Rentals, […]

Best Kids’ Summer Party with Colorado Party Rentals

It’s Vacation Time!  That means more outdoor fun and activities! The hottest time of the year is here, and there’s nothing that kids love more than having a fun summer vacation. Whether it is a summer birthday party or a cool day with friends, at Colorado Party Rentals, we are ready to help you throw […]

Cost-Friendly Luxury Wedding

You have little time to plan your wedding and need a great location but cannot spare a fortune? Here are some suggestions for a beautiful wedding that will save time and will not bankrupt you either. Main List to Check Out Here are the main points that can save you a few dimes. Number of […]

Lighting Suggestions for Your Wedding

PROPER WEDDING ILLUMINATION When it comes to wedding decor, most people will first think about colors, linens, flowers, and other essential elements. However, there is one element to decor that many may not think about, and yet it can prove to be the element that can have the most significant effect on a space, and […]

Why Beach Weddings Are Best

It is true to say that beach weddings have grown very popular; there is no rare exception anymore, the thing that nobody else thought of. There are still many incredibly unique weddings, and if they are so popular, it is for a good reason. Wedding Reception and Honeymoon in One Spot Getting married is time-consuming; […]

Three Things That Will Make Your Buffet Great

Setting up your buffet There’s no event too big or too small for a buffet. However, depending on the occasion, not every buffet is created equal. Without careful planning, the outcomes could be far less than impressive. A messy buffet table will make your event memorable for all the wrong reasons. So, the next time […]

Fun and Necessary Party Favors For Outdoor Summer Parties

We love to work with clients to make sure every detail is perfect for every party and event. Now that we’re heading into summer, the outdoor party scene is heating up. As much as sunshine is good for us, we can also get too much of a good thing — work summertime essentials into your […]

Rustic Summer Wedding Ideas from Colorado Party Rentals

A ROMANTIC WEDDING THEME FOR SUMMER At Colorado Party Rentals, we know that choosing just one wedding theme can be hard, especially with the wealth of inspiration that’s already out there! We have to admit, homespun, rustic weddings, filled with branches, lanterns, and nature-inspired décor, are more popular than ever. That’s why we don’t think […]

Working With a Party Rental Company Can Make Any Event More Spectacular

When you rent party decor, there are obvious benefits. Finding everything you need in one place will save a ton of time running all over time. You’ll also save money, because rental companies may be able to give you a package deal. You’ll also save on storage space. Buying decorations and furniture to complete your […]

Summer Time Light Menu for an Afternoon Event

During the hot summer, there is nothing better than finding alternatives to cool us down. If you are hosting an event, you might want to serve a lighter, more refreshing menu to make the heat more bearable. Serving a “light side” menu doesn’t mean your guests won’t fill up. They will love the freshness of your menu […]

What Size Tent For Your Event

Planning an event or party can be daunting, which is why you have specialists like us.  CPARTY RENTALS is the state of the art in Colorado Party Rentals, who can take it from your hands and do it all for you. If you are the independent type and want to do it yourself but feel you need […]

Colorado Party Rentals Helps You with the Place Settings

As passionate experts for organizing events and parties, we take care of every detail. Here we are giving you some tips on how to set the table for your next (big or small) event! Setting the table for your event You are planning a special event or your dream wedding, and the time has come to […]

Head Table or Sweetheart Table

One of the toughest questions couples often face is whether to have a head table or sweetheart table. In the end, it is your choice only. Will you want to share intimate moments during this event, or are you a social party animal and will have more fun mingling with the guests? This is what Colorado […]

Tips for Proper Summer Morning Weddings

So, it’s your Big Day coming! There are many things to keep in mind, and many details that come to play for wedding planning. Whether it’s a morning, afternoon, or evening wedding, you should take it easy and plan one thing at a time. Doing things step by step makes an unforgettable wedding possible. The first […]

The Signature Cocktail

You have chosen a dream location for your wedding; you have everything ready, now comes the challenge of your signature cocktail. You need a cocktail that not only represents you and your union, but also the reminiscence of your past, and the location of the ceremony. Don’t worry!  With Colorado weddings, you have nothing to […]

Wedding Rentals to Match Your Wedding Menu and Theme

When you plan a wedding menu, the wedding meal is a big part in making the wedding day unforgettable. Along with a delicious and elegant wedding menu comes the decorations and the table settings. How you present the wedding meal can tie the whole wedding together, creating a cohesive and personal wedding. This is your […]

How About Getting Married in the Mountains

Everybody loves the idea of getting married at the beach, and they are prevalent today. However, not so many people think about exchanging vows in the mountains; yet, it is absolutely, spectacular. Mountain weddings are quintessential. You want to be different, and you want every guest to enjoy this memorable day forever. Imagine tying the knot in such a […]

3 Reasons to Plan Your Party with Colorado Party Rentals

Be a guest at your own event: Eliminating stress when planning a party Planning any party is stressful. Once you get started, even with an intimate birthday party, you quickly realize how much goes into planning the perfect party. Finding an occasion is the easy part. So is the guest list. What gets stressful is […]

How Old Wedding Traditions Are Being Modernized and Personalized

We think of a wedding as something old and traditional, something that will never change, but we are continually changing wedding traditions. Today’s couples are putting a personal twist on old traditions, and even creating some new ones. Traditions have to start somewhere, so don’t be afraid to be original when it comes to your […]

Camp Out Birthday Party: Sleeping Under the Stars!

Who Said Sleepovers are for Indoor Parties Only? Plan a sleepover under the stars! Complete with tents and s’ mores, you can camp in your backyard and still feel the comforts of home. For your next birthday party bash, go rustic with a camping theme. Think Girl Scout camping experience, then kick it up a […]

Things to Consider Before Tenting Your Wedding

A tented wedding opens up the door to many new locations. With the right tent, you can plan your wedding just about anywhere. Wedding tents are like mobile wedding venues, so you can choose a place to have your wedding that has meaning, and features all the elements that you want. Tented Weddings Besides giving […]

Keeping the Buffet Cool on a Hot Summer Day

Summer is Coming Soon! Summertime is party time. You have corporate summer parties, weddings, birthdays, graduations, BBQs, anniversaries, pool parties, garden parties, family reunions, picnics, and “we don’t need a reason” parties. Finding an excuse to throw a party in the summertime is the easy part. The hard part is keeping your party buffet cool […]

Organizing Your Event Checklist for a Smoother Planning Process

The checklist is the most important tool for a party planner.  It will keep you organized and on time.  The checklist can help you sidestep and fix problems before they arise.  The first step to a great event is to sit down and write out a detailed checklist. Writing a Checklist The more detailed you […]

Are You Ready for the Best Summer BBQ Parties in Colorado?

At Colorado Party Rentals, We Are Ready for Summer Parties and Fancy BBQs! With the arrival of summer, which is probably the most anticipated season of the year, comes all those family gatherings, kids’ summer and birthday parties, and the all-time American favorite: BBQ parties with friends and family. We know that sometimes, planning an […]

Party Favors Make Every Event More Memorable

Party favors are a fun and unique tradition. Having party favors is like giving your guest a gift of memories for a special life event, like a wedding, anniversary, or birthday. Even corporate events can use party favors to show added appreciation and make a work event feel more personal. What makes a good party […]

Light Up the Night! 5 Creative Backyard Lighting Ideas

Add That Subtle Glow to Your Summer Evening Parties Warm weather means you want to spend as much time outdoors as possible before the weather turns cool again! Take advantage of your backyard paradise this summer and enjoy entertaining outdoors. Rather than relying on generic tiki torches to add extra light and ambiance to your […]

Picking the Right Theme for a Corporate Event

Having a theme for your corporate event will be like a guidepost for the entire planning process. A theme is like an outline that you need to fill in with colors, textures, and maybe a few practical elements. The theme should also help you accomplish specific goals, so be thoughtful when you pick a theme […]

How to Plan a Children’s Art Party!

Do you remember the days of finger paints? That squishy, messy, slimy feeling, but so beautiful and pure! Somehow, no matter how you smear the paint, it always turns out a masterpiece. Children have a knack for the creative, and with a little encouragement from us, they produce real art! For your next children’s event, […]

Why the Sweetheart Table is a Favorite for Couples

A wedding is exhilarating and overwhelming all at the same time. When you are the center of attention at all times – and rightfully so – it can be hard to get a moment of privacy. One of the many reasons that the sweetheart table is becoming a hot fave for couples is because it […]

Set the Tone of Your Event Decoration with Table Linens

Table linens are much more than a tablecloth Depending on the type of event, wedding, or party you are having, how you should choose which type of tables to use changes. Then, choosing the right set of linens for your special event is the next important step, since the color and textile of the linen you choose […]

The Right Type of Tent for Every Outdoor Event

Outdoor summertime events in Colorado all have one thing in common; they need to be tented. There’s a perfect tent for every occasion, whether it’s a block party, farmers market, festival, fair, wedding, or any other special event. From simple pop-up tents to grand sail cloth peak tents, here’s our guide to tenting your next […]

Graduation Party Rentals in Denver

Celebrating our graduate with pomp and circumstance We’re nearing graduation season, and that means you have to start planning a graduation party for your high school or college grad. However, since it’s graduation season across the nation, every parent is raiding the shelves at local party supply stores to get the decorations they need. Don’t […]

It’s All in the Details: Welcoming Your Guests With a Signature Cocktail

Every wedding should be a reflection of the couple and their personalities. The signature cocktail has become a popular wedding trend, allowing couples to create one more element that will represent their journey and reflect special moments in their relationship leading up to the wedding.  A signature cocktail can also add a decorative element, and […]

Everything You Need for an Outdoor Party

Colorado is famous for its spectacular scenery and outdoor activities, and that includes outdoor parties. However, you’re going to need more than just a backdrop of the Rocky Mountains to pull off a successful outdoor event. Whatever the occasion, Colorado Party Rentals (CPR) will be your full-service event partner to make sure your outdoor party […]

It’s All in the Details: Creating Wedding Worthy Photo Opportunities

Everywhere you look at a wedding someone is taking a selfie, group photo, or video. Make sure that you serve up great wedding photo opportunities. A few simple decorative details can make a selfie stand out. Your wedding on social media These days you can’t control the photos that others share from your wedding. Therefore, […]

Planning the Summer Party of the Season

Setting the bar for summer parties Now that we’re finally able to throw outdoor parties, it’s time to start planning so that your party doesn’t get lost in the summer party shuffle. Everyone Loves a Good Summer Party There are so many options when throwing a summer party; it can be indoors or outdoors. You […]

It’s All in the Details: Making a Simple Table Wedding Worthy

It’s the little details that will spark joy and conversation at your wedding. The table setting is going to be one of the focal points of your wedding reception. Regardless of the style of tables, or the seating arrangement, there are little decorative details that will make your wedding extra special for everyone involved. Elevating […]

Take Better Photos At Your Next Event With These Tips!

