Commonly Missed Party Planning Details

When you are getting close to the date of an event or party you are planning; it’s not uncommon to have that Home Alone feeling. No, not the one where the kid realizes that he’s home alone, the one where the mom is on the plane with a nagging feeling that something is missing. The belief that you’ve forgotten something important is something to which all professional party planners and event organizers can relate. So, for the layman planning a big party, this feeling of missing something important is almost unavoidable. Take a look at our list of the most commonly missed details when planning a party.

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The charger plate will dress up your table when the dinner plates are stacked by the buffet.

Party Planning is in the Details

Making lists is every party planner’s best friend. In this technological age, speaking your list into your smartphone, which can organize and categorize your to-do list, is going to save you a lot of hassle. Without lists, things are bound to fall through the cracks. You cannot plan a party without being organized and detailed. Every party planner and event coordinator have missed a detail or two. It’s tough, but you move on, and you learn from your mistakes. Now you can learn from their mistakes, as well.

Commonly Missed Details


You were so busy setting the perfect table that you forgot all about adding mood and ambient light to your party. If your party is going from day to night or you have an outdoor event, renting and designing lighting to help create the perfect atmosphere and feel of your party is essential, but often forgotten until it’s too late.

Charger Plates

You can have an elegant table setting and seating charts set up but still have a buffet. The charger plate is the one that is sitting on the table, like a stand-in for your dinner plate, so that your guests can get the full effect of an elegantly set table, even though you are serving buffet style food.

Plate for Every Dish

fall rustic table decor - plates and flowers

If it’s a sit-down rotating service with several courses, make sure that you have enough plates for each course that you are serving. Otherwise, you’re going to be doing a lot of dishes between each meal, and you’ll slow down the service and the party.  Of course, for a buffet, you always want to have more plates than guests so that servers can remove empty dishes, but your guests can still hit the buffet table for seconds and thirds using a clean plate every time.

Flooring for Outdoor Parties

Outdoor parties are terrible for guests who show up in heels. Stilettos are going to be uncomfortable enough after a few hours without having to also deal with sinking into the soft ground with every step. If the party is going to be outside, make sure you rent flooring so that guests can walk and dance comfortably.

Place for Coats and Outerwear

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Remember to rent proper flooring for an outdoor party so your guests in heels can walk about comfortably.

No matter what time of day your guests arrive, there’s a good chance a few of them are going to be wearing coats or other clothing that they’ll want to get rid off before entering the party. Make sure you have a place to hang coats, set down umbrellas (if it’s raining), and place their outerwear. Also, make sure that you have a system in place so that everyone can find their coats again in a timely fashion and don’t have to go diving through a scattered pile of overcoats.

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