Organizing Your Event Checklist for a Smoother Planning Process

The checklist is the most important tool for a party planner.  It will keep you organized and on time.  The checklist can help you sidestep and fix problems before they arise.  The first step to a great event is to sit down and write out a detailed checklist.

Writing a Checklist

Event planning checklist

Rent catering and serving equipment.

The more detailed you can make the checklist, the more smoothly your party planning will go. A checklist will also help you stay organized and help you delegate responsibilities. If you don’t have a checklist, you are relying on your memory. As you get closer to the party or event, your stress levels will rise, impacting your mind, and increasing the chance of making mistakes or overlooking essential items.

Organizing Your Checklist

The checklist should be a complete breakdown of everything that you have to do before the event. There will be the main categories:

Budget, Guestlist, Theme, and Location. From there you need to start getting into the nitty-gritty details. The more detailed your checklist, the better.


Having an overall budget is an excellent place to start. However, we also recommend that you break down the budget into categories. Figure out how much of the budget will go towards various aspects of the event, like food, decorations, transportation, and entertainment. If you give yourself a budget for each category on your checklist, it will make your life much easier as an event planner.

Guestlist and Invitations

Knowing who is coming to your event will help you plan the theme and the decor. Depending on the type of event, you will need to find the proper way to send out invitations. For a company picknick, an email invite is entirely sufficient. However, if you are planning a more formal gala, fundraiser, or wedding, you will need to send out physical invitations. Make sure you include deadlines on your checklist for sending out invitations, as well as receiving RSVPs.


Event checklist

Add a venue category to your checklist.

Finding the perfect venue will make any event more impressive. However, you may want to think outside of the box and create your own venue. Make sure you remember all the elements that go into creating the perfect venue, including permitting, tenting, and reserving the ideal location.


The theme of your event will need a few categories on your checklist. The theme will require matching decorations, as well as practical elements like tables and chairs. When you create your venue, you also have to start from scratch with the decorations. Include every detail on your checklist, from dessert forks to heating lamps.


Food is a significant component of any event. Whether you’re serving bite-size appetizers or a fancy sit down meal, make sure you include all the serving and dining equipment you’ll need to feed your guests. Work with a rental company to determine the number of plates, flatware, and glasses needed for your event.


Make a detailed list of the vendors and helpers you will hire to take care of each task. You will be supervising everything, so make sure you have a comprehensive checklist over who is responsible for what, and the dates and times that tasks need to be completed.Party rental company

Event Rentals

Work with a party rental company to get everything you need in one place. The fewer vendors you are working with, the less you have to oversee. At Colorado Party Rentals, we can help you plan your event, making sure you get everything on your checklist.

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