How to Make Your Next Winter Party More Cozy?

When it comes to winter parties, it’s all about making it as cozy as possible. The cold temperatures outside mean you need to add a bit more warmth to the inside. Nothing gives you that warm and comfy feeling like adding cozy elements to your next winter party.

Cozy Winter Party Ideas

Double up on comfy pillows and blankets to increase the cozy factor.

No one knows how to make a party more cozy than the Scandinavians. For years now, we’ve been trying to emulate the elusive “hygge” that has the Scandinavian countries competing for who is the happiest on earth. Hygge is a concept, not so much a style. It’s all about being cozy, comfortable, and calm. It’s a way to get people through long dark winter nights and very little sunlight. Without “hygge,” the winter would be too depressing. Let’s look at some cozy winter party ideas.

Double Up on Pillows and Blankets

Add more pillows and blankets to your seating arrangements. Create cozy seating areas where your guests can bundle up and get comfy. Choose seating that is soft and welcoming. Everything should feel like your decor is hugging your guests.

Candles and Soft Lighting

Nothing says “hygge” like live candles. The flickering of the flames creates a cozy and organic atmosphere that is essential to “hygge.” You can create texture and layers of candles by renting various candelabras and other vessels to carry live candles. Glass jars, floating candles, and rustic candleholders and candelabras can create a beautiful lighting design with soft and beautiful textures.

Cozy winter party ideas

Live candles will make any party cozier.


String Lights

Using bistro lights, string lights, and fairy lights can help shape the mood, and the atmosphere to make your party cozier. Keep it soft and simple. Create texture and layers to your lighting design to make it feel warmer and more intimate. Which brings us to the final “hygge” element.

Create Intimacy

The most important element is creating an intimate atmosphere. By making everything in your home soft and comfortable, warm and welcoming, you are automatically inviting your guests to get cozy and snuggle up. Intimacy is the best part of “hygge” and will bring your guests closer together.

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