Great Wedding Video Tips

Everyone needs a wedding video!

We know that photos do tell a story, but video depicts it even better. Aside from a good photographer, investing in a beautiful, well-done video of your wedding day is always a great idea! The wedding films of today are MUCH more than Uncle Bob standing at the back of the ceremony with his tripod.

To go from good to great on your wedding video, follow these tips:

1. Communication is Key!

In the weeks before the wedding, your videographer will likely want to meet with you to discuss the details of your day. Don’t miss this meeting or conversation! Allow them to get to know you and fully understand what you are looking for in your wedding video. Do you want them to capture certain specific moments? Will there be some surprises that they may need to know about beforehand? If you let your vendors in on the little details, those details will shine and stand out in the final result.

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Most videographers will also ask for a list of the partnering vendors. Don’t be shy about sharing these details! This can allow your carefully selected team to get introduced beforehand, allowing for a seamless transition as they spend your special day working together.

 2. Audio is Crucial to Achieve Good Video Quality

“There are no re-“I Dos” in weddings.” Make sure to let your team know how much of the ceremony audio you want to have recorded. Some couples want the entire ceremony recorded, some just their vows, and some just want little parts of everything. Most videographers will record the entire ceremony, but it never hurts to ask to be sure. Be clear with your wishes to avoid any confusion.

3. Be Specific on Non-Traditional Wedding Shots

Your videographer most likely has done this before; he knows all about the right angles, lighting, and how to get the typical wedding shots. However, are there any non-traditional shots you want to have? Maybe you want to have some kind words from the guest to encourage you and bless you on this new adventure. Maybe you want a “behind the scenes” video from the photo shooting. Whatever it is, make sure to communicate in advance.

Know you want a wedding film, but aren’t sure where to start? We work with many different professionals and would be happy to recommend any key vendors. Feel free to reach out and we’ll gladly send you a list of our favorites!

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Photo Credit: Infinite Pixels by Angel Photography


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