Why the Sweetheart Table is a Favorite for Couples

A wedding is exhilarating and overwhelming all at the same time. When you are the center of attention at all times – and rightfully so – it can be hard to get a moment of privacy. One of the many reasons that the sweetheart table is becoming a hot fave for couples is because it allows you to be in the spotlight while getting a moment to yourselves and a chance to take it all in.

Sweetheart Table

Sweetheart Table

The Sweetheart table gives you a moment of privacy while keeping you in the spotlight.

The sweetheart table is a table dedicated to the couple. It can be on a riser to give it more focus, allowing everyone to see the couple. It should also be placed so that the couple is facing all the guests, so that they get to take in the festivities, as well. A sweetheart table can also have unique decorations, and maybe a statement piece to elevate it above the rest. This type of “head table” allows the couple to take a step back for a minute and take a mental photo of the wedding.

Moment of Privacy

The day is about you; you are in the spotlight. The sweetheart table will keep you in the spotlight, while still affording you a moment of privacy. You get to enjoy each others company, which is rare at a wedding even though it’s all about you.

Keeping You in the Spotlight

There will be speeches, songs, poems, and other fun wedding traditions performed throughout the evening. The sweetheart table places the couple in the spotlight, giving everyone a chance to both see the speeches and see the reaction of the couple. You can also invite people to come up to the sweetheart table, creating a more theatrical vibe.

Perfect Photo Opportunity

The sweetheart table can also make for some incredible photos. When you have a table that is decorated and designed for the couple, you can set the stage for a beautiful, romantic, and intimate wedding photo. Frame the sweetheart table with pipe and drape, a flower wall, or other decorations to create the perfect wedding photo opportunity.

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