Ok, you may not be a professional photographer, but you are attending some big event and want to remember the evening without light glares, out-of-focus faces, or dispersed focus. To avoid these mistakes and get great photos from that memorable party, Colorado Party Rentals gives the following four tips from the pros on how to take […]

It’s All in the Details: Elevating Your Wedding with Simple Decorative Touches

When you design a wedding, it’s all about the details. Stepping back to look at the big picture, the little decorative details, are what’s going to impress your guests and add the final touches of romance, glamor, love, and joy that is the essence of every wedding. It’s the decorative details that will make your […]

Protocol and Etiquette Answers for Your Wedding Questions

Colorado Party Rentals Answers Your Difficult Wedding Questions! You can pick the venue and choose your wedding gown, but you can’t always control the rest of the wedding planning as easily. The questions can be endless –  Are some aspects of the ceremony outdated or not needed? Can the groom have two best men? What […]

It’s All in the Details: Making a Simple Chair Wedding Worthy

Even simple things can be transformed to ooze romance and joy. One thing every wedding needs is chairs. But a chair isn’t just a chair; it’s just a starting point. With a few decorative details, you can enhance a simple chair and make it fit with the theme and help tie the entire wedding together. […]

Party Rental Equipment For Every Event

There is no shortage of reasons to throw a party. Whether it’s for business or pleasure, there are always many reasons to celebrate. However, if you are always limited to the furniture and equipment that you have in your home or at the office, every party would be pretty dull. There would never be enough […]

Ideas for Signature Statement Pieces for Your Wedding

A wedding is a day you’ll look back on again and again. You’re probably going to have more photos of your wedding than anything else in your life. A signature piece of decor will give your wedding that extra dose of something special. Here are a few ideas for incorporating a statement piece into your […]

Party Decorations with Colorado Party Rentals

Parties are supposed to be fun, relaxing, and all about having a good time with friends, family, or associates. Sometimes, the entire process of planning everything from the guest list to the food and decoration setting can be very stressful, leaving you with little or no chance of enjoying the special event you wanted to […]

Hottest Hues for Summer Weddings

Summer colors are fresh and vibrant. However, every color can be tweaked to match the main themes of your wedding. Every color has a range of hues and tones that will enhance emotion and ambiance. Here are the hottest hues for a summer wedding. Summer colors Summer colors take inspiration from the ocean, the flowers, […]

What Every Outdoor Party Needs

Outdoor event planning We’ve been in the event and party planning business for quite some time, so we’ve pretty much seen it all. We’re moving into the season for outdoor events and parties, so let’s do a quick checklist with some of the big items that you’ll need when you plan an outdoor event in […]

Hottest Wedding Food Trend for 2019

Food trends change from season to season, year to year. Choosing your wedding food will help create a mood and a vision that compliments your wedding. Food is sensual and teases all of your senses, so it’s no wonder that it plays a considerable part in wedding planning. Here is the hottest wedding food trend […]

3 Ways to Host a Spring Easter Party!

It is officially Spring in Denver, which means Easter is only a few weeks away. Are you ready? Whether you are having just a few family members or a sizable friends-and-family dinner event, Colorado Party Rentals has a few ideas to get you started! Here are three ways to host a memorable Easter get together! Outdoor Easter […]

Wedding Planning Essentials: Creating a Vision Board

You have probably been envisioning your wedding for quite some time, but now that it’s a reality you need to take all of those daydreams and wedding fantasies and make them come to life. A vision board can help you organize all of your thoughts and ideas so that when you go to start the […]

Say Goodbye to the Cold Weather with a BBQ Party!

Make your next event more enjoyable with this American tradition Who doesn’t love a good BBQ? We bet you’ll have a pretty hard time trying to find someone that will say “I don’t,” since over 80 million people in the U.S. participate in at least one BBQ each year, as estimated by the Census Bureau. […]

Three Blogs to Help Plan Your Dream Wedding

Colorado Party Rentals has the inventory, the talent, and the service to create your dream wedding, but first, you need to get inspiration. Our inventory of distinct, high-end rentals can make your wildest wedding dreams come true. Here are three blogs to get inspired for your wedding. Cake and Lace From Rustic and Elegant to […]

Take Your Party on a Trip to Tuscany!

A far from home, Tuscany-themed event There is something immediately romantic about anything Italian. And nothing could be more picturesque than ever-charming Tuscany. For your next party, plan a stay-cation trip to Tuscany and give your guests the feeling that they are far from home. With 4 simple tips, you can turn your backyard into a […]

Which Head Table Style is Right for Your Family Dynamics?

A wedding is a celebration and a union of two families. Blending families sounds wonderful in theory. However, once you get to the seating chart, you start to run into family dilemmas and clashing personalities. Just because the two of you are in love, doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone in your blended families is going […]

Choosing The Right Venue For Your Dream Wedding

Next big thing after saying “I Do” Congratulations, you’ve gotten engaged! Now, after this exciting day, one of the first things that you and your fiancé need to do is choose the particular place where you will be tying the knot! Although this sounds like an easy task, there are many factors to take into […]

Color Trends: Featuring Pantone’s Color of the Year for the 2019 Season

We are living for Pantone’s color of the year. Living Coral is the perfect color for the spring and summer season, and there are a million ways to incorporate this color trend into every event. Living Coral is ideal for weddings, bridal showers, baby showers, and special events. Pantone’s Color of the Year Living Coral […]

Don’t Allow Seasonal Allergies to Ruin Your Outdoor Spring Event!

Outdoor Spring Parties and Seasonal Allergies For many people, spring means we can bring every celebration out into great Colorado outdoors. There’s no better backdrop to a Denver party than the Rocky Mountains, and don’t forget about all the National Parks that Colorado boasts. However, the mere mention of an outdoor party can make other […]

How to Elope: Taking Care of Practicalities and Legalities

Deciding to run off and elope is a way for couples to skip all the practicalities and the stress of planning a wedding, and instead run off into the sunset together. Eloping has a reputation for being spontaneous and romantic – a secret ceremony in an undisclosed location where no one can find you, and […]

Backyard Garden Parties with Personality and Style

Spring is right around the corner, so it’s time to move the party outside. Colorado is gorgeous in the spring, and the fresh pops of color from the spring blooms should inspire anyone to throw a fabulous outdoor party. There doesn’t even have to be a special occasion; being able to sit outside and enjoy […]

How to Elope: The Post-Elopement Party

There are many reasons to elope instead of a traditional wedding. Some couples want the nuptials to be intimate and romantic, something that is shared just between the two of you. A ceremony is often an emotional event, and not every couple want to have an audience, even if that audience is full of friends […]

Tent Types You Can Select for Throwing a Stunning Event

Tent Options to Aid in Planning Your Next Event Anyone throwing an outdoor tented event needs to determine the type of tent that’s going to work best for their needs. Outdoor event tent selection depends on the theme of the event, the style of the event, the number of guests in attendance, and so on. To […]

How to Elope: Including Family and Friends

At some point, every couple-to-be will consider eloping. Eloping sounds like the solution to avoiding all the stress and financial burden of planning a wedding. Running away to some exclusive location to tie the knot is fun, romantic, and spontaneous, and you won’t have to worry about your crazy families getting along, or whether you […]

Unique Mix ‘n Match Style for Your Next Event

Choosing a theme for your next event could be easier than you think! The choices of color combinations, table linens, and centerpieces are seemingly endless, but your next party can come off with effortless style if you mix it up with strategically unmatched pieces of tableware. It may feel against your grain to decorate with […]

Pros and Cons of an All-Inclusive vs. DIY Wedding Venue

There’s a lot that goes into picking a wedding venue, but one of the main questions that people often ask is whether to choose a venue that is all-inclusive or a DIY wedding venue that will allow you creative freedom and control over vendors. As with anything, there are pros and cons to both choices. […]

4 Simple Uses for Mason Jars in Your Party Decór

Looking for Ways to Add Timeless Simplistic Beauty in Your Party Decor? The Mason jar – invented by a Philadelphia tinsmith, John Landis Mason – is a timeless addition in party decór. You can add a feeling of effortless charm to your event with the use of Mason jars in your decorating plan. Mason Jars are not […]

Using Nature to Decorate Your Winter Wedding

The final touches to a wedding are to decorate. Once you have all the practical items set up, it’s time to add beautiful decor. No matter the style, using elements from nature incorporates the scenic Colorado landscape into your wedding. Here are our favorite winter decorations that you can find right outside your window. Winter […]

Adding a Retro Candy Table to Your Next Event

Bring Out the Creative Kid in Each of Your Guests! There are moments your sweet tooth takes over, and nothing will satisfy until you sink your teeth into the perfect treat. Give into the sugar craving for your next creative party adventure with a retro twist! With numerous vendors of old-school candies, your options are nearly […]

Tented Event Tips: Get Matched With the Perfect Wedding Tent

When you plan a wedding, it’s great to find inspiration from magazines, Pinterest, and all the weddings you’ve attended. But don’t get so caught up in someone else’s vision that you forget about your own needs and style. The wedding tent is the first visual that your guests will have of your wedding. Make sure […]

How to Control the Mood of Your Party with Music?

