3 Reasons to Plan Your Party with Colorado Party Rentals

Be a guest at your own event: Eliminating stress when planning a party

Rent party supplies and decorations

Rent party supplies and decorations

Planning any party is stressful. Once you get started, even with an intimate birthday party, you quickly realize how much goes into planning the perfect party. Finding an occasion is the easy part. So is the guest list. What gets stressful is figuring out how to accommodate all of your guests. First, you need serving equipment for food. Second, you need to have a place for everyone to sit. Third, you want to impress your guests with beautiful decor. Fourth, you want to entertain your guests. Working with a party rental company allows you to check all boxes in one place. If you need more, here are our top three reasons to plan your party with Colorado Party Rentals (CPR).


Before you make any decisions, you need to figure out your party budget. After the budget, you need a list of supplies. Most people won’t have tables, chairs, linens, plates, cutlery, and glasses available to cover your guests. Renting all of your party supplies from one place is the best way to stretch your party budget.

Variety of Options

Why rent party suppliesThrowing a party using only the supplies and decorations that you have at your house will result in parties that are all similar in theme and style. Planning your party with CPR will, therefore, open up your options and give you a variety of party themes to choose from. When you have variety, your options are limited. Don’t limit your party to the supplies you already have – work with CPR and let your imagination soar.

Entertainment Features

In addition to tables and chairs, working with CPR allows you to add entertainment to your party. If you have a band, talk to us about renting a dance floor so that you can section off your venue for various activities. That way, people aren’t dancing around people who are trying to eat and mingle. Throw in a disco ball and some lights. Additionally, we can supply everything you need for a dance party, from the lighting to the stage to the audio equipment.

Rent party supplies in DenverOn the other hand, if you’re having a day party with kids, add a giant stack of Jenga or other games to keep both the kids and the adults entertained, or do both games and dancing. As we said, there’s just no limit to what you can do when you work with a party rental supply company.

Colorado Party Rentals

Plan your party with Colorado Party Rentals to increase your options, cut costs, and take the stress out of planning a party. Our specialists are standing by ready to help you put your party together. Perhaps most importantly, we love what we do, so we’ll have just as much fun helping you plan your party as you will hosting your party.

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