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Once you have your wedding venue, it’s time to plan the table setup. Efficiently utilizing your space is going to be crucial, but you also want to create the right mood with the table settings you choose. Before we get to place settings, let’s talk about what type of table is right for your wedding reception.

Rectangular wedding reception tables

Rectangular and square tables will save space and make your reception more casual.

Types of Reception Tables

A table is never just a table. There are square tables, round tables, cocktail tables, rectangular tables, and banquet tables. The theme of your wedding will help you narrow down your choices, but the venue can also give you some clues as to which table is most suitable.

You want to balance out space, leaving enough room for people to move about — including the serving staff — and if you want it to look beautiful and romantic.

Square and Rectangular Tables

For smaller areas, rectangular or square tables may help to save a little space. You can make the room look a more interesting by playing with the angles of the tables; they don’t all need to line up with each other. If they are too evenly placed in neat little rows, then it may feel more like you’re dining in a cafeteria rather than at a wedding reception.

Banquet Tables

A big banquet hall is perfect for a big formal wedding. To make the most of your space, having long, fancy banquet tables can help balance out the large room. A typical setup, in this case, is to have two long tables lining the longest wall of the room, and then have the head table joining the two long tables together in a big U shape. Although a banquet table may seem formal, you can make it more casual and rustic with your table decorations, as well as with your dinner service, like opting for a family-style reception dinner rather than a plated dinner.

Round Tables

Rent tables for wedding reception

Round tables allow for better conversation at your wedding reception.

There’s a reason why round tables are the most chosen type of table for a wedding reception, and that’s because they bring a nice, smooth, and elegant flow to any venue. Plus, you can play with various sizes to make the room more exciting and make the best use of the space.

Perhaps the most significant aspect of using round tables for a reception is that they are much more conducive to conversation than any other type, as they allow everyone seated to see each other and be able to converse.

Cocktail Tables

Cocktail tables are great if you don’t have a lot of space to work with and you’re trying to keep it casual. Make sure to leave plenty of room around the bar and the buffet, but see that there are enough of them set up so that people can put down glasses and plates.

You are also going to want to have some seating for your guests, especially older ones. At some point, everyone is going to want to have a seat and rest their feet.

Rent Wedding Reception Tables

At Colorado Party Rentals, our wedding specialists will work with you, your wedding planner, and the venue to find the most suitable table setup. We can also set up a few tables and decorations so that you can get a first-hand look at how your wedding reception will look.

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