Tips on Getting Married in the Rain

Anyone planning an indoor wedding cringes at the idea of stormy weather. If the forecast calls for rain, there’s not much you can usually do, unless you’ve made an airtight contingency plan. Don’t worry: rain doesn’t have to be as bad as we all think it is. There are plenty of ways to embrace the storm and still have a smooth ceremony and reception.

Consider Tent Rentals in Denver

Glamping Wedding light
Tents are a good idea for outdoor weddings, no matter the weather.

On paper, setting up a bunch of tables outside sounds like a great idea. Everyone gets to have fun in the sun while they celebrate your union — only that usually isn’t the case. Even in good weather, it’s a good idea to provide your guests with an area they can stay cool. Having a tent rental ensures people don’t get heatstroke in the sun and stay warm and dry in the rain. 

Check-In With Your Guests

Keep your guests updated on what you plan to do if there are predictions of rain on your big day. Some may assume the event is otherwise canceled. Alternatively, guests may show up without umbrellas or rainwear — not everyone pays attention to the weather channel! They’ll appreciate the warning.

Communicate With Your Vendors

Talk to all of your vendors to determine how they’ll be able to operate under rainy conditions. If the storm is severe, you may need to reconsider your floral decor and even your bouquet. Think about where your DJ will be — will they be alright so long as they’re under your tent?

Have Umbrellas Ready

Why not rent out a few umbrellas for your guests? You could buy a bunch of individual umbrellas to pass out, or get large ones from your party rentals service. Either way, your guests will thank you. 

Don’t be unprepared for your outdoor wedding. Colorado Party Rentals has the best advice on how to turn your wedding festivities into a success under any weather conditions. Contact us today to get started on planning.

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