Fall Event Decor Tips

As soon as November hits, the pumpkins come and out and the red leaves scatter our tables. While fall has some of the most apparent natural themes, you aren’t stuck with just red and orange at this time of year.

Here are three fall decor tips that will keep your event exciting and beautiful without looking like your Thanksgiving table!

fall rustic table decor - plates and flowers1. Choose natural fabrics with texture. To bring the feeling of the season inside without having to go orange, you need to choose materials that will mimic the natural textures found in the outdoors. Using textured fabrics throughout your event decor allows you to tap into the feel of fall without plopping down a pumpkin. Heavy linens, touches of lightweight burlap, and even wool, if placed just right, can give you the warm yet unique look you want. A lovely shabby chic banner can be created above the seats of the new Mr. and Mrs. with any of these textured fabrics. Or you can try a narrow twist of fabric choice woven through tall candles on an accent table.

2. Choose some pop of color to add to your color scheme. You may have some warm colors throughout, but adding a touch of an unexpected color like blue or purple keeps your decor exciting and adds depth to the color scheme. Bring your tables alive with seasonal flowers adding surprising choices.

3. Don’t be afraid of the standard flowers. Much can be said about the timeless value of a standard rose. While you may not have dreamed of a standard bouquet of white roses or centerpieces of yellow or pink roses, you may be quite impressed with full open roses in wine or deep coral. Often, to stay away from the usual, we stray too far to one side and forget the statement that is made with a well-known flower like a rose.

flowers for all seasonsSurprising Standard Flowers for Fall

The Gerber Daisy: This is an often overlooked flower, yet very versatile for its extensive color selection and petal size.

Cala Lillies: Did you know lilies are not all white? There is also burgundy and bronze often available in fall.

Sunflowers: Another unexpected use for a fall event. With its brilliant petal color and deep dark center, this flower makes a beautiful choice for a color scheme looking for depth and interest.

Fall decorating doesn’t have to be predictable. Try one of our fall decorating tips for adding interest to your fall event!


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