Fun and Delicious Winter Party Ideas

Throwing a winter party gives you a lot of options to have fun. Here are our winter party ideas. Make your winter party memorable, fun, and delicious.

Winter Party Ideas

Winter party ideas

Give colorful or personalized mittens as party favors at your winter event.

Winter parties are all about contrasting the freezing Colorado temperatures with a warm and inviting party theme. You want to make sure your guests are warm and comfortable. But, you can also take inspiration from the winter weather to make your winter party special.

Everyone Loves Chocolate

When it’s cold outside, you want to do everything to make sure that your guests are warm and cozy. One thing that everyone loves, that warms you up from the inside and delights your taste buds and your inner child, is hot chocolate. Having a fancy hot chocolate station is a popular trend for winter weddings. And you can dress up a hot chocolate in many different ways. You can add toppings, like whipped cream or marshmallows. Or you can spike your hot chocolate with some liquor, or give it some flavors with homemade simple syrups.

Personalized Mittens and Hats

If you’re keeping your winter party outside, why not personalize your party by handing out some winter party favors. Have warm hats and mittens for your guests as they arrive. Choose colors that match your party decorations.

Cozy Winter Party Decor

Winter party ideas

Set up a gourmet hot chocolate station.

Warm up your winter party with blankets and pillows. Create a cozy atmosphere. Making the seating soft and comfortable will keep your guests warm. Plus, pillows on chairs and couches will ensure that the seat isn’t freezing when your guests sit down.

Winter Party Rentals

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