Colorado Party Rentals Makes it Easy for Party Planners to Impress Clients

Every party planner needs assistance. Working with the team at Colorado Party Rentals is like having a bunch of assistants that up to date on the latest party and event trends. We’ll help you impress clients, keep down costs, and give you a wide selection of products to meet all of your party planning needs.

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We’ll create a mock-up of your event to show your clients.

Planning a Party with Colorado Party Rentals

As a party planner, you want to guide your clients so that they fulfill their vision, as well as, stay within their budget. Many clients will have a general idea of what they want for their event, but they want the party planner to finalize and realize their vision. The trick to a good party planner is to give your client options without overwhelming them. At Colorado Party Rentals, we can help you narrow down the selections before you go back to your client. Then we’ll have a few options set up and ready for their viewing.

Mock-Up Party Planning

Being able to show your clients how you plan to put their vision together, means that you are always on the same page, and there is no room for misinterpretation or miscommunication. Set up a time with our event specialists to go over the theme, colors, and overall concept for the event. Then we’ll pull from our large inventory of party and event equipment to make the vision come to life. To give you and your client an idea of what you’ll be getting, we can do a model staging of the event, set up a table complete with all the decor, or pull furniture and decorations to give you an idea of how your event will look.

Working with Vendors

Renting equipment for events

Colorado Party Rentals make it easy for party planners to impress clients.

With our inventory of party rentals, tables, chairs, decorations, lighting, tenting, etc., we can give you and your client a complete picture and make sure that you have everything you need to cover the entire event. By working with us, you’ll keep down the cost of renting because you’ll be getting all of your equipment from one source. We’ll work with the vendors you have chosen to make sure that they have everything needed when they arrive at the venue.

Colorado Party Rentals will work with you over the phone or on-site to provide you with your choice of the broadest range of rentals in the region, making your event or party spectacular!


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