3 Tips to Create Your Own Unique Wedding Photography Style!

A Wedding Photography Style That Reflects Your Story! 

Not every wedding is the same! As well as, not all couples are the same. However, not every photographer is the same either! Before you book your photographer or team of photographers just because they were highly recommended, check out these important tips on wedding photography style!

wedding photography tips

Three Tips to Get You Started on Achieving Your Own Unique Wedding Photography Style

1. Find a blog or IG account you enjoy following, one that speaks to your sense of style and your interests. Within that blog or forum, there is likely a suggested vendor list, or you can ask for suggestions. Make your calls and meet with a few of them. Be sure that the person who will actually be behind the camera on your special day is the one you will be meeting. They should offer you plenty to peruse. This isn’t the time to congratulate them for all of their wonderful shots; it’s the time to decide, “Can I see myself in these photos?” Do you get the feeling he or she has the sense of style you are looking for?

Barn Wedding style, Natural setting photo2. Ask questions you really want to know the answer to. You may be tempted to ask technical questions like how long have they been shooting weddings or what kind of equipment is used, but stick to what you really want to know: “Can you capture me and my day the exact way I want to be captured? How many pictures will I get?” Typically, a wedding photographer will provide from 50-100 photos per hour of shooting. If you contract for three hours, you can expect an estimated 300 shots. Here is another classic question: “Can you fix anything on the computer?” Your photographer should be aiming to get as close to a perfect shot as they can with the camera. If your photographer depends on editing programs to make the shots look good, you may need to interview another photographer. Editing is to enhance the great shots your photographer already got!

3. Interview his or her style. Talk to your photographer about the effects you have seen in other photos that you love! Suppose you are particularly drawn to black and white, or you enjoy photos that appear to have a blurred background. Take all of your magazine clippings and your likes and dislikes to your photographer meeting. Find out if your photographer can reproduce the look you want. You have to like more than just their style. You will be working with your photographer for hours on end on one of the most special days of your life. This requires a level of trust with your photographer, so make sure you can see yourself working with this person.

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