It is possible to boost your mood and improve overall happiness just by what music you listen to? Consider how you can alter the atmosphere of your next event with some rock ‘n roll tunes! Colorado Party Rentals shows you how! How Music Affects Your Party A recent study at the University of Missouri has […]

Tented Event Tips: Big Outdoor Event DIY Guide

To DIY your next big outdoor tented event, you’re going to need three things: time, patience, and a little help from your friends at Colorado Party Rentals. Acting as your event planner can keep your budget in check, but you need to plan meticulously so that your DIY ambitions doesn’t affect your event. Our first […]

Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring Party Themes

We may still have a month till spring officially arrives, but as soon as February ends, all eyes are on the upcoming blooming season. When the seasons change, so do the party themes and trends. As we move towards spring we are moving away from the earthy, rustic, and natural colors and decorations that were […]

What You Need to Throw a Birthday Party for a Toddler

If you’re going to celebrate your kid’s first birthday with pomp and circumstance, make sure you rent furniture that is fitting a party for toddlers. Planning a birthday party for your toddler requires a few extra items. With a house full of toddlers, you’re going to need to rent high chairs and booster seats. Preparing for […]

Planning a Dainty Baby Shower Tea Party

Celebrate a new beginning for your friends and loved ones with this chic baby shower idea! Plan a tea party and invite your guests to join you for a lovely afternoon with a few delicate touches of style. Whether you are celebrating the arrival of a little girl or a little boy, the party is for […]

Everything Needed to Make Your Wedding Kid-Friendly

A wedding is about joining two families. That includes the kids.  Here’s everything you need to make your wedding kid-friendly, without compromising on the decorations, theme, and elegance. Kids at the Wedding One of the many decisions you have to make when you plan a wedding is whether to allow kids. Deciding to make your […]

Wedding Invitation Etiquette 101

Invitations Set the Tone for the Wedding Regardless of what type of invitation you want, the etiquette rules remain the same. Your wedding invitation is designed to let you showcase your unique style and give guests some insight into what to expect. Personalized Wedding Invites Make sure to create a cordial invitation that allows your personality to […]

Turn Your Home into the Perfect Event Venue

Throwing a house party can be a lot of fun, but before the guests arrive you need to arrange your home, so there are a natural flow and direction for the crowd. Otherwise, everyone will end up in the kitchen, or bunched around the snack table. If you don’t direct the flow of your guests, […]

Succeed at Corporate Event Planning

There are many types of corporate events. You may need to plan a conference, a trade show, or an employee event. At Colorado Party Rentals, we work together with event planners and local businesses to ensure their corporate events get everything they require to run smoothly. Planning a business event can become especially stressful, as you […]

The Table Shape Will Set the Tone at Your Next Event

How you set up your tables at the next event will have a lot to do with the overall ambiance. Set up tables to make the best use of the space available, but also keep critical elements in mind. Your guests, servers, and workers should have room to move around. Each table will say something […]

Plan Your Next Big Event Under a Tent

Outdoor Events Are More Fun Under a Tent Whether you are planning a large or even small corporate event, you want to get your employees outside and away from the office environment. Choosing a prominent location like a national park or premier venue is a wise choice, but if you are not able to accommodate […]

Colorado Party Rentals Makes it Easy for Party Planners to Impress Clients

Every party planner needs assistance. Working with the team at Colorado Party Rentals is like having a bunch of assistants that up to date on the latest party and event trends. We’ll help you impress clients, keep down costs, and give you a wide selection of products to meet all of your party planning needs. […]

Add Rustic Charm to Your Modern Event

We may still not be able to travel back in time, but we can slow it down long enough to savor the moment. The good old times is a memory of a time long passed when things just seemed simpler. Even in the modern age of technology and instant everything, looking back and romanticizing about the old […]

Rent Technical, Practical, and Decorative Equipment for Your Trade Show

Putting on a large industry event or trade show is a great way to make your mark in your industry. By taking a leadership role, you will raise the profile of your company, as well as give you the opportunity to network with bigger industry titans and newcomers. However, there are many logistics that go […]

Easy Steps to a Couples Only Valentine’s Day Dinner Party

We hope you’ve rested well in January after the holiday festivities. But once January is gone, we are instantly becoming aware of February’s most celebrated day – Valentine’s Day. Do you have something unique in mind for your special someone? Perhaps, skip the fancy restaurants (that will mostly be crowded that day), and enjoy a more intimate romantic dinner […]

Face to Face Company Meetings Are Becoming More Special and Elaborate

Weekly team meetings are a thing of the past; bi-annual company events are the future. Whether you operate a big corporation or a small business, the chances are that a large portion of your employees is working remotely. Technology has made it easier to be far apart, yet still work closely together. That means that […]

DOs and DON’Ts for Hosting a Winning Super Bowl Party!

It’s Almost Super Bowl Time! Know how to host the perfect party for your diehard Denver football fans. It only comes once a year; you can’t cut corners on this one! Avoid a major fumble with a few tips with the best football beverages and snacks to serve as well! Super Bowl Party DOs Vary […]

Preparing a Tent for Your Winter Wedding

The snow-covered winter scenery of Colorado is a coveted backdrop for any wedding. Don’t let the winter months dissuade you from having an outdoor wedding. All you have to do is to prepare your tent to handle the winter weather for a dream outdoor winter wedding. Outdoor winter wedding The trick to having an outdoor […]

Concessions & Games For Your Events

Bring More Fun and Entertainment to Your Events From time to time, what makes an event complete, especially a themed event is a product that will either be a stamp of time, a game, or a source of entertainment. We love putting together themed events and will help you choose the right products. Here are some […]

Menu Guide: The Perfect Wine and Food Match (Part 2)

Fine-Dine Guide A few days ago, we introduced you to the basics of pairing wine with food. Today we’ll move on to the specifics and give you some practical advice and examples with specific wines. Before we go on with some examples, you should know that there is no definite limit in the creativity of matching. […]

Post Wedding To-Dos

Once the bride and groom are back from their honeymoon and settled in their new home, there are still a few post-wedding tasks pending. The To-dos Thank your providers: Each of the people who participated in the wedding and put their heart and soul into your event. If you were impressed by the work of any […]

Menu Guide: The Perfect Wine and Food Match (Part 1)

The Perfect Wine Match for Your Food Whether you are having a family party, engagement party or even corporate dinner – wine is almost always present, along with some food. Cooked or as a cocktail food, these bites must be complemented with the proper sip for the palate. Here’s a guide that will help you pair the […]

Planning Your Corporate Event!

Pulling together an event takes a lot of coordination and forethought. Putting together a memorable event that builds key relationships takes even more effort. Whether it’s a conference, corporate event, seminar, or customer appreciation event, Colorado Party Rentals can help with the details to make it a success! Check out these tips for organizing successful […]

How to Make Your Next Winter Party More Cozy?

When it comes to winter parties, it’s all about making it as cozy as possible. The cold temperatures outside mean you need to add a bit more warmth to the inside. Nothing gives you that warm and comfy feeling like adding cozy elements to your next winter party. Cozy Winter Party Ideas No one knows […]

Planning an Outdoor Winter Party

When you live in Colorado, you don’t hide from the cold, you bundle up and take on the winter season with enthusiasm and pride. That includes throwing outdoor winter parties, taking advantage of a gorgeous backdrop of the snow-covered landscape. Winter Themed Outdoor Parties From kids birthday parties to anniversaries, or a fun BBQ in […]

Choosing Between Stone and Porcelain Dinnerware for Your Next Event

How you will set the table has a significant impact on the ambiance of your next party. Whether you’re creating a table setting fit for a glamorous wedding or an intimate dinner party, the dinnerware you choose will have a significant impact on the entire theme of the event. Here are the tones and moods created […]

Winter Party Hot Chocolate Bar

It’s the challenge of every party planner during winter months: how to keep your guests warm and comfortable?  Even a short outdoor cocktail hour can have guests feeling chilled and looking for a warm place indoors to shake off the winter air. Need some winter party planning ideas? For your next winter event, try serving […]

Bridal Shower in Winter

Bridal showers are, in fact, all-season events. And as the season’s trends and circumstances vary, here are some suggestions for creating cozy and fun bridal showers in winter! Tea Parties and Treats for a Warm Winter Bridal Shower Tea parties usually make you think of spring and flowers; however, Colorado Party Rentals turns this epic […]

Make Your Special Event A Success!

Are you planning a special event for 2019? Is the new year already starting at a fast pace? It doesn’t matter if you need help with the final details or if you need assistance from the very beginning stages of the planning. Don’t worry; give us a call, and we will be there for you.   […]

5 Winter Wedding Myths

Busting Winter Wedding Myths Admittedly winter season has started to become a more popular wedding season. And how could it not? All those white mountain tops set the scenery to a spectacular backdrop to hold your wedding ceremony. There is something that is dreamy about saying your vows while it slowly starts snowing. But despite all of […]

Creative Winter Centerpieces for Your Tablescapes

Winter calls for some extra creativity when designing tablescapes. When you need a little inspiration for your next party or gathering, look no further. We have a reference for quick and easy winter centerpieces. Creative Winter Centerpieces 1. Glass Jar Illumination: Take four to five clear jars or vases of varying heights. These can be […]

Right Dance Floor for Your Party

Having a party with some good music? Yay, you must be really excited about cheerful moods and dancing! Arranging a party or special event is a project where each detail is essential for the desired outcome – a hassle-free, successfully organized party. Whether it’s organizing a wedding, hosting a corporate party, celebrating an anniversary, you […]

Make Your New Year’s Resolutions Count

Aim for New Year’s Resolutions that have meaning and purpose Everyone has kept and broken New Year’s resolutions many times throughout their lives. Most of us can’t even remember them all. The problem is that the vast majority of people don’t take the time to analyze their New Year’s resolutions thoroughly, and a lot of the […]

Are You Throwing a Last-Minute Party? Quick, Read These Tips!

As with many things in life, parties and events may come unplanned or on short notice. And if you happen to be the host, then the rush is double for you. But don’t panic, since you are here with the party pros, we give you some smart, easy tips to throw a party. Last-Minute Party […]

Perfect Style of Plate for Every Party

If you’re planning a big event or party where you’re serving a sit-down dinner, the table setting needs to draw the eye and enhance the overall party experience. Of course, there are a few aspects to consider when choosing the perfect plates for your party. Yes, even a simple plate can make a bold statement. […]

Warm Glow for Your Next Event – Using Candles for Decoration

Be it Winter or Summer – Candles Bring the Warm Glow For your next event, consider bringing a warm glow to the atmosphere by using only candles to decorate. It may feel against the flow to use only candles instead of flowers. It’s true that flowers are a staple in a party and event decor and […]

Creating Your Own Family Traditions!

