Warm Glow for Your Next Event – Using Candles for Decoration

Be it Winter or Summer – Candles Bring the Warm Glow

For your next event, consider bringing a warm glow to the atmosphere by using only candles to decorate. It may feel against the flow to use only candles instead of flowers. It’s true that flowers are a staple in a party and event decor and design, but you can be just as creative with candles. Here are some inventive ideas to bring the warmth of candlelight to your next event.

candles on wedding table1. Floating Votives –  Various heights of glass cylinders, filled with water and votives set to float near the rim. You can even add more interest by adding colored water.

2. Taper Candles – Set in low-lying holders of different designs. Combine various shapes of taper holders and use lots of tapers all in the same shade.

3. Create Luminarias – Using velum, create a rectangular shape to encompass your votives. Make them at varying heights to add interest. Place them close together down the center of a rectangular table, or bunched together in the center of a roundtable. Choose patterned vellum for added interest.

4. Create an Illusion Centerpiece – Choose a large round or oval glass flower vase, fill with water, and color the water if you choose. Place a smaller glass jar or tapered vase inside the larger one; the height should rest just above the water level of the larger vase. Place a large lit candle inside the inner vase. This will give the illusion of the candle being submerged yet lit.

5. Votive Tree Centerpiece –  In a small flower pot filled with river stones, place a sturdy branch and hang small votives from the branches. You may even paint the flower pot gold or silver.

candles for party decor6. Multi-Colored Wood Taper Candle Holders – Choose a simple wood taper candle holder and spray paint several in various colors. Combine different colors in the center of each table. Choose the actual candle in only one color. White would look best with multi-colored holders.

7. Classic Mason Jars – Create an exciting centerpiece with Mason jars of different colors and sizes. Choose the mini, pint, or quart sizes. You can also give added depth by using cake stands of varying heights to arrange them.

8. Mirror Centerpiece – Use a large mirror in the center of a roundtable or several different shaped mirrors in the center of a rectangular table. Place small transparent glass votive holders in creative groupings on the mirrors.

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