How to Stay Stress Free Through the Holidays

Stock Images with paid rightsThe holidays are definitely one of the most festive times of the year.  For many it is also the most stressful time of the year.  Colorado Party Rentals shares a few tips on beating stress the holidays can sometimes bring on.   Colorado Party Rentals provides everything you need to throw the perfect holiday event, and can also help you plan along the way!  This reduces stress, but learn a few other ways stress can be reduced throughout the season as well!


As simple as this may seem, taking deep breaths consciously throughout the day helps relieve stress in the brain.  This restores calm to your body.  The more anxious you get, your breathing becomes shallower.  Count to three on the in- breath, and count to four on the out breath.  This will allow oxygen to your brain to restore a sense of calm.


Physiological changes actually occur in your body when you laugh!  Even fake smiles will help release hormones.  Endorphines are released when smiling and laughing occur which is the chemical in the brain to make one feel happy and relaxed.  It also helps reduce pain and lowers cortisol, the hormone released when one is stressed.  So smile and watch a funny Christmas movie to get the laughter flowing!

Relax during the Holidays

Create A Place Of Rest

Creating a space you can mentally and physically relax in can help in bringing a sense of peace and order to your life.  It may be an office, a reading nook, or a place by the fire- but find a place that you anticipate sitting every day.  Just take 10 minutes a day to mentally clear your mind of all that pollutes and brings stress.  Choose to think on things that bring joy and peace for that 10 minutes.  Having a routine daily will help to restore calm in the midst of a busy and hectic season.

The giftThankfulness Journal

Science has shown evidence of positive emotional growth and the health benefits of a thankful heart and mind.  You can teach yourself to naturally think this way by making a habit of it.  Take 30 days to write down one page of things you are thankful for every single day.  If you do this in the morning, you will quickly eliminate negative emotions and stress before you even start your day!  Fill a page a day and see how quickly your perspective changes from stressed to calm!

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