Choosing the Right Table Linen Length for Your Wedding

Just when you think you have made every decision possible for the perfect winter wedding, you have to decide on the right linen length for your wedding table. Every little detail counts, so let’s go over your linen options so that you get the right look for your wedding. There are three types of linens: overlay, mid length, and floor length.

Rent wedding table linens

Floor length white linens for a rustic, elegant wedding.

Choosing the right table linens

Your choice depends on the style of your wedding. The linens should complement the rest of the decor and style, so choosing right is important. The wrong type of linen could throw off the entire look of your wedding.

Mid-length table linens

For a more casual and rustic wedding, mid length table linens are a great choice. Especially if you choose tables that match your style. The tables you choose for your wedding will also help determine the type of linen. If the table you choose will add to the overall look and compliment the rest of your decor, then show off those table legs with mid-length linens.

Floor length table linens

For a formal wedding experience, the long floor length linens are a great choice. Floor length linens are sophisticated, elegant, and grand. They add a sense of luxury and abundance to your wedding set-up. Floor length linens are also a great way to hide mismatched tables, giving everything a cohesive look.

Simple table runner

Rent wedding linens

A simple runner is all you need if the table is part of the wedding decor.

If the table you are using is beautiful and part of the decor, then don’t hide it under linens. A simple table runner is all you need to decorate your wedding table. A wooden table with a white runner is perfect for a rustic and elegant wedding.

Wedding rentals in Denver

To see the effect of each type of linen, schedule an appointment with an event specialist. We can do a mock-up of each table-setting so that you can see for yourself how each type of linen brings a different feel to your wedding. Our specialists will listen to you and your vision for your wedding, and help you find the perfect set-up.

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