Birthday During the Holidays? Here’s What to Do (and What Not to Do)

If your child has arrived in this world during the most special time of the year, then surely that must have been the most precious gift you’ve ever got. But kids themselves often do not share the same joy as you do regarding their “holiday“ birthday. From their perspective, everyone is either busy and focused on the Holidays, or on vacation (their friends or classmates), so they feel that their birthday does not get the attention as other birthdays throughout the rest of the year.

Birthday around Christmas? Avoid These Mistakes and Plan the Right Birthday Party

Birthday Party Rentals DenverThere are certain people that think that having a birthday around Christmas is like a fairy tale. Everything is nicely decorated everywhere, the Christmas spirit makes people joyful and ready to party… But, that also makes them busy with other Christmas and family activities, spending cash on Christmas presents and not having much time and money for birthday presents on top of that.

Birthdays are not Holidays

If your child or someone else’s child you know has such a birthday, avoid asking them or the parents if they get joint presents! Recognize their birthday as a special day and set Christmas gifting aside. Otherwise, they may feel frustrated that their peers are privileged by having two days a year for gifts and party.

Also, don’t write a card or greeting where you wish a happy birthday and a Merry Christmas all at once! Worse, wrapping the presents in Christmas decor paper is a big No No! Save that paper for the Christmas presents separately.

birthday for kids and youngstersRemember:  Birthdays are Personal, Holidays are Common. Respect that special day as their own, not as a chance to save on parties and gifts.

Be flexible with the Timing

One of the main problems having a birthday party around the holidays is that kids are on vacation and it is very difficult to gather them all up for an extra party. There are two things you can do in this case. Either plan an event early (like on Facebook for them or their parents, depending on the age; or send E-vites) that will invite them prior to the holiday season; for instance, in late October so they can respond and plan ahead to attend the birthday party.

The other option is to have the birthday celebration just after the Holidays, like late January. Many parents opt for this because that way they are sure that their kids will get a proper birthday party. Of course, as a family, you will probably have a smaller intimate celebration on the very day, but the big bash may be organized as the “After Birthday“ Party later.

Identify Your Kid’s Ideas

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For January birthday parties, rent your equipment and celebrate without stress.

Ask your child what they want and how they imagine their B-day. Parents are often surprised that they may say something simple: ‘I want to go out and play in the snow or go skate on the ice rink after buying treats.’ Or ‘watch that new movie after getting a cake’. In any case, they come first with their wishes.

Should they feel disappointed that on their day there’s a chance that no one will show up, explain to them that they are so special they get to have two birthdays per year: one with their family on the day, and another with their friends later.

Make it Easier on Yourself – Rent Everything You Need for the Party

Whether is it extra chairs, tables, platters, lighting or anything – we have it covered. You can also get some extra items such as chalkboards for the kids. Browse through our website and gallery for some inspiration and get in touch with our planning experts!


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