Create Family Memories For Life! We have one chance in life to leave a legacy for our children. One of the legacies you leave are the memories made along the way. Colorado Party Rentals is in the business of creating memories, celebrating people, accomplishments, and once in a lifetime events, such as weddings and graduations. […]

Inspirational Color Schemes for Wedding Parties (Part 2)

After last week’s post, we continue with giving you some fresh ideas about creating a color palette for your special day. We hope you’ll find some inspiration and begin with planning your wedding decor. Lavender and Purple    A comeback of this popular tone is on the rise. The accent will be more on the […]

Set the Tone with a Wedding Cocktail Hour

  When you plan a wedding, you think about the ceremony, the reception, and the dancing. However, right after the ceremony and just before the reception, there’s that hour or so where your guests are gathering, but aren’t ready to sit down to dinner. To create a great flow on your wedding day, allowing for […]

Inspirational Color Schemes for Wedding Parties (Part 1)

When it comes to parties, and weddings, in particular, people ponder upon the theme. But this time, we will skip the traditional theme subject and will suggest thinking regarding colors – and what they inspire within you. It is also, much easier to start with this when planning – and the idea for a theme […]

Ways to Decorate With Christmas Garland

Get your home ready for celebrating a cozy Christmas this week! Here are four ways you can creatively use greenery to decorate for your holiday parties! Incorporate It Into Your Home There are probably more spots than you realize for adding this festive greenery to your holiday décor. Think outside the box and hang it over […]

Essential Rentals For A Winter Party

The winter season brings different impressions to different people. Some enjoy the snow and the winter landscapes outside, others like the sweater-weather only inside by a crackling fireplace, while others, count down the days till spring. But luckily, parties are not limited to seasons, so in case you have one to plan and organize soon, these […]

Planning a Very “You” Wedding (Part 2)

Welcome to our follow-up post on how to plan a wedding that is representative of you as a couple. Check out the previous three tips we presented on starting the planning process. 4. Narrow Down Your Style Now that you’ve gone through the process of dreaming big and getting inspiration (in the previous post), it […]

Birthday During the Holidays? Here’s What to Do (and What Not to Do)

If your child has arrived in this world during the most special time of the year, then surely that must have been the most precious gift you’ve ever got. But kids themselves often do not share the same joy as you do regarding their “holiday“ birthday. From their perspective, everyone is either busy and focused […]

Planning a Very “You” Wedding (Part 1)

You might have imagined the Day long before the proposal, but now as this big day is getting real (and probably scheduled), it suddenly doesn’t seem so simple. So, you are feeling overwhelmed about how to make your wedding day represent your style as a couple. Start by looking at the big picture and determining […]

Last Minute Christmas Planning Tips

The Holiday season may catch any of us super-busy, thus delaying or postponing the preparation for the festive activities. We get it, it’s the year’s finale, and things may get hectic at work around this time. But you still want to prepare and celebrate Christmas beautifully decorated, in a joyful and relaxed manner. Here are […]

Family Christmas Party Ideas

Family Christmas party tips for an unforgettable holiday “Christmas is not a time nor a season, but a state of mind. To cherish peace and goodwill, to be plenteous in mercy, is to have the real spirit of Christmas.” -Calvin Coolidge Christmas can often add a little stress and craziness to our daily routine – […]

Celebrate New Year’s Eve in Your Own Way

Welcome the New Year Having Your Own Special Party New Year’s Eve is the loudest night in the year around the globe. With public celebrations in every place and town, restaurants, clubs, and bars counting the last moments of the old year and happily cheering for the new one. Best wishes and new hopes are expressed […]

Ideas for the Holiday Dinner Party Season

The Holiday Season is the time when we gather more. Even with busy schedules, we make time during the holidays to gather together. With a busy life and family schedules, who has time to plan a dinner party? Gathering with your friends and family can be easy this season with a few tips from the Party […]

Choose Beautiful Flatware For Your Party

How to Select Flatware For Your Event or Party? Among tableware, linens, and glassware, flatware is an essential aesthetic and practical component to “round up“ the tablescape.  While many refer to it as silverware, in present days flatware is made of stainless steel, and rarely contains any silver (unless it’s specified so). Flatware should match […]

3 Winter-Themed Kids’ Birthday Party Ideas!

Technically, it is still Fall, and the snow is not on the horizon yet. Still, it is not early to start planning your kid’s birthday which happens to be in winter. And, we’re pretty sure they are excited even now for that special day in the next month or two. Of course, kids have their […]

Hot Drinks for Winter Gatherings and How to Serve Them

You may now miss the refreshing summer cocktails that you were sipping under the shade in your backyard, but instead of feeling nostalgic for the summer, let go and give in to the warm delicious treats which are created perfectly to help you face the winter. Warm Your Body (and Soul) with These Delicious Hot Drinks […]

Easy Winter Tablescapes

Winter is a time of simplistic beauty. The color palette is simplified, and beauty comes in unexpected shapes and textures. When decorating, you may be tempted to avoid winter themes because nature turns brown and blah.  Lively Tablescapes in Winter are Easy with Attention to a Few Simple Details 1. Use natural elements. Dried branches, […]

We Have the Right Equipment to Keep Your Guests Warm

Best Equipment to Keep Your Guests Warm We want to enjoy outdoor living in any season, but winter can be a bit challenging in doing so unless you are doing some winter sports. But we are talking parties here, so that involves little sport or movement. Well, unless you dance hard all the time with […]

Having A Kid-Friendly Wedding Reception!

For the most part, adults are pretty easily entertained; provide drinks, throw in a dance floor, and they’ll party like it’s 1999. Their juniors, on the other hand, are another story. What to do with the wee ones? Some entertaining activities need to be provided for the little ones too – and rightfully so. If they have […]

Reasons For A Winter Wedding

In a month, winter will officially arrive – the festive times will keep people busy while shopping and preparing for Christmas and New Year’s Eve. But once December ends, all seems to settle down and holiday crowds are less likely. Why not do your wedding then? Here are several reasons for having a wedding in winter. […]

Think Outside the Fundraising Box

Bring Fundraising Events to Life By finding new and innovative ways to attract new audiences to your fundraising event, you can spice things up a bit. Consider changing venues to a location a little less formal or outside underneath of a beautiful tent. Planning is crucial when it comes to your big event. Consider the […]

Planning Your Corporate Holiday Party

If you are planning a holiday party for your hard-working employees, we suggest following these guidelines for a fun and stress-free corporate holiday party. Smart Guideline to Company Holiday Parties We know it is always a rush at the end of the year workwise, and on top of that, there are the corporate holiday parties […]

Tents For Every Occasion

Our climate in Colorado offers many beautiful days. However, along with the good comes the bad. Rain and even sun can put quite the damper on an open-air event. Tents and canopies can save the day. Colorado Party Rentals offers many sizes of tents with a variety of applications. Include your 300 closest friends and family under the […]

Party Rentals People Typically Forget

At this time of year, we know your brain is being pulled in a million directions. Planning a holiday party is just one more thing on your plate. With so many things on your to-do list, it’s easy for some things to fall through the cracks. To help you out, here are the top three […]

Hosting Your Holiday Event Stress-Free

Hosting Stress-Free Holiday Parties! It’s doable! Holiday parties are around the corner!  Tis the season now to learn the secrets for hosting a party stress-free. Colorado Party Rentals has a few tips to host the party of the year and not lose your mind over it. Trust us; it is totally doable! Master To-Do List […]

Best Way to Serve Guests at the Next Corporate Event

Whether you believe in Santa or not, ‘tis the season’ to celebrate. Treating both your clients and employees to a big end-of-the-year bash to say thank you for another successful year will finish the season off in style, and set the tone for the new year. Before you go to the party supply shop, you […]

Setting Your Thanksgiving Dinner Table

  Turkey Day is on the way, and you want the house to feel warm and welcoming. This time of year, it’s hard to enter a store without seeing loads of orange and yellow decor lining the aisles. You could certainly grab a few stuffed pumpkins and throw down a leafy print tablecloth, but why go […]

Rental Equipment for Any Wedding Food Service Style

There is a lot that goes into planning a wedding, but one of the biggest pieces of the wedding pie is the wedding food. Today’s weddings aren’t just about choosing between a sit-down dinner or a buffet. People are getting very creative with various wedding food service styles, and every style is going to need different […]

Rent Extra Chairs, Tables, and Tableware for the Holiday

The holidays are about gathering everyone you love and eating ‘til you drop. If your holiday feasts grow bigger and bigger each year, you’ll need extra tables, chairs, and tableware. Find things that match your style and the holiday spirit. Match your interior decor Not everyone has room to store extra tables and chairs to bring out […]

Create A Mini Bar At Home

We love how chic home minibars can be! You won’t even need a party to enjoy this one; it can provide the perfect nightcap after a long day of work. Or maybe even over your lunch break. It’s 5:00 somewhere, right? Choose the Spot Just as location is key in real estate, so it is […]

Lighting to Create the Perfect Holiday Party Ambiance

Lighting is everything. You don’t need a lot of decorations for your holiday party when you have the right light. Set the right tone and create the perfect holiday party ambiance with lighting. Lighting Your Holiday Party Holiday decorations are a big part of creating the atmosphere for a holiday party, but once you have […]

Fall Event Decor Tips

As soon as November hits, the pumpkins come and out and the red leaves scatter our tables. While fall has some of the most apparent natural themes, you aren’t stuck with just red and orange at this time of year. Here are three fall decor tips that will keep your event exciting and beautiful without […]

Essentials For Setting Up Your Holiday Party Bar

Once a year we allow ourselves to eat, drink and be merry. If you want to create holiday cheer, you need to give your holiday party guests something to cheer with and about. Having a bar set-up at your holiday party is the gift that keeps on giving. Here are the essentials you need to […]

No Event Is Too Big or Too Small For Colorado Party Rentals

At Colorado Party Rentals, we have an extensive selection of china and linens, tables and chairs, and all the décor that go along with the perfect table setting for your next dinner party! It’s in the Details Many small details go into throwing the perfect dinner party. Usually, a dinner party tends to be more […]

Planning A Styled Wedding Shoot to Break Into the Wedding Planning Industry

When you are just starting as a wedding planner, you need to get a portfolio to show to clients. But, when you haven’t had any clients, it’s hard to get a portfolio of your work. Therefore, you need to arrange a styled wedding shoot to give clients an idea of your creativity and vision. Building a […]

Commonly Missed Party Planning Details

When you are getting close to the date of an event or party you are planning; it’s not uncommon to have that Home Alone feeling. No, not the one where the kid realizes that he’s home alone, the one where the mom is on the plane with a nagging feeling that something is missing. The […]

Boo! The Holiday Season is Frighteningly Close

Fall is a scary time of year, and not just because Halloween is right around the corner, but because we’re getting dangerously close to the holiday season and you feel like you just got back from summer vacation! If you’re wondering how 2018 flew by so fast, you’re not alone, but we don’t have time to […]

Backyard Parties in Fall and Winter? Yes, it’s possible!

