Planning a Very “You” Wedding (Part 2)

Welcome to our follow-up post on how to plan a wedding that is representative of you as a couple. Check out the previous three tips we presented on starting the planning process.


4. Narrow Down Your Style

Now that you’ve gone through the process of dreaming big and getting inspiration (in the previous post), it is time to be more selective. Go ahead and get very specific with your vision; that way, it will be a great deal easier to choose your details and know where to spend your money. For example, instead of choosing glamorous, go ahead and think about if you want old Hollywood glam or maybe even art deco. You can choose any theme you want, and it can be anywhere from your favorite era, hobby, or your heritage/culture. Just try to keep it short; if you overload too many ideas, it may feel forced. Do your best to compromise on one concept and stick to it.

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5. Pick Your Color Scheme

Color is a unifying factor between all your wedding elements, from the invitations to your bridesmaid dresses. Take a look at a color wheel to determine which shades you’re drawn to. The easiest way to make all of your wedding elements come together is to stick with one primary color and an accent color, or two equally prominent complementary colors (colors that are directly opposite each other on the color wheel, like green and pink or yellow and purple) for a bright contrast. Don’t feel limited to just two colors—adding neutral or metallic accents will make your palette robust.

A mood board can be beneficial in determining color and color details. You can create it on your own by collecting parts of magazines or with the use of technology and apps like Pinterest.

planning your best wedding ever6. The Vibe is Crucial

When you are planning your wedding, keep in mind that the theme you choose will affect the vibe of your wedding. A night in a ballroom will set the tone for a chic and posh wedding, while a backyard or beach wedding will have your guests enjoying a beer and kicking off their shoes to dip their toes in the sand. All of those are great as long as that’s what you want. You want your passions and personalities to shine through; that way, your wedding stands out and feels unique to all your guests.

If you are unsure of the vibe now before the wedding, think of what kind of memories you wish to keep from that day. Memories and moments are those we remember most, and they largely depend on the energy spurred and the environment’s vibe.

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