How to Minimize Wind Noise in a Wedding Tent

The upside to a wedding tent is that you can seclude yourself from the elements, while still feeling like you are out in nature. The downside is that the tent can sometimes amplify the sounds of wind and rain as it beats on the material. There are steps you can take to insulate yourself against the irritating sounds of nature, without giving up the good.

Prevent flapping tents from disrupting the event

The constant flapping of a tent struggling in the wind can disrupt your event. You’ve rented a tent to keep out the wind and the noise so that your guests can hear themselves think, as well as any entertainment, speeches, and presentations. Choosing the right tent that has been tested and constructed to perform in windy outdoor conditions will be much quieter and sturdy. The more sturdy the construction, the less movement of the tent, the less noisy it will be, even if the winds pick up.

Outdoor wedding tents

Make sure you can close off the tent to prevent howling winds from blowing through.

Shut Out Howling Winds

When the wind howls, it’s because there are small passages of air flowing through the tent. If you plan on having your wedding in a wind-prone area, like a mountain top, or in the open plains, then choose a tent that can be completely closed up to prevent howling winds from disturbing your event. Versatile tents will allow you to open up when the wind settles, so you can expand the scenic views and allow some additional airflow.


Closing up a wedding tent to protect yourself from the weather can cause the heat and the humidity to rise inside the tent. Make sure you’ve thought of solutions to keep the air flowing to control the climate and keep your guests comfortable.

Talk to our wedding specialists about choosing a wedding tent that can handle any weather condition. Our tents will keep out the noise, give you safety and shelter in an outdoor setting.


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