Menu Guide: The Perfect Wine and Food Match (Part 2)

Fine-Dine Guide

matching wine with foodA few days ago, we introduced you to the basics of pairing wine with food. Today we’ll move on to the specifics and give you some practical advice and examples with specific wines.

Before we go on with some examples, you should know that there is no definite limit in the creativity of matching. Aromatics and taste often come down to our personal preferences and memories of herbs, plants, fruits, and spices. Still, stick to the point that neither wine or food should overpower one another.

Red wines with food

As it’s known, red wines offer a more vibrant, deeper flavor that goes with more substantial meals. But as not all red wines are created equal, here’s a short guide of the most popular red wines.

Pinot Noir – tastes exceptionally well with recipes based on mushrooms and truffles, and also compliments any dishes with earthy flavors.

Cabernet Sauvignon – this is one of the fullest red wines, containing more tannins, with a dark fruit hint. It requires a similarly strong companion in food, so it is best with red meat, steaks, lamb chops garnished with herbs. Bordeaux red is also a good partner for these meals.

Malbec and Shiraz – should there be spicy barbecue sauces on the menu (with chicken or other meat), make sure you have these wines to round up the full flavor.

hosting events in ColoradoWhite Wines

Delicate as they may be, no party could be imagined with these light gems in a glass.

Sauvignon Blanc – this is a medium flavored white vine with a hint of spicy herbs.

Riesling – dry Riesling goes great with salads, Asian and Indian dishes.

Chardonnay – creamy flavored Chardonnay pairs lovely with fatty fish, salmon, and seafood.

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