Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring Party Themes

We may still have a month till spring officially arrives, but as soon as February ends, all eyes are on the upcoming blooming season. When the seasons change, so do the party themes and trends. As we move towards spring we are moving away from the earthy, rustic, and natural colors and decorations that were popular in the fall and winter, and start bringing in fresh, bright colors, a rainbow of floral decorations, and themes that celebrate life, love, and new beginnings as the world begins to bloom anew all around. At Colorado Party Rentals, we’re ready for spring, so let’s party.

Bright, Vibrant Colors

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Spring is in the air, and the colors are starting to change all around. We’re moving from golden, red, orange, and brown, and brightening up the color scheme for the spring-themed parties. Flowers are blooming, and you can get every color of the rainbow, and they are bold, bright, juicy, and vibrant.

Fresh Flowers and Fruit

Much like a gourmet meal, using fresh ingredients will elevate every party. The more you can take from nature to complete your decorations; the more beautiful and luxurious your party will be. Use fresh fruit and fresh flowers to create gorgeous centerpieces and decor for your party.

There’s nothing more beautiful than bright yellow, fresh, juicy lemons and limes in a bowl, or fresh apples, oranges, and berries. Use nature to guide your spring party decor.

Spring-Themed Linens and Tableware

Linens and more - Party rentals Colorado
You don’t want to go overboard with the colors. Your spring-themed party should make you feel like you are trapped in a bowl of Jelly Bellies. Stick to a few natural decorations and use them strategically.

If you already have a lot of colors from flowers and fruit, stick to neutral linens, which will complement the rest of the decor but won’t overpower. White linens may seem too formal, so you can try linens that are soft, muted yellow, blue, or green that will accentuate your decor, but won’t make your party too chaotic with color.


Spring party planning and party rentals in Colorado

At Colorado Party Rentals, we have everything you need for a spring themed party. Whether it’s fun, casual, formal or a mix of everything, our professional party planners will guide you towards the best solutions for your venue, taking care of every detail to make sure your event is a complete success from start to finish.

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