You may wish you were floating in a pool with a cold drink in your hand, but the seasons have changed, and so has our entertaining. We may need to take extra caution with an outdoor party in cold weather, but we don’t have to stay huddled up inside all season long! Try a few of […]

How to Throw a Chic, Intimate Bridal Shower Without Blowing the Budget?

Planning a bridal shower doesn’t have to be a big and expensive affair. You can create a simple, elegant, and intimate bridal shower setting with just a few small tricks. The day should be about celebrating the bride or the couple, so focus on them, and the rest will follow. Planning the Bridal Shower As […]

Turn Your Tent Rental Into Something Spectacular!

Renting a tent this fall for your event? Want to make it spectacular? Colorado Party Rentals shows a few ways to turn your basic tent into a custom and unique representation of your event. See ways you can decorate the ceiling of your tent to make your statement! Draping One of the easiest ways to […]

Throwing an Unforgettable Office Party on a Budget

Keeping your employees happy is one of the most critical aspects of running a successful business. A small business doesn’t always have the budget to lavish the employees with expensive holiday gifts, bonuses, and extravagant parties. However, there are plenty of ways to throw an unforgettable office party on a budget. Office Party Ideas Treating […]

Not Sure What to Wear to the Wedding?

Wedding Dress Code 101 As a guest at a wedding, one of the questions that inevitably runs through your mind is: What to wear for that particular wedding?  There are often a lot of stipulations when it comes to what to wear to a wedding. Don’t overdo it. Don’t wear white, cream, or eggshell. To […]

Getting Your Wedding Rentals to the Venue on Time

It takes a village to create the perfect wedding, and it’s up to you to keep track of all the villagers and their duties so the wedding goes off without a hitch. Coming up with the ideas, planning the decorations, and creating the perfect menu are a big part of the wedding planning process, but […]

How to Choose the Right Wedding Planner?

Are you still reliving the moment? The moment he popped the question… and your world changed! You’ve set the date, and plans are already being made. Right about now, you may be feeling a little dizzied by all that comes with a new engagement. Even if you imagine a simple 50-guest, barefoot, beach-side wedding, the details […]

Must Have Serving Equipment for a Wedding Buffet

A beautiful wedding reception needs to have an equally beautiful buffet table. A buffet-style wedding reception needs to blend seamlessly with the rest of your decor. It’s easy to match the linens and the decorations, but the serving equipment should also be complementary to the rest of the decor. Matching Wedding Buffet Equipment A buffet-style […]

Tips for Styling a Vintage Wedding

Now that you know you wish to have a vintage style wedding, you need to work out the details to make it happen. The basics of vintage revolve around antique details, lace, and some weathered accents. The key to pulling off beautiful vintage decor is to style old-world elements in such a way that the venue […]

Rent Every Style of China, Flatware, and Stemware for the Perfect Table Setting

Whether it’s a business dinner or your dream wedding, the table setting is a huge part of the overall decor and ambiance. If food is involved, you want to make sure that your table setting matches the theme and the mood of the event. At Colorado Party Rentals, we have the finest selection of china, […]

Everything You Need For Your Wedding

Planning your wedding is easier with an expert by your side Weddings are one of the most important days in anyone’s life, but the preparation requires a lot of planning and attention to details. Flower arrangements, table setting, food menu, guest list, lighting, music, rentals – there is so much to think about. When you hire Colorado Party […]

Making a Great Impression as a First Time Caterer

To be a successful caterer you need delicious food, but we all eat with our eyes first. When it comes to a catered event, make your presentation as spectacular as the cuisine. Renting the catering equipment you need for each event can help you make a great impression as you build your client base. Catering […]

The Preliminary Steps to Planning a Wedding

Everyone has imagined the perfect wedding, so why is it so hard to plan? If marriage were an individual sport, it would be easy, because all you’d have to do is come up with the money and then get to work planning out everything you ever dreamed of. However, marriage is a team sport, so […]

Protect Your Outdoor Fall Party From Temperamental Fall Weather

We’re coming up on the fall season, which brings a whole new color scheme and ideas for decorating your outdoor wedding or celebration. Taking a page from the seasons is a timeless way to decorate your venue. However, with the fall season, you have to be mindful of the weather. Here are some of the […]

Why Hire Colorado Party Rentals For Your Next Event?

The success of every event is in the planning stage When you start to think about an event, there are so many things that come to mind: decoration, food, location, invitations, equipment (tents, dance floors, chairs), glassware, and the list goes on and on. Of course, you want all these components and key details to […]

Lighting to Enhance the Style of Your Wedding

Lighting is everything, especially when it comes to your wedding. Your wedding is going to produce photographs that you want to cherish forever and share on every social media platform. There are many styles of lighting, so be sure to rent lighting to match the style of your wedding. Finding your lighting style Lighting is […]

Throw An Impromptu Party!

Fall is almost here, but there are still plenty of sunny days to celebrate. Learn how to throw a last minute party with finesse!  Colorado Party Rentals tells you how with a few tips on spontaneous parties!  If all you have is a week or two, this is what you do to throw a party with […]

How Much Space Should You Allow For the Dance Floor at Your Wedding?

What’s a wedding without dancing? If you want people to dance, you need to give people the space to dance. While you’re dealing with your table settings and decorations, don’t forget to figure in the right size dance floor. The Size of Your Dance Floor A slow dance will require less space than bustin’ a […]

Choosing Linens and Dishware for Your Party

When you plan a party, there’s no limit to the ideas that you come up with. Depending on the type of party to the types of guests to the occasion you are celebrating, there are obvious decorating choices. However, isn’t it time to think outside the box? Not every wedding has to be white, and […]

What You Can Expect From Colorado’s Finest Event Rental Company

We are more than just an event rental company, we take care of our clients from delivery to pick-up. When we are not impressing clients with our service and attention to detail, we are continually educating ourselves on the latest trends in event planning, decorations, and trends. From the finest inventory to the most knowledgeable […]

Highlight Your Sense of Style in Your Fall Wedding

Fall season is a pretty charming one – and so should be your wedding day! At Colorado Party Rentals, we strive to keep our variety of rental items up to date with current wedding trends. We attend national wedding conferences to see what’s hot in all regions of the country, follow wedding blogs and forums, […]

Making Your Remote Outdoor Wedding Ceremony Picture Perfect

Colorado has some of the most scenic outdoor wedding venues in the world. With couples wanting something that is exclusive and personal, many are looking outside of traditional wedding venues and choosing remote, yet breathtaking locations to take their vows. Before your remote wedding ceremony fantasy comes true, you need to think ahead and take […]

10 Creative Touches for a Fall Barn Wedding

The fall season is still a great time of year to continue to entertain outdoors. Fall weddings are spectacular with the addition of natures brilliant colors all around. Planning a fall barn wedding can be simple with a few creative touches. Here is a list of 10 creative touches that can take your barn wedding […]

Finding Your Personal Styles for the Perfect Wedding

Weddings are all about creating a feeling. Couples are choosing their wedding decor based on their personal style, and not what the traditional wedding picture looks like. Although white is still the dominating color, it is not color that is dictating the style that couples love. Before we start to help you put together your […]

5 Tips for the Newly Engaged

The most romantic part is over. Now comes the hard work and planning the wedding. Where do you start? Wedding planning is fun and far from impossible, but between all the money, people, and emotions, it can turn a little problematic. For that reason, we want to give 5 tips to consider right after getting engaged. […]

Three Ways to Make Friends and Family an Intimate Part of Your Wedding

Your wedding day is all about you. That’s what we’re told, at least. But, the latest wedding trend is to make the wedding about everybody, not just the happy couple. Here are three creative ways to make your friends and family an intimate part of your wedding. Catering to Your Quests Of course, a wedding should be […]

4 Tips for Planning Your Fall Wedding

How to prevent common fall wedding mishaps? Fall weddings are so popular for good reasons: the red and golden leaves create amazing photo backgrounds and the summer heat is gone, so your guests won’t be sweating in their formal attire. However, this popular wedding season also has some obstacles that, if not planned correctly, can […]

Making Sure You Get the Right Style of Flatware for Your Wedding

Every little detail counts when you plan a wedding, including the style of flatware. The reception table is going to be one of the most photographed elements at your wedding, so you want to make every element count by enhancing the overall vision. Flatware at the wedding If you are having a sit-down reception, how […]

Find Your Colorado Wedding Style!

What’s Your Wedding Style? When planning a wedding, you want it to exhibit a flair all your own. There are numerous wedding styles and venues to choose from, and it is so easy to get inspired. But which one fits your personality the best? Discover your wedding style today with help from Colorado Party Rentals to […]

Choosing the Right Style of Chair for Your Wedding

If there’s one thing you’re going to need a lot of for your wedding, it’s chairs. Between the ceremony and the reception, you may need twice as many chairs as you thought. You may even need a few extra, depending on the setup of your wedding. Since there are so many chairs at a wedding, […]

3 Modern Wedding Styles

If there’s anything ever-changing about weddings, it’s the style trends What is “hot” today may be considered cliché and boring in eight years, and four years ago what may have been considered as a non-traditional wedding (like a vintage style) might have become common. So, let’s talk about three wedding trends that have us dreaming […]

Things to Consider Before Renting a Tent for an Outdoor Wedding

Once you find that perfect outdoor location for your wedding, it’s time to think about the type of tent you’re going to need. A tented wedding will give you the best of both worlds. Find the natural backdrop you want for your outdoor wedding, and rent a wedding tent to create an “indoor” venue on-site. However, […]

Ending Summer with a Bash!

