The Perfect Reception Table for the Perfect Wedding

Wedding receptions are one of the most challenging and feared events between planners and event hosts. Designing, setting and hosting the big day is a demanding task that requires a lot of attention to every little detail. The happy couple is expecting nothing, but perfection.

At Colorado Party Rentals, we have surprisingly noticed how wedding reception tables are often overlooked. They might mistakenly seem like minor detail for many, but they are a crucial element in your whole Wedding Reception Design Theme. Choosing the right type of table for your wedding reception will enhance your wedding’s venue. It will also allow you to efficiently take advantage of your venue’s space while setting your guests in the perfect mood.

Selecting the Best Type of Wedding Reception Table

Even though wedding trends can change in a blink of an eye, there are several failsafe types of reception tables, when accurately selected, will boost and enhance any wedding reception. The secret lies in knowing how the table’s shape and characteristics will work in your specific wedding requirements.

Round Reception Tables

Rectangular wedding table

Rectangular wedding tables provide elegance and style.

Round tables are by far the most popular and chosen type of table for a wedding reception. Round tables bring a nice, smooth, and elegant flow to any venue. Plus, you can play with various sizes to make the room more exciting and make the best use of the space.

Round tables are incredibly versatile and provide a wide range of benefits. But perhaps the most significant aspect of using round tables at a reception, is that they are much more conducive to conversation than any other type. They allow everyone seated to see each other and be able to enjoy talking.

Square and Rectangular Reception Tables

Rectangular and square tables are excellent options where you need to save a little space, like a small tent or venue. Square and rectangular tables allow you to play with their angles to create interesting patterns or enhancing an area. You don’t have to line up every table with each other. If they are too evenly placed in neat little rows, then it may feel more like you’re dining in a cafeteria rather than at a wedding reception.

Banquet Wedding Tables

Cocktail tables with matching chairs.

Cocktail tables are great for saving space.

When planning an elegant and formal wedding reception in a large banquet hall, consider using long, fancy banquet tables. These are great to make the most of your space while keeping the elegance. A typical setup is having two long tables lining the longest wall of the room, with the head table joining the two long tables in a U shape.

If you don’t want your reception to look too formal, you can make it more casual and rustic with table decorations and dinner service. One way is to have a family-style reception dinner rather than a plated dinner.

Cocktail Tables

Cocktail tables are great options when you lack plenty of space or when trying to keep your wedding reception casual. Make sure to make enough room around the bar and the buffet. However, it is crucial to make sure that there are enough tables for your guests. Also, consider some seating. Not everyone wants or can remain standing.

No matter what type of party, event, or wedding reception you are planning, contact Colorado Party Rentals. We will gladly help to set your special event.


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