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We may still not be able to travel back in time, but we can slow it down long enough to savor the moment. The good old times is a memory of a time long passed when things just seemed simpler. Even in the modern age of technology and instant everything, looking back and romanticizing about the old days can have a comforting and even poetic effect on us.

What better time to slow down than a special event?  When planning your next event, consider taking the theme back a few decades to a time when the best entertainment came from the family gathering around to simply talk!

Adding Rustic Details to your Event

Even with the most modern of venues, your event can have a unique old-time feel with a few simple additions. Rustic charm only requires a little thought to pull it off well!

1. The first and most obvious way to add rustic charm to your event is the venue. Whether outdoors, in a barn, terrace, garden, or deck, the goal is to think simplicity. Even if your event purpose or seasonal challenges pose some restrictions on the venue, opt for a site that brings out the heart of your slow-it-down goal.

2. Menu planning is full of variety. Keep in mind that you are not only limited to barbecue. Old-time feel includes slow roasted beef, creamy mashed potatoes, and cooked a little too long veggies. Give thought to some of your family’s favorite recipes and add your own unique twist.

3. Table dressing, plates, and cutlery provide a unique way to express the simple theme. Consider an enamel-covered aluminum dinnerware set and a simple drinking glass free of ornate detail.

Rustic Farm Tables

Rustic Decor

4. A texture will provide a base for your details and decorative accents. Keep in mind the material our grandparents had to work with: wood and iron. Remember that life was about making the best use of your resources. An old wooden milk crate doubled as a receptacle for many an item. Milk bottles and simple baby’s breath make for a charming centerpiece while adding a few roadside wildflowers can bring a classy yet simple touch.

5. Finally, consider the fun element. How did they take the edge off back then? Porch swings, Coca-Cola, cornhole, horseshoes, rocking chairs, checkers, and card games passed the time. Mix it up and disperse some fun throughout your venue.

Need Help Planning a Rustic Event in Colorado?

When it comes to planning your rustic-themed event, Colorado Party Rentals has everything you need. If you are looking for old-time charm, visit the Colorado Party Rental showroom and be inspired. From antique-looking table coverings to enamel-coated dinnerware, every detail is covered by Colorado Party Rentals.

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