The hot summer days are winding down, and school vacation is over for many. Advertisements abound for back to school sales, and everyone knows the carefree days of extra daylight and weekends at the lake or beach are about to be put on hold for another year. Kids and adults alike need a chance to enjoy the […]

Tie the Knot in Style With The Finest Wedding Equipment in the Region

Creating the perfect wedding means taking creative control of every element, from the big items to the little details. We’ve got the broadest range of equipment in the region, allowing you to choose from the finest tents and wedding rentals. It’s no wonder Colorado Party Rentals was picked as 2018 Best of Weddings Winner by […]

Wedding Invitation Etiquette

Many details go into planning a wedding, but in the end, until you have the final headcount, it’s hard to finalize any of your plans. Before you get too involved in planning all the finer details of your wedding, you need to finalize the guest list, send out invitations, and wait for the RSVPs. When […]

Work Backwards to Create Your Dream Wedding

There are so many little details that go into making a wedding come together. When it comes to creating your dream wedding, the best way to make it all come true is to start with the complete vision, and then work backward. That’s where Colorado Party Rentals come in; we can help you dissect your […]

8 Fun Summer Family Party Planning Ideas for Kids and Adults

Party planners have their work cut out for them when it comes to planning an event that flows seamlessly between adults and children alike. We want our adult guests to enjoy the event without the constant worry about where the kids are and what they are doing. At the same time, we don’t want to […]

Take Decorative and Creative Control of Your Wedding Venue

Looking for the perfect wedding venue is often one of the hardest parts of planning a wedding. The perfect wedding venue needs to check all the boxes. The venue will be the foundation for the most magical day of your life, so make sure it can live up to all of your wedding day dreams. […]

3 More Tips to Help You Achieve the Wedding Photography Style of Your Dreams!

When it comes to preserving memories, nothing could be more precious than your wedding day! Choosing the right wedding photographer can be easy with these simple tips to help you achieve the style and look you’ve been dreaming of! In our previous post, we began with three simple tips to help establish a style. In […]

Rent Picnic Tables and Linens For a Simple and Successful Birthday Party in the Park

You can barely throw a rock in Colorado without hitting a park, so it makes sense to take advantage of these gorgeous public spaces for your kids birthday party. Fresh air, free entertainment, and beautiful surroundings are the perfect ingredients for a successful kid party. However, you can make the birthday party even more stress-free […]

Your Guide to Renting a Tent for Any Event!

A tent makes it possible to have a party, event, or wedding nearly anywhere! Are you planning a breathtaking lakeside reception? No problem! Rent a tent and your party is on the way. One of the most common questions we hear at Colorado Party Rentals is, “Do I really need a tent?” We agree with most […]

The Latest Baby Shower Trend is to Break With Tradition

When it comes to a baby shower, the rules are changing. Baby showers are no longer showered in pinks and blues. The latest baby shower trend is to break with tradition. Traditional Baby Showers The only rule that you have to follow is throwing a shower that represents the parents-to-be. When you throw a baby […]

3 Tips to Create Your Own Unique Wedding Photography Style!

A Wedding Photography Style That Reflects Your Story!  Not every wedding is the same! As well as, not all couples are the same. However, not every photographer is the same either! Before you book your photographer or team of photographers just because they were highly recommended, check out these important tips on wedding photography style! Three […]

Wedding Rentals for a Rustic and Romantic Wedding

No matter what the season, the rustic style wedding is still one of the major wedding themes we see lately. Rustic wedding decor symbolizes sustainability and romance. Using the harvest of the season and the colors of nature are the keys to the rustic style wedding. What Makes a Wedding Style Rustic? When something is […]

Make Your Next Corporate Event Social Media Ready

One of the biggest corporate party trends have nothing to do with your decorations or your party theme, it has to do with technology. More precisely, live and streaming videos. That means that every aspect of your party is going to be Memorexed, not on tape like in the old days, but on every social […]

How to Throw a Last-Minute Party in 7 Easy Steps?

If you happen to forget an upcoming important birthday, and now you’re scrambling to throw something together that doesn’t say “afterthought”, no worries! You can still pull off a great event for some close friends and family, making that special someone feel like a priority! The good news is that you can count on Colorado […]

Summer Wedding Originality With a Personalized Vintage Theme

IDEAS FOR VINTAGE STYLE Retro, shabby chic, vintage…whatever you call it, it’s a cool wedding theme and a great excuse to be creative! For instance, you can send out letterpressed invitations, arrive in a camper van and treat your guests to cupcakes as a vintage alternative to the traditional wedding cake. Mismatch your china and […]

Taking the Stress and the Pressure Off Of Hosting a Kids Party

Although the idea of a kids party is a lot of fun, hosting the party comes with an incredible amount of stress. The pressure to throw a party that will make a memorable impact on your kid, creating fantastic childhood memories, coupled with the stress of organizing can be tough on parents. Colorado Party Rentals […]

Wedding Guest Etiquette

Today, we are sharing some general tips for wedding etiquette for all guests. Keep in mind that everyone is different, and no wedding is the same as another. Some of these may be obvious, but knowing them can ensure that you help to make the life of the bride and groom easier and happier. RSVP  It’s […]

3 Considerations Before Choosing Your Glassware

  Glassware comes in an endless variety of styles, so don’t assume you need to stick with classic shapes. Whether modern, architectural, traditional, stemmed, or stemless, your glassware reflects your personal style. So look for what speaks to you at the rental vendor, and don’t be afraid to choose glasses that toast your individuality as […]

Rent Practical and Decorative Supplies for Your Kids Birthday Party

Get all the practical and decorative supplies for your kids birthday party. Whether you’re doing an indoor or outdoor kids party, we’ve got everything you need to make the whole day stress free. Our party specialists will help you put everything together for an unforgettable kids birthday party. Kids birthday supplies We’ve got everything from […]

Colorado Party Rentals in Denver Solves Your Catering Needs

  There’s nothing wrong with needing help for your event! When you are planning the food and drinks of any event, it is very important to have expert advice that takes into consideration the many not-so-obvious catering planning needs that are usually and easily overlooked, if you’re not used to event planning. To help ensure a successful […]

3 Summer Wedding Food Tips from Colorado Party Rentals

As we are well into the summer season already, here are some more helpful tips for when the weather interferes with your perfect summer wedding. Be aware that the heat can do terrible things to some of your menu items, including making guests sick. So be sure that all seafood, cheese, and meats are stored […]

Give Your Outdoor Corporate Summer Party a Fun-Filled Festival Vibe

Turn your summer corporate party into a mini-festival. Rent all of your summer party essentials for a spectacular summer event. Bring all of your employees, investors, family, and friends to a big summer blow-out full of games, color, food, and entertainment. Creating a festival vibe for a corporate summer event A corporate summer party is […]

Special Event Rentals Near Denver

Have a special event you are planning in or around Denver? Colorado Party Rentals has everything you need to throw the perfect party. Today, we highlight a few of our favorite event equipment rentals for a successful, perfect event. From tents and china to tables and chairs, we have the basics and the extras! Below are […]

How to Throw the Best Engagement Party?

An engagement party is a fabulous way to show your support and joy for a newly engaged couple. There are numerous things you need to keep in mind when planning to throw an engagement party for your favorite couple. You surely want everything to run smoothly and to organize an event that the couple will […]

The Most Common Event Planning Mistakes are Easily Avoidable

There are a few event planning mistakes that we see over and over. Fortunately, knowing is half the battle and most of the mistakes are easily preventable. If you’ve got a big event coming up, use this list to avoid the most common event planning mistakes. Planning an Event There are so many little details […]

5 Tips for Getting Wedding Quotes

It is easy to make the best decision for event vendors when we receive quotes that go hand-in-hand with what you seek.  Getting quotes from companies can be a daunting task, and making calls and sending out emails can be difficult since the number of prices and options can cloud our minds and confuse us. […]

The Best Rental Company for You!

Colorado’s Premier Rental Company: The Best Rental Company For You!  Colorado Party Rentals offers the finest wedding, party, tent, and event rentals for your event! We provide superior, high-quality equipment, friendly and knowledgeable customer service, and prompt delivery with by a professional staff. No event is too big or small for our personalized attention. We […]

Provoking a Big Impact with Bold Colors for Your Event

Plan a Bold Color Scheme What better way to make a statement and set your event apart than with color? Today’s color and interior design trends allow us to pull off some themes and color choices that would have been a big no-no some years back! Mixing metals and various shades of pink and red […]

Outdoor Summer Events: Entertaining Guests in Your Backyard This Weekend?

These summertime backyard entertaining tips will make your 4th of July BBQ & other outdoors events a breeze! Summer is filled with activities, and chances are that one of those events will take place in your own backyard. Entertaining outdoors can mean endless trips in and out of the house for items you run out of or […]

Why Every Wedding Should Have a Rehearsal Party?

The Day Before The Wedding – the Second Most Important Day Your wedding should be the best day of your life. However, with a little extra party planning, the day before the wedding could be the second best day of your life. The rehearsal party may seem outdated, but there’s a very good reason for […]

Wedding Trends: Prioritizing Personal Details and Unique Guest Experiences

A recent survey of married couples shows where couples are prioritizing their wedding budget. Although the national average cost of a wedding has decreased slightly, weddings are still as spectacular as weddings past. Let’s see how many couples chose to spend their wedding budget. National average cost of a wedding The Knot recently surveyed nearly […]

The Ultimate Wedding Checklist Planning Guide, To Do 4 Months Ahead

Alright, you are just four months away from the Big Day. Colorado Party Rentals has the ultimate wedding planning checklist for coordinating your special day. In this post, we give the checklist for four months out, all the way to the special day!  Start Checking These Off Your List Four Months Ahead Book Rehearsal and Rehearsal […]

Healthy Party Foods To Party Without The Guilt

It’s springtime in Denver, which indicates summer is around the corner! We know what that means, dieting and watching calories to get in shape for summer. That’s all fine and good until you have a party to host. The last thing you want to do is worry about calories when you are throwing a party! […]

Engagement Photos That Tell a Story!

Staging your engagement photos takes thought and creativity. First, you want to choose a location that speaks to who you are as a couple. Then, you want to choose clothing that will enhance your shoot, instead of interfering. You can choose an award-winning photographer, have the perfect lighting, and breathtaking scenery, and still not capture […]

The Wedding Planner: Essential Wedding Table Decorations

When you plan a wedding there’s the overall theme and decor, and then there is the dinner table. The wedding table setting is one of the major elements in wedding planning, as this is where you and your guests will spend a good deal of time. As with anything, it’s the details that make the […]

Take the Stress Out of Party Planning

Party planning is often stressful and it can cost you money, especially if you have to be in charge of everything yourself, and are also limited to the things that you have on hand or can borrow. Sometimes when you plan a party alone, you end up with mismatched plates, decor, silverware, and glasses. Hiring a […]

How to Avoid these 2 Common Wedding Planning Mistakes?

