Post Wedding To-Dos

Once the bride and groom are back from their honeymoon and settled in their new home, there are still a few post-wedding tasks pending.

The To-dos

planning a wedding in ColoradoThank your providers: Each of the people who participated in the wedding and put their heart and soul into your event. If you were impressed by the work of any of the suppliers, let them know by leaving reviews on personal sites. You can also send them an email or virtual thank you card, and recommend them to your friends. That takes only a few minutes, but it will mean a lot to them.

Sell the dress or suit: The expenditure that is made to buy a wedding dress or wedding suit is always quite high. Since it is no longer a custom to inherit wedding dresses, many brides choose to resell as a way of recovering part of the cost. That also helps another bride have the dress of her dreams at a budget that will fit her situation. Likewise, many of the accessories can be sold.

Decorations: Many couples make large purchases of decorations for their wedding day, including gift bags, centerpieces, lighting, etc., and their storage rooms end up filled with objects that may well help another couple or event. Take advantage of resale services online to sell these items and make some of the money back.

Collect the photos/videos and order albums: The wedding photography and the video does not end at the event. The professionals in these areas are carefully dedicated to editing and preparing the materials for the couples. Do not forget to schedule an appointment with your provider to receive your photos and videos. Then, make all the memorabilia you wish to send out, like thank you cards.

Return gifts: For couples who choose to receive wedding gifts, sometimes, you may receive duplicates of any of them. Usually, a receipt is provided for exchange, and the gift can easily be returned to the store for a replacement. If instead you are a modern couple and asked for money for your wedding, it is a good idea to make an Excel sheet and assign this money to specific purchases that can be paid.

Post Wedding To-Dos



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