What You Need to Throw a Birthday Party for a Toddler

If you’re going to celebrate your kid’s first birthday with pomp and circumstance, make sure you rent furniture that is fitting a party for toddlers. Planning a birthday party for your toddler requires a few extra items. With a house full of toddlers, you’re going to need to rent high chairs and booster seats.

Preparing for your kid’s first birthday party

Kid's Birthday Party

Rent booster seats and high chairs for your kid’s first birthday party.

It can be overwhelming to have one toddler in the house, let alone several. But, celebrating your child’s first birthday is something that every parent will cherish. When you are preparing for your kid’s first birthday party, you have to think about the parents, and children that will be in attendance. You want to make it look amazing, but you also have to be practical, especially when it comes to toddlers.

Seating for all Sizes

The guest list for your kid’s first birthday party is going to consist of kids and their parents, so you have to think of appropriate seating for everyone. You want to give parents a break from having to sit with their kid on their laps or carry them around. Having proper seating for toddlers will provide parents with more freedom to have a good time, as well.

High-chairs and boosters

Rent high chairs

Rent high chairs for all the toddlers.

Rent extra high-chairs for the toddlers in attendance. Make parents feel more at ease knowing that there is appropriate, safe, and practical seating for their toddler. You will also avoid too many spills if you provide booster seats for kids that are a bit older. If you are asking small children to sit in adult chairs, they won’t be able to properly reach their drink and plate, making it more likely that things will get spilled. Booster seats will put kids at the right height to be more comfortable, secure, and independent.

The more comfortable and safe you can make the kids at your party, the more relaxed the parents will be, and the more fun your party. Our party experts will help you make the best decisions for renting the right equipment.

Last, make sure you take a lot of photos so that your child and their friends can share in the memories when they are older.


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