Wedding Invitation Etiquette 101

Invitations Set the Tone for the Wedding

Wedding color paletteRegardless of what type of invitation you want, the etiquette rules remain the same. Your wedding invitation is designed to let you showcase your unique style and give guests some insight into what to expect.

Personalized Wedding Invites

Make sure to create a cordial invitation that allows your personality to shine through. The invitations should match your wedding theme (vintage, contemporary, romantic) and give a hint of the “tone“ of the wedding party.

Set the Wedding Tone

Your words can set the tone of the entire wedding. Many couples opt for formal phrasing when crafting their invitations. In doing so, guests expect to attend an elegant event. After you have chosen the style of your wedding, you want to start with a general template invitation and mix the language up until you get to something that works for you.

For those who plan on a less formal event, you can loosen the language in the invitation. Change out the spelled-out numbers into actual numerals to make it more relaxed. Removing the hosts’ names and simplifying the phrasing can help alert guests to a more casual event.

Wedding Invitations Etiquette

The Three Ws

Who: Make sure to include the names of the individuals getting married. Formal invitations should also include the names of the host.

When: Make sure to list the date and time of the event clearly.

Where: Include the location of the event with complete address and map to the locale.

Things to Avoid

Don’t include gift information on the actual wedding invitation. Have family members or your wedding party let people know where to go if they are asked. If you have a wedding website set up, you want to include a link to that site on the save the sate cards, not the actual invitation.

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Addressing the Envelopes

Addressing wedding envelopes shouldn’t be complicated. Here’s how to do it the right way:

Write the guests’ name in full, including their corresponding social title.

House address under 20 words and should be spelled out.

Return addresses should be on the back flaps of the envelope.

Follow these tips to get it right! For weddings and other events rentals and planning, contact our event specialists!

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