Is It Possible to Stay Within the Wedding Budget? Newlywed couples are the best place to start when asking for advice on your wedding planning journey – most specifically, the bride! She tends to be the one to micromanage the details. The most common mistake that couples can make is not staying within their determined budget – […]

The Secret to Summer Party Smoothies

Smoothies Will Keep Your Guests Fresh in the Heat Slowly but steadily, temperatures are rising each day and give way to sunny outdoor parties. Late-spring and summer are for many, the best time to have a casual party, relaxing and mingling in the garden, preferably under shade (unless it’s an evening party). When a summer […]

Renting The Right Linen for Your Special Occasion

Any type of gathering is special. The materials you use to decorate will help complete your vision. Renting the right linens is a vital aspect, as linens are going to cover a large portion of your party. Linens are going to create a nice backdrop for your party, but they can also make a statement. […]

Party Expert Voice: Adult B-Day Event Tips

Grown-Ups Also Deserve (and Love!) Fabulous Birthday Parties When thinking about an adult birthday party, a lot of people think plain and simple. However, there are many cool ways to celebrate your loved ones and make the party stand out. We have some fun tips for your next party planning adventure. Choose a Cool Theme Think […]

The Wedding Planner: Essential Wedding Reception Decorations

Planning your own wedding is much easier when you are organized. Every wedding is a personal affair, so you always want to put little decorative touches that make it reflect you and your partner. However, there are always things that are true for every wedding. Here’s our list of essential wedding reception decorations. Decorations for […]

Party Expert Voice: Kids B-Day Party Tips

Kids birthday parties can sometimes be a little crazy, but truthfully, kids enjoy simple parties, as long as you keep their tastes and needs in mind. They just want to munch tasty food and have lots of fun. Involve Your Kid in the Planning Your kid should participate in the planning process. Have him or […]

Knowing When To Utilize Entertainers at Your Event!

Having a party near Denver, and need some ideas on how to fill the time? Colorado Party Rentals has a few ideas in entertainment for your event. Some events have no need for outside entertainment, however, for some events, this is a required necessary benefit to ensure a successful event.  How do you know if […]

Three Types of Tents That Make Your Outdoor Party a Complete Success

Our climate and spectacular outdoor scenery make outdoor parties an obvious choice. You can’t always count on the weather, though, so it’s important to think ahead. Renting a tent can give you relief from the hot sun, or coverage in case of a spontaneous rain cloud passing by. There are many ways you can use […]

Choosing a Wedding Theme – What Should You Consider?

You may begin by asking, “Is it even necessary to choose a theme? Can’t I just go with a few colors I like and call it quits?” The truth is that a theme will help with all of your planning. It will give you a direction when choosing flowers, table linens, music, and more! A […]

Centerpieces & Décor For Your Wedding

We understand that a wedding is a very special occasion in every couple’s life. We want to make everything revolve around their dreams and expectations. And to be able to do that, we need to get to know them well. What are the color palettes? Is there a specific theme? Does the couple like a classic, vintage, or […]

How to Throw the Best Bridal Shower?

Hosting a bridal shower for a newly-engaged couple can be a little scary. Where should you start? What’s the best way to serve the ones you love? So you go out on cyberspace to gather ideas. Pinterest, blogs, and Instagram are always a great place for inspiration. Let us help you do it the best way […]

Surprise Your Loved One with a Great Party

“There is nothing better than the face of excitement on someone who has been truly surprised.” Surprise parties are so popular even up to the date, so much so, that many times guests assume it is a surprise party even when it isn’t. This can regularly lead to confusion. Let us help you cover all […]

10 Steps to a Glamping Party That Will Keep Your Guests Talking!

“Glamping” Dinner Parties Can camping really be an entertaining event? The Answer is YES! If you aren’t familiar with the term glamping, you should be. Glamping is the name given to upscale camping. While you may not think that camping is anything to celebrate when you do it the glamour camping way… it is! And soon, […]

Make Your Fundraising Event Look Like a Million Bucks and Raise More Money

When you are hosting a fundraising event, the most important detail is to spend as little money as possible, while still creating an event where you can raise a lot of money. The venue, set-up, and atmosphere will make a big difference. The more unique and creative you can be, the more people will tend […]

Party Expert Voice: Gastronomy Event Tips

It Takes More Than Food to Succeed in a Gastronomy Fair Interested in making a gastronomy fair in your community? Let’s now go through the most important aspects you need for a successful food fair. Community Food Festivals are very popular, but they require a lot of experience and a very well-planned and clean execution. If […]

Great Tips For Choosing The Perfect Wedding Venue

You have been dreaming about your wedding for as long as you can remember and the day is finally around the corner. It’s time for the planning to begin. This will surely be one of the most exciting days of your life. But first, you have some big decisions to make. One of the first […]

Guilt Free and Eco-Friendly Flowers For Your Wedding Day

No matter the style of your wedding, there have to be flowers. With eco-consciousness being the height of fashion, infiltrating every aspect of our lives, many are looking for the most eco-friendly way to fill your wedding with flowers. Many mistakenly think that going green for your wedding means you have to design a rustic […]

Party Expert Voice: Corporate Event Tips

Learn How to Carry Out the Best Corporate Events How to excel at corporate events if you haven’t done any before? Here are important details you need to keep in mind when preparing for an executive event. 1. Create a Plan, Set Up Goals, and Measure Results When you are working with a corporate event, the […]

Great Wedding Video Tips

Everyone needs a wedding video! We know that photos do tell a story, but video depicts it even better. Aside from a good photographer, investing in a beautiful, well-done video of your wedding day is always a great idea! The wedding films of today are MUCH more than Uncle Bob standing at the back of […]

Creative Food Bars For Your Spring Fling!

Spice up your party for kids and adults with a non-alcoholic drink bar Impress your guests with creative bars this Spring, and we don’t mean the alcoholic kind! Spice up your party for everyone. They will love to customize their own concoctions and this provides the opportunity for just that! Having a bar filled with […]

How to Throw the Best Dinner Party for Your Friends

What’s more fun than inviting a group of friends over to enjoy good food, drinks and have a very good time? And in case you need an excuse, bonding with your buddies has been proven to make you happier and healthier in the long run, so you have pretty good reasons to get together for no […]

How to Plan Your First Successful Fundraising Event

Proper Planning for a Successful Event Now that you have the enthusiasm, the idea, and the cause, you need to plan the event. To help you plan one of the most successful fundraising events, follow the tips below. Steps to a Successful Fundraising Event Employ these tips to make sure your fundraising event is a […]

Stylish Tent Types for Your Wedding Reception

Beautiful Tents Make Your Event More Convenient and Memorable It’s official, spring has arrived and that means more opportunities for outdoor events! The weather can be a bit unpredictable during this period, so this is where the (many kinds of) tents come in! The type of tent you use can make a major difference in […]

How To Set The Perfect Table Just In Time For Easter!

Having a few guests over for Easter lunch? Master the proper way to set the table for different dinner arrangements. Depending on the affair, table settings change. If having a formal dinner party, the table setting is different from say, an informal party. Get your table setting guidelines here, and never be in doubt again […]

Tips For Throwing A Rockin’ Baby Shower!

Need Some Inspiration and Ideas for Planning a Grand Baby Shower? Even if you have never been around a baby in your life, you can still throw a baby shower with panache with a few helpful ideas from Colorado Party Rentals! Once you have your theme the rest of the planning process is pretty generic, […]

Fun and Delicious Winter Party Ideas

Throwing a winter party gives you a lot of options to have fun. Here are our winter party ideas. Make your winter party memorable, fun, and delicious. Winter Party Ideas Winter parties are all about contrasting the freezing Colorado temperatures with a warm and inviting party theme. You want to make sure your guests are […]

How To Plan Your Spring Bohemian Garden Wedding in Denver!

It’s mid-February, and that means spring is around the corner. The breathtaking backdrop of a spring garden, florals tucked in every corner, warm woods, rustic elements, and flowy dresses all characterize the ‘bohemian’ wedding theme. Free expression and personality combined with rustic whimsy define the bohemian revolution. Colorado Party Rentals gives a few tips on […]

How To Make Your Wedding Unique!

Throw Out the Cliche and Bring In The Unique! Everyone agrees weddings are a once in a lifetime event in a couple’s life, so why not make it unique as well. We bring you some great tips you can follow in order to avoid falling into the stock wedding design going on nowadays. Set your […]

Choosing the Right Table Linen Length for Your Wedding

Just when you think you have made every decision possible for the perfect winter wedding, you have to decide on the right linen length for your wedding table. Every little detail counts, so let’s go over your linen options so that you get the right look for your wedding. There are three types of linens: […]

Plan Your Wedding in Three Months or Less!

Speedy Nuptials in Denver For those planning on a short engagement, it is still possible to throw a stunning wedding and get everything you want. Just follow this simple checklist to get everything done on time! 12 Week Wedding Planning Checklist Here’s how to stage your wedding faster than you can say “I do.” Week […]

Largest Event Rentals Showrooms in Front Range

When you’re planning an event, the first step is to gather inspiration. You may have a theme in mind or colors that you want to incorporate. But, to make specific design choices regarding the types and styles of equipment you want, you need to know what’s out there. Colorado Party Rentals has the largest event rentals […]

Start the Year Clean – Have a Swap Party!

There are two little words not many people like to hear: Cleaning Day! Unfortunately, at the start of the New Year, we all need to give attention to some of our long-forgotten spaces that have accumulated throughout the year. If you think deep cleaning is only for spring, think again! The New Year starts off […]

Make Your Dream Wedding Come True in 2018

Let Colorado Party Rentals Take on Your Wedding Stress We all know that planning a wedding is a significant investment of time and energy. When the time comes, you are supposed to be ready and fully prepared for the most important event of your life. However, the planning process can often become stressful. Worry not! […]

Winter Birthday Party Ideas That Will Keep Kids from Bouncing Off the Walls!

What in the world do you do with a group of kids indoors in the winter time? We give them sugar and let them bounce off the walls. At least, that’s what we would normally do. But now, your child’s winter birthday doesn’t have to be an indoor craze. Our 5 top winter birthday party ideas […]

Flooring Options for Your Party

When we’re talking about weddings, we often end up talking about all the rental equipment you need for the reception and the party. Planning a special event is a complex project where each detail is equally important for the final result—a hassle-free, successfully organized party. Whether hosting a corporate party, celebrating an anniversary, or any big […]

Easy Ways to Bring in the New Year with Flair!

