How About Getting Married in the Mountains

Everybody loves the idea of getting married at the beach, and they are prevalent today. However, not so many people think about exchanging vows in the mountains; yet, it is absolutely, spectacular. Mountain weddings are quintessential. You want to be different, and you want every guest to enjoy this memorable day forever. Imagine tying the knot in such a grandiose and scenic setting! 

The logistics may be a little challenging though, and this is where PARTY RENTALS come in; at Colorado Party Rentals, everything is possible.

CPARTYRENTING is the top notch Colorado Wedding Rentals

Let a professional do the worrying for you

Let a professional do the worrying for you 

It is highly recommended to hire a professional for your mountain wedding. You will need to rent a lot of equipment, from tent to table and chairs, linens, music, and flowers, the list might seem endless! You will find that CPARTYRENTING is the top-notch Colorado Wedding Rentals.

Planning your wedding should be fun, and it can and will be if you let us take the reins and do the work for you.

The Best Part is the Location

Mountain wedding is for you

Exchanging vows in the mountains

Choosing the location is exciting, you may already have that special spot, or you may go on a rampage looking for it. Either way, it will be beautiful. You still need to make sure that access is easy for your guests as well as for the equipment and catering, and that there is a flat level space for the tent, table, and chairs. And if you are really wise, you’ll have a backup plan. The mountains of Colorado have seen snow in the middle of July, and you want to be safe rather than sorry. That is the most important day of your life!

Finally, your wedding dress must match the location. A long train may not be ideal in the hills, and you need to think carefully about which shoes are suitable.  One thing you should not forget, it can get sunny in the mountains, and the sun rays are powerful! Make sure you have lots of water, sunscreen, and shade for your guests, they will appreciate the gesture!

Give it that Special Touch

On the most special day of your life, you need the best location, with the best equipment, and you want everything to run smoothly. Colorado Party Renting will take care of you all the way, and will go further to give it that special touch.  Please check our website at for friendly and efficient service. Our goal is for your day to last forever. Please give us a call, or come and visit us at one of our showrooms in Denver or Colorado Springs.


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