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Do you remember the days of finger paints?

That squishy, messy feeling… slimy, but beautiful. Somehow, no matter how you smear the paint, it always turns out a masterpiece. Children have a knack for the creative, and with a little encouragement from us, they produce true art! For your next children’s event, plan an art party and let your guests display their creative side!

6 Tips for Planning Your Art Party:

Colorful art supplies for school

Plan a creative Art Party for your next children’s event in Colorado

1. Begin with a creative invitation – possibly even a 5×7 card with smeared paint (giving the finger painted look), inviting them to get messy and creative. Forewarn your guests that they should plan to wear clothing that can get dirty.

2. Choose 3-5 separate art projects –  Choose projects that are easily accomplished in a two-hour period. Don’t try to attempt complicated projects that may take several hours to dry or several steps to complete.

3. Plan each of these projects in stations – It is best to have your tables well covered to prevent damage. Separate the stations so that your guests can move in teams or small groups from point A to B. Allow a separate table at each station to set back and away from the art area to hold your finished projects as they dry. At each table, provide all of the necessary materials for each guest to complete each project. Enlist volunteers to assist at each table. Be sure they understand the instructions and set them at their post.

4. Allow a designated art time – Facilitate your guests as they move throughout your art area. Discourage tinkering and testing the materials before or after the designated creative time.

5. Consider giving an art smock as your party favor. Through many of the warehouse party vendor, you can find inexpensive aprons that will serve as an art smock. Allow guests to decorate with fabric markers to personalize their smock.

6. Give a take-home box – Collect several medium-sized cardboard boxes for each guest to take home their creation. Consider allowing them to paint and decorate their own box at the first station. This will allow time to dry and they will be able to load up their creations in this box to take home.

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Colorado Party Rentals Encourages Your Creative Side!

Plan your art party with Colorado Party Rentals! Rent your art tables, chairs, and a small tent for your outdoor projects. Add some extras just for fun, like a popcorn machine and other bright, creative accents. Your art party will be something others want to imitate! Let us help you make your party a success.

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