Everyone sees New Year’s Eve celebrations a little differently! Some relish the idea of standing shoulder to shoulder with thousands of strangers in New York’s Times Square! Others can’t imagine being out of the house on New Year’s Eve, preferring their cozy flannels and a hearty meal at home to large crowds and music. Maybe […]

4 Tips to Engage Your Guests

How can you draw your guests into your party theme? How can you make them feel part of the event? Detail the history of your honored guest or your cause with a photo book! We love to glory in the days gone by, and with a digital photo book, it is so easy to create […]

Winter Wedding Ideas and Themes

Event celebrations are done throughout the year, regardless of the season. Though some prefer the summer over the winter, or the spring over the fall, we enjoy organizing parties and events during any season! Winter has its own charm we believe and brings many inspirations for wedding themes and winter party ideas. Inspiring Winter Wedding Ideas […]

5 Healthy Kids Birthday Party Snacks

Have a child’s birthday party coming up and dreading all the sugar that is going to come to your house? With delicious chocolate cake, candy party favors, and all the junk food in between, kid’s birthday parties aren’t known for being health-conscious.  Colorado Party Rentals gives five healthy kids party snacks that your child will […]

Best Wedding Theme Ideas

Wedding themes are among our favorite party subjects. Setting up a particular theme for your wedding makes it easier to pick flowers, invitations, color palette, menu, music, and more. Most clients want to know how they can make their wedding different from all of the rest, especially if close friends are getting married around the same […]

3 Steps to Choosing the Top Priority Party Rentals

It’s the season for parties. The Holiday season is traditionally the time of year we love to gather most. Whether for an office party, corporate event, family dinner, or a winter wedding, November through January provides some of our favorite days to celebrate. If you have an event to plan this season, it won’t be […]

What’s Hot for Winter Weddings

While some brides-to-be think that summer is the best time of year for a wedding, winter weddings have the potential to become that spectacular event that will be remembered with only a few simple touches. Winter weddings have a long list of their own “pros.” Sure, the temperatures may be low, but you can find […]

Holiday Party Rentals for the Best Holiday Party of the Season

The last two months of the year are filled with one event after another. It can be hard to compete, especially since everyone tends to go for the same winter wonderland holiday themes. As festive as fake snow and twinkle lights can be, it can get a little repetitive. For this year’s holiday events, work […]

Fun Food Options for Weddings

There are many fun food options for weddings that stray a little from the classic buffet Many couples make strategic decisions about their wedding venue or the style and theme of their reception meal, but many fail to give much thought to the appetizers. We all know that guests appreciate a light munchie between the ceremony […]

4 Decorating Ideas for Your Nature Theme Wedding

Your wedding date in November doesn’t have to be all pumpkins and squash! You can take some hints from nature and let your theme express the organic and natural feel of the outdoors. Here are four tips on how to add some natural elements to your fall wedding! Even with a date set in December, […]

Tips for Styling a Glamorous Wedding

Picking a wedding theme can help guide the rest of your style decisions, from the color scheme to the signature drink. When it comes to doing a glamorous wedding, you must go big and have that wow factor. When we think glamorous, high ceilings filled with chandeliers and champagne come to mind. The Venue When […]

After You Say “I Do!”: Planning Your Wedding in Colorado

First Comes Love, then Comes Party Planning A proposal can make you fall in love all over again and make you feel that “giddy, heart-thumping, shout-it-from-the-rooftops, can’t get enough, can’t eat, can’t sleep, can’t think clearly” kind of feeling. Your voice raises up an octave when you rush to call your parents and closest friends. […]

Simple Fall Entertaining Menu

Turn up the heat in your menu when you entertain this fall and winter. Whether you have fifteen guests for a casual dinner party or fifty guests for a formal affair, these fall menu options will have your guests asking for seconds. With cold weather outside, you want your guests to warm up with a […]

Don’t Just Be Another Halloween Party On Your Block; Let Us Share Some Ideas

Haunted Mansion Party Ideas For this year’s party, turn up the scare factor with these great Halloween party ideas. It’s time to retire the old mixtape you’ve been playing for the past few years and take your Halloween party one step further to turn your home into a haunted mansion, complete with the right lighting […]

4 Perfect Fall Wedding Venues in Colorado

Special events such as weddings require careful planning because there are multiple decisions to be made. The guest list, music, food and drinks (catering), table settings, seating schedule, various wedding accessories… the list goes on and on. However, first things first; choosing the venue is often the starting point when planning a wedding event. Four of […]

7 Reasons to Celebrate in Fall!

The end of summer has come and gone, fall is here with its amazing colors, and we haven’t quite hit Thanksgiving yet, so you may be wondering, “What is there to celebrate in fall?” Here are seven reasons to throw a party and celebrate in fall! 1. Football Season – Whether your root for college football teams […]

Get a Good Night’s Sleep Before Your Wedding

Every bride and groom need a good night’s sleep the night before the wedding. Sleep helps us to handle the emotional overload that comes with any wedding. So, the final step to your wedding planning is to leave plenty of room for a good night’s sleep. Planning a good night’s sleep You may think that sleep […]

Your First Steps to Planning a Fall Festival for Families!

Do you remember the annual fair coming to your hometown? Maybe it was more like a small town carnival? How about your community throwing an annual Fall Festival? This year, you can be the talk of your community. You can throw the best Fall Festival that will bring back memories of strolling through strings of […]

Add Imagination & Fun to Your Party with the Cake Decoration

Everyone enjoys decorated cakes! Pretty much everybody loves to eat a big and delicious piece of cake, and in case there’s someone who doesn’t, at least they can admire a nice looking one! No matter if it is a birthday, a wedding, an anniversary or just a fun reunion with friends, having a creatively decorated […]

Plan a Girl’s Night Out with No Stress

When the weeks wane on and the responsibilities keep coming, it’s time for a change-up. You are mom, wife, employee or any of the other dozens of hats women wear. It’s time to plan an event where you can just be you for a night. Enjoy your girlfriends and take a little break to regain […]

Get Glowing Healthy Skin for Your Wedding

When you work with Colorado Party Rentals, you’ve got the best wedding specialists in the industry to help you turn every venue into the perfect wedding scene. We’ve got everything you need for your special day. While we’re putting together the decorations, table settings, and romantic details to set the stage for your wedding, you […]

Surprise Your Mother With A Mother’s Day Brunch Fit For A Queen

Mother’s Day is just around the corner!  You know what moms really want? Surprisingly, it’s not the gold-plated chain necklaces from Wal-Mart, nor the cheap perfume from Walgreens. Mom’s want time. Time with you, their child. Why not surprise her this year? Spend a day with her, beginning with a custom made brunch fit for […]

Shaving Dollars Off of Your Wedding Budget

When you dream about the perfect wedding, you don’t do a lot of fantasizing about the budget, because dreams don’t have a price tag, right? However, then you get engaged, and reality slowly starts to sink in. We’ve got a few tips for you to still plan your dream wedding, but make smart choices to […]

Event Activity Stations (Part 3)

As part of the themed party/wedding experience, many couples include food not only as a way to satisfy their guests but as part of the design of the event. The gained popularity of gourmet menus, finger foods, and sweet tables inevitably led to the new uprising tradition of food stations at weddings and events. Food stations A […]

Event Activity Stations (Part 2)

To create a memorable experience at your wedding, event, or party, you need to go beyond the traditional decor. As we explained in the last post, activity tables are now considered part of the main event decoration, alongside the flowers and decorations. In this article, we will discuss three more options you can include in […]

Event Activity Stations (Part 1)

You’ve got the flowers, tablecloths, the venue, the DJ, etc. You have bought all the 120 cupcakes and possibly enough candy to replenish your candy bar three times. What’s missing? With the raging popularity of Pinterest, stations have become a compulsory element at weddings, events, and parties. This is a series of three posts where we will […]

DIY – Valentine’s Day Chocolates!

Are you still looking for the perfect Valentine’s Gift? Perhaps no other holiday goes hand in hand with chocolate like Valentine’s Day! While you could stop at any corner store and pick up a pre-packaged box of generic chocolates, why not do something original this year? Whether it’s for your loved ones or office colleagues, […]

Create The Perfect Cheese Tray For Super Bowl Entertaining

Your Super Bowl party doesn’t have to be all chips and dip. Take it up a notch and host with a perfect cheese tray. Colorado Party Rentals shows the winning combinations for the pickiest palette. Cheese plates offer the most versatile and classiest appetizer options. No cooking or mixing dips; just present on a tray […]

Venue Highlight – Boettcher Mansion

Switching it up from our first venue highlight of The Venue at Flying Horse Ranch, who just celebrated their first full wedding season, we’re so excited to share the historical Boettcher Mansion with you today! Celebrating it’s 100th year, Boettcher was built in 1917 as a summer home and seasonal hunting lodge for Charles Boettcher […]

Winter Themed Bridal Shower

Tea parties usually conjure ideas of spring and flowers; however, Colorado Party Rentals turns this epic ladies’ event into a must-have winter soiree. It’s the quintessential gathering for any female; birthday party, bridal shower, engagement party or just a winter ladies’ tea! Put the pot on the boil, gather your friends, and Colorado Party Rentals […]

New Year’s Party Tips

Photo credit: © Allison Daniell, Stellar Propeller Studio Bring in 2017 with a bang! We have some great ideas that may also help you make this special day into a memorable time with friends and family: Consider special lighting Dim the lights and fill your house with candles. They are the most cost-efficient and romantic […]

Venue Highlight – Flying Horse Ranch

As we near the end of a fantastic 2016 and look ahead to an even better 2017, we’re excited to begin sharing some of our favorite vendors and venues with you. First up – The Venue at Flying Horse Ranch! Photo credit: Elan Photographie Studio After hosting 33 weddings during its first full season, it’s […]

Last-Minute Checklist for a Holiday Dinner Under Control!

The countdown has begun and all the holiday event preparations are underway. If you are expecting a large group of guests for your Christmas dinner, you may be worried about how to pull it all together when it’s “Go Time!” Here is your last-minute event checklist: 1. Guest /RSVP list. While your invitations should have been sent […]

Holiday Parties with Style from Colorado Party Rentals!

The holiday dinner party season is here, and the fun of entertaining just got better with Colorado Party Rentals! Stop by our showroom and let our professionals help you create a beautiful table design. Our test lab is here to help you try variations in color schemes, china patterns, stemware, flatware and more! Ask us […]

Christmas Corporate Party Ideas

Three Entertaining Alternative Themes for Your Corporate Christmas Party Another year is almost over, and another office Christmas party yet to be planned. You start to dust off last year’s decorations, make some calls to book a beautiful venue, and contact your regular caterer to order the same menu for every year. All of a […]