How To Plan Your Spring Bohemian Garden Wedding in Denver!

It’s mid-February, and that means spring is around the corner. The breathtaking backdrop of a spring garden, florals tucked in every corner, warm woods, rustic elements, and flowy dresses all characterize the ‘bohemian’ wedding theme. Free expression and personality combined with rustic whimsy define the bohemian revolution. Colorado Party Rentals gives a few tips on planning a bohemian wedding this coming spring in Denver!

Headbands and Flowers Wreaths

Get inspired by natural beauty outdoors and create a flower garland wreath to wear on your special day! Create leafy garlands or floral crowns. Wearing your hair down completes the simple and free look.

Flowing Wedding Gownbride and groom

Bohemian dresses are vintage in nature, flowy and effortlessly beautiful. Layers of chiffon and lace, delicate spaghetti straps, scalloped edges, dainty drawstrings and soft fluttering silk all make up a typical bohemian gown. Choose one that makes you feel beautiful and you can’t go wrong!

Mis-Match Flowers and Centerpieces

Go outside to the venue or the reception, if you can. The more outdoors you can incorporate the better! Keep some things as mismatched as possible as it creates a sense of spontaneity and effortless vibe. Use different centerpieces, and even piece together the dishes. Try to veer away from everything matching, which lends itself to a more formal look.

Whimsical Reception

Keep it fun and light-hearted, even in your decorations. Showcase your playful spirit with a few quirky elements. Feature multicolored lawn chairs, or have all the chairs at a table be in a uniform color, except for one brightly colored chair. For a bohemian look, style the tables with antlers or succulents in brightly colored pots. Stay true to your personality and have fun with it!

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Party under tent

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