Choosing the Right Person to MC Your Wedding

In the name of saving money, many people choose to plan their wedding. And, if you work with professional party rental companies, you’ll often find that the staff is extremely knowledgeable and can be a big help in planning and decoration. But, even if you plan everything down to the last detail, you’re still going to need someone in charge on the day of your wedding. You’ll need to have a master of ceremonies (MC) who will keep everything running smoothly so that you can take time to enjoy your special day.

Choosing an MC for your wedding

Your MC is going to direct the flow of your wedding, so make sure they are organized and reliable.

The makings of a great master of ceremonies

It’s no easy task choosing the master of ceremonies for your wedding. The person who you entrust with this task needs to have the right personality. Otherwise, the day could end up in chaos. You need someone who is reliable, organized, charismatic, and, perhaps most importantly, sober! This is the person who will prevent drunk speeches, not give drunk speeches. It’s the person who will make sure that the whole day runs smoothly, handling the wedding party, the guests, and the staff so that you don’t have to.

Reliable and Organized

A wedding is like a well-directed theater production. Once the director has told everyone what to do, it is up to the stage manager to make sure everyone follows the program on the wedding day. The MC is the person who will make sure the entire production goes off without incident. Speeches, toast, ceremony, dinner, dancing, and other traditions that you want at your wedding all need to be done at the right time. And, the MC needs to make sure that your guests don’t miss important moments. In other words, a great MC needs to be organized and reliable. Don’t choose someone who will end up chatting and flirting with guests and forgetting about the next item on the program. You don’t want the wedding to come to a crashing halt because you couldn’t find your MC.

Charismatic, yet Unobtrusive

A good MC will know how to grab the attention of the crowd. Having charisma is a great trait for an MC because they will be one of the main people that guests, vendors, staff, and the wedding party will interact with all day. The MC needs to be able to get everyone to do what they need to do, and having charisma is a great way to command attention and be a natural leader. Also, a little humor goes a long way, so pick someone who will have fun with the job. That will also make it feel less like they’re just bossing people around.

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Alert (and Sober)

To make sure your wedding goes off without incident and is one of the most perfect and magical days of your life, you need to make sure your MC stays sober. Find a person who is going to be able to stick to just a few glasses of champagne or wine with dinner. It’s okay for your MC to join in the toast and the celebration. Just make sure you choose an MC that will keep a clear, calm head.

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