Planning A Styled Wedding Shoot to Break Into the Wedding Planning Industry

When you are just starting as a wedding planner, you need to get a portfolio to show to clients. But, when you haven’t had any clients, it’s hard to get a portfolio of your work. Therefore, you need to arrange a styled wedding shoot to give clients an idea of your creativity and vision.Wedding rentals for styled shoot

Building a Wedding Portfolio

Every wedding begins with a few loose ideas from a client and then it’s up to you to take those ideas and make them come to life. Planning a styled wedding shoot is all about telling a story. To give yourself some range, think about planning a few photo shoots that are stylistically different. You want to show clients that you can accommodate any wedding theme, dream, and concept.

Planning a Styled Wedding Shoot

Once you have your concept, it’s time to bring it to life so that you can take beautiful wedding photos for your portfolio. The themes for weddings tend to be classic, rustic, royal, or bohemian chic. Of course, there are many concepts that incorporate a mixture of themes, but for the sake of your portfolio what you need to prove is that you can take a theme and turn it into a complete vision full of personal and unique details. The little decorative details are what is going to set you apart as a wedding planner, so don’t just copy what you have seen others do in styled wedding shoots.

Wedding Rentals for a Styled Wedding Shoot

Planning a styled wedding shoot

Once you’ve gotten your concepts down, as well as your color scheme and decorative theme, it’s time to set up the photo shoot. You want to try to get the whole wedding concept into one beautiful photo, so you will need to set up a mini wedding. As a wedding planner, you won’t have everything you need to style your shoot, that would not be cost effective. Finding a wedding rental company that can accommodate all of your wedding concepts and can help you find the wedding decorations and equipment you need to make your vision come alive in the photo.

Colorado Party Rentals

Colorado Party Rentals has helped style many wedding shoots for various publications. We’ve also helped many couples create their dream wedding. We’ll help you build a portfolio of styled wedding shoots using the finest wedding equipment in the front range.


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