Everything Needed to Make Your Wedding Kid-Friendly

A wedding is about joining two families. That includes the kids.  Here’s everything you need to make your wedding kid-friendly, without compromising on the decorations, theme, and elegance.

Kids at the Wedding

Games for kid-friendly weddingOne of the many decisions you have to make when you plan a wedding is whether to allow kids. Deciding to make your wedding kid-friendly will require a few extra party rentals to accommodate their needs. You will also have to consider the time of the wedding and making sure that the parents can enjoy the wedding, instead of having to babysit all night long.

Time of Wedding

The key to a kid-friendly wedding is to make sure that both the kids and the parents are having a good time. If the wedding starts in the late afternoon and goes into the wee hours of the night, chances are you’re going to lose the parents when the kids get tired. Kids go to bed early, and whereas there are special occasions when they can stay up late, you have to be prepared for some tired guests by the time you’re done with dinner. A daytime wedding is much better suited for kids. That way both the kids and the parents can be around for the entire wedding, instead of having to miss out on half of it because the kids need to be tucked in.

Kid-Friendly Entertainment

Create a kid-friendly section at the wedding venue. The kids aren’t going to want to listen to speeches or stay sitting throughout the entire reception. So create a kid-friendly area with games and entertainment so that they can play and the parents can participate in the wedding festivities. If you’re thinking ahead, you’ll hire some of the neighborhood babysitters to keep an eye on the kids in the kids’ area.

Kid’s Table

If there are kids at the wedding you should have a kids table. The seating arrangement should allow for everyone to have a good time, and to encourage fun and conversation at each table. Seating the kids together means that they can hang out with other kids, which is much more fun than sitting at the adult table listening to adult conversations.

Extra space at adult tables

There’s always going to be a kid or two who want to sit with the parents. Keep the peace at your wedding and allow for a little extra space at each table, just in case a kid needs to join. It’s better to let the kid join the adult table than having to deal with a temper tantrum on your wedding day.

High chairs and tables

Get high-chairs and smaller tables that are suited for kids. High chairs are a necessity to make it safe for kids to sit at adult size tables, but providing kid-friendly sizes for the kids. With kid-sized chairs and tables, you are giving the kids more independence. When kids can get in and out of their own child-sized chair they have more freedom to move about without having to distract the adults from toasts, speeches, and other fun wedding elements.


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