Lighting to Create the Perfect Holiday Party Ambiance

Lighting is everything. You don’t need a lot of decorations for your holiday party when you have the right light. Set the right tone and create the perfect holiday party ambiance with lighting.

Lighting Your Holiday Party

Holiday lightingHoliday decorations are a big part of creating the atmosphere for a holiday party, but once you have the right lighting the whole space will come to life. The holidays are supposed to be filled with merriment and cheer, but most importantly, the holidays should be warm and cozy. Holiday lights can be like a warm and cozy blanket that you drape over your guests.

Soft Lighting

Wam, soft lighting is key to your holiday party. A soft glow is also going to make everyone look much better in photos. When you dim the lighting a bit, the party instantly becomes more intimate. Since family and togetherness is a big part of the holiday season, intimate lighting is a wonderful way to bring people together.

Twinkly Lights

The holidays are supposed to twinkle and glow, so drape a few twinkly string lights on the ceilings or windows and even a few outdoor. Keep it simple and subtle. You don’t want to annoy your guests with too many lights flashing on and off. Depending on your style you can choose colorful string lights, but you don’t want to create too much vivid stimulation that will distract your guests. Keep your twRent string lights for holiday partyinkly lights white and elegant for a softer effect.

Live Candles

Live candles and fireplaces are excellent at creating a warm and cozy effect. However, with a lot of people milling about your party you want to be careful with live candles. A few candle holders can give the lighting some dimension and create a more festive atmosphere. Just make sure they are not going to get knocked over.

Rent Holiday Lighting in Denver

At Colorado Party Rentals you can choose from a variety of lighting options. String lights, bistro-lighting, candelabras, and chandeliers can be used to create layers of lighting to enhance your